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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

About the Midyear Report by Matt McGann '00

We've been getting many questions about the Midyear Report. Here are some answers.

We’ve been getting many questions about the Midyear Report. Here are some answers.

On, it says the following about the Midyear Report:

This online form is required for all applicants, including Early Action deferred applicants and Regular Action applicants. The Midyear Report will be available on your MyMIT account in February and should be completed as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester (or after completion of the second quarter, if your school uses a quarter-based system). If your school uses a trimester schedule, please use your first trimester grades.

Please be sure to get your official midyear grades from your Guidance Office in order to complete the Midyear Report accurately. Your Guidance Office does not need to mail your midyear grades to us directly – we will verify the accuracy of the information you submit as needed.

The Midyear Report also includes an opportunity for you to update us on anything important that has occurred since you submitted your application. Using the Midyear Report for such updates is preferred over mailed updates.

And on your MyMIT Tracking detail page, it says:

This online form is required of all applicants and will be available on this page in February.

Even with this information, questions about the Midyear Report (a.k.a. “MYR”) are currently the most popular question being called in to our offices. So, here’s a blog entry that will hopefully help answer many of your questions.

  • The Midyear Report is an online form that is to be completed by every student being considered for Regular Action admission (thus, RA applicants — including international students — and EA deferreds).

  • The Midyear Report is to be completed by you, the applicant.

  • The MIT Midyear Report is different than the Common Application Midyear Report. The Common App MYR which is filled out by your counselor and sent to Common Application schools. The MIT Midyear Report is to be filled out by you, the applicant, online via your MyMIT Tracking.

  • The MIT Midyear Report serves two purposes:
    1. to get your updated grades since you have applied (“Midyear Grades”).
    2. to get any other updates since you submitted your application (“Midyear Updates”).

  • The Midyear Grades form has fields for your to report your coursework and grades. This is similar to the Self-Reported Coursework Form from the Part 2 of the application, except that we’re only looking for current year courses and grades. And we’re only looking for this from students with something to report — so if you’re in a school that doesn’t have midyear grades, or you’ve already graduated, don’t worry, you’re all set — you will be able to skip this section.

  • The Midyear Updates form will be a simple text box, similar to one of the essays from the Part 2. The Midyear Update has a maximum of 250 words.

  • We are happy to accept a midyear/updated transcript from your school/counselor, or the Common App Midyear Report form. However, your school/counselor’s submission of this still means that you must also complete our online MIT Midyear Report.

  • The MIT Midyear Report will be online in February and will be available for several weeks.

I hope this is helpful!

42 responses to “About the Midyear Report”

  1. Matt '00 says:

    @Protoform X Y: 1) It should be okay. 2) It will not put you at any disadvantage.

    @Anonymous: Yes, you are welcome to send in important, relevant updates.

    @EA: EA deferreds need to submit the MYR. Others do not.

    @Josh: EA admits do not need to complete the MYR. You will need to send in a FInal Grade Report.

    @Aksha: You will still need to fill out the MYR, but you will not have to fill out the grades form.

  2. Thank you so much sir!

  3. FuLanKe says:

    Thank you Matt for the information!

  4. Masod says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for such an informative post.

    I have a question: I’m permanent U.S. resident and graduated from high school in 2007. Do I have to fill out MYR?

    Best regards,


  5. Ammar'14 says:

    I think the description on the site is already clear enough, but still, this post gives everyone a chance to ask questions.

    01010100011010000110000101101110011010110010000001011001011011110111010100100001 ^_^

    The Midyear Report will be a chance to make my application a bit stronger, I believe it is still lacking.

  6. Thank you so much sir. I have some questions and I will be grateful if you answer them.

    1) In the self-reported course work, I could not mention all my subjects because there was no more space available. My guidance counselor has sent my transcripts which include all the subjects I have taken along with the grades. So is it still fine?

    2) I have taken the SAT 2 Subject tests (Math level 2 and Physics). I am an international applicant and will have my TOEFL on 31st Jan. I have not taken the SAT-1. Will it put me at a disadvantage?

  7. Caio says:

    If the scores arrive in time, no.

  8. basim says:

    Hi MATT,
    i am applying for regular action(international applicant).i have decided not to take TOEFL as i am proficient in English.the medium of instruction in my school is totally English teacher has also written a letter as my ‘Language Proficiency certificate.if i sent it to you,will it be considered an alternative of TOEFL?

  9. @Caio
    I read that fifteen days after the completion of the TOEFL test, the scores are published online. I have listed MIT as the score-recipient but I don’t know when should my scores reach MIT?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Matt! This just leaves me with one more question – Are regular decision applicants allowed to send extra stuff in via mail?

  11. Dan L. '14 says:

    I was so relieved Monday to see that all my boxes were checked on MyMIT….

    But I was sad to hear about my country Haiti Tuesday…

  12. EA says:

    Thanks Matt! I just want to be clear on this–EA students don’t need to submit MYR?

  13. Josh says:

    Wait, does this mean that already-accepted students (EA) don’t have to submit a MYR?

  14. Christian says:

    Hi Matt!

    Thank you for the information! I just have one question.

    I¬¥m an international applicant, and graduated from high school in 2008. Therefore I don¬¥t need to fill out the grades form. Anyway I spoke with the admission office a couple of days ago regarding the midyear report. The reason why I called was that I am leaving on a six weeks trip, and I will not be home in February. The woman from the admission office I spoke to said that I don¬¥t have to worry about the midyear report at all. But what about the “midyear updates”? Am I supposed to fill out this form or not?


  15. Caio says:

    Well, the deadline for scores is February 15, so it should be fine smile

  16. @Anonymous, I am applying RD and I have already sent one additional material packet. I guess it is alright as long as it is relevant.

    [Correct me if I am wrong.]

  17. Hi Matt, thanks for the information.

    Just one more question: if I would like to submit an additional essay, what would be the preferred method of sending it? I take it the MYR does not have space for such a thing. Should I email it, as an attachment or in the body, or should I snail mail it?

  18. Aksha says:

    Hi Matt!

    I am an international applicant. I graduated from school last year. Since I will not have any mid-year reports or anything, will I have to fill out the Mid-Year Grade form?

  19. j says:

    i have sent my SAT score and it didn’t get there, how many weeks does it get there through online for college

  20. Ain Hoss says:

    {I am from India, and currently running through the academic end of 11th grade, and will be in correspondence after my SAT and TOEFL}

    I am going to ask, is it actually possible to study at MIT at full scholarship? I know it is, but what I really want to know is how? What are the protocols/requirements/scores necessary to facilitate a clean admission?

    {I am from an average family and paying just 1/20th ($2000) of the total fees is too much for my father. Should I even try?}

  21. @Ain Hoss
    My family income is hardly 340 dollars but I am still applying this year and I have fulfilled all the required testing from my own scholarships.So you must have an optimistic attitude, you will surely obtain all these requirements if you remain committed.

  22. Ammar'14 says:

    @Ain Hoss
    The information is all available on the site, you should look it up before asking, here are the links:

    Financial Aid Website

    Or try the pink button (more like fuchsia) button #9 up there on the header.

    Nice tip from the financial aid website : “100% of MIT tuition is covered by scholarships and grants for families of undergraduates earning $75,000 or less”

  23. Devin says:

    MIT says they do not mind either math I or II subject test….but this cant be for real. Theres no way taking I is seen the same way. I’ve im 100% sure of getting 800 on I, but only 50% sure of getting 800 on II (790+ for sure though), which should I choose?
    or 700 on II, 800 on I?

  24. I personally think that if you have taken more advanced math, you should take the II. It was easier for me than the I.

  25. Text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief.

    Thank you

  26. Brad says:

    I’m also interested in navin’s question

  27. Nicholas says:


    I have got to agree with El Puertorro. If you are doing advanced maths at school, you find that the II is easier.

  28. jambajamba says:

    How much are first semester grades emphasized during admission decision making? I got 2 B’s in weighted classes of the four Im taking this semester, and am freaking out. I dont want to submit my midyear report..

  29. Some more questions!

    1) I did a project in Mathematics in summer school and have qualified for the National Round. I talked to my teacher (research mentor) about the letter but he has asked me what to write specifically. And also can I send my research papers?

    2) I have filled out the “2010-11 International Student Financial Aid Application”. My father has also arranged the letter from the government indicating his annual income along with the statement of income tax deduction. What else do I need to send regarding the financial aid?

  30. Matt

    If I have already graduated, do I have to inform the admissions office of it, or do I just skip filling in the midyear report

  31. navin says:

    why can’t i see the financial aid application tracking in MyMIT account?

  32. Li xin says:

    Mr Matt

    I am Lixin, a Chinese graduated student.

    Would you please help me borrow a book in the library?

    waiting for your good news

  33. Dimitris says:

    thanks for letting us know. HOWEVER, i will apply next year to MIT> wish me good luck!

  34. aleriosg says:

    Thanks Matt, the post was very helpful.. as always smile

  35. Dear Matt,

    I am very much worried about a few things:

    1. I have to take my SAT test on Jan 23 but I couldn’t find any option regarding ‘sending scores directly to college’ there in my collegeboard account.

    2. I sent the two ‘teacher’s evaluations’ and a ‘GC’s evaluation along with my secondary school report’ in a same envelope. But my MIT account is showing that you have received only my two teacher’s evaluations and not the secondary school report.

    Please tell me what should I do now? I am so much depressed :(


  36. @Younis Shahbaz

    1. Choose MIT as the score recipient and the scores will be sent directly.

    2. That is a problem with some other fellows too. But if I were you, I would talk to my GC to fax all the relevant forms and letters. So, if you have a photocopy of the forms, you had better fax them with your full name clearly written on all the papers. You just have to make sure that all your documents are available to the admissions committee for the review.

    Also don’t be dispressed too much; it can affect your studies. Try to do something that can relieve your tension like hanging out with friends or something.

  37. @Protoform X Y

    Thanks buddy, I have emailed them and its ok now wink

  38. Keshav says:

    @ Protoform X Y

    You say we can fax but MIT says we have to mail them over again if they’re shown not to have been received. Please try to confirm and if it is possible, add the number to which the missing stuff should be faxed on the blog here. Thanks

  39. Keshav says:

    @ Younis Shahbaz
    Please tell me which E-mail add you used to send in missing docs. Thanks

  40. Keshav says:

    @ Protoform X Y
    Ignore my last post…found the number smile thanks

  41. John says:

    Off topic, but curious: Can MIT admissions decisions be accessed via iPhone? I will be travelling on Pi day.