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MIT student blogger Jessie L. '07

Ack, finals! by Jessie L. '07

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. This is just a notice to say that I will probably not be posting anything of substance here until at least Wednesday or Thursday, after my finals are done. I have been tooling quite a lot, and I have three finals in the next two days. Blah. Oh, how I hate finals week. I’m glad it only happens twice a year.

Also, my camera appears to be broken, which makes me sad, especially since I had cute pictures of the new 5th East kitten on it.

While I am busy in testing hell, feel free to leave me comments and questions to answer here. I will answer them once this is over.

3 responses to “Ack, finals!”

  1. Just wanted to wish you good luck with the finals smile
    Well, good luck!

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