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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Admissions Decisions by Mitra L. '07

We’ve come to the time of year when many of you readers will find out whether you’ve been admitted to MIT or not. I want to express to you all my confidence that you will be admitted to several great colleges, and a letter from one individual school will not make or break your future happiness. The whole college application process is one of back-and-forth decisions. You pick where to apply, schools pick their admitted students, and then you again get a choice: where do you want to go? Remember that no matter what you hear from colleges in the next few weeks, you can and should use your talents to go on to do wonderful things with the education and skills you’ll receive in college. I am confident in your abilities, and hope you are too. Best of luck!

20 responses to “Admissions Decisions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just want to tell everyone who got rejected that not “everyone who goes to MIT ends up being successful”, and a lot of people who go to ordinary state colleges are a LOT more successful. Right now, I know someone who got into MIT, he was number 6 in calculus in the world, but he dropped out first semester and now he lives at home and is an alcoholic, yeah,he’s been living at home for 5 years that’s an extreme case, but what’s the point ? Better be not #6 in calc and be successful later on, OH WELLLL!!! Life goes on…..!!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    Yeah, I was rejected from MIT, accepted at Caltech…and my best friend was accepted at MIT and rejected from Caltech :S

  3. Lena says:

    Mitra, why did you choose MIT? what other schools were in the mix and did you get into MIT early action?

  4. shaker says:

    The admissions officers are block headed people.

  5. jbl says:

    I’ve always read this blog, and others, but this is my first time posting. smile

    You’re a super cool person in general, but the one thing that stuck out in my mind was this: “I want to express to you all my confidence that you will be admitted to several great colleges, and a letter from one individual school will not make or break your future happiness… I am confident in your abilities, and hope you are too.”

    You see, I’ve been feeling kinda down lately about my chances to said schools… but regardless of wheher or not I’m admitted, you give me great hope. To say that you believe in us, without even really knowing us, means a lot to me. It really does.

    I’m horrible at ending comments. Maybe I’ll… see you around? (yeah, I’m really bad lol)

  6. Mitra!

    I got accepted! yay! I’ll join you people this next fall, so awesome!

    Thanks for keeping this blog so cool!



    super exited!

  7. James says:

    I’ve just got to let this out, or I might explode:

    One of the hardest parts of being rejected is going back on the MyMIT portal and looking at all the blogs and knowing I will probably never get to meet these awesome people who have been sharing a little part of their lives with me for the past several months. I’m going to miss you, Mitra, and also Sam and Bryan and Anthony and Jess and Laura and Melis and Mollie and Ann, and if I forgot anyone I’ll probably miss them also. Goodbye, Ya’ll.

  8. Vincent Peng says:

    Well…. I GOT rejected from MIT AND CALTECH on the SAME damn day….within the same damn hour….. man~~~ i am going to enter those engineer contests and beat both MIT and Caltech to show them what they missed out…..

  9. Anonymous says:

    i got rejected , oh…….cool i “m damn happy

  10. Sean says:

    What can i say right. Stuff happens and there is honesty nothin u can do about it. The world keeps spinning and everyone will forget about you, the one person who didnt get accepted to MIT. Keep your heads up. Dont get mad. Dont be sad. Dont be anything. Know that those who applied knew what they were shooting for, and we could be underachievers and just apply to a community college, but we’re not. We shoot for the stars and because of that we will miss sometimes. So suck it up and move on. Tuff luv.


  11. Hi Mitra,

    I[abhinav kumar] from India want to know a lot of information about mit for computer science and engineering. I am applicant of 2006. I am also selected for overnight programme at mit. I hope both will also visit each other at mit and share our thought. I wiil send me alot of information. with best wishes,

    Abhinav kumar


  12. Anonymous says:

    “Well…. I GOT rejected from MIT AND CALTECH on the SAME damn day….within the same damn hour….. man~~~ i am going to enter those engineer contests and beat both MIT and Caltech to show them what they missed out…..”

    — Anonymous

    Yes, me too. Except no engineering contest for me. Engineering contests are for sissies, even if it is against MIT or Caltech. I left a post somewhere else about how I’m going to achieve world domination through the use of a giant robotic army. Read that.

  13. Wow. Can you people be any more bitter? I was rejected too, but I’m not pissed off at MIT or the admissions officers, and I had been picking out dorms and considering how meeting the bloggers would go pre-emptively. Just chillax.

  14. anonymous says:

    I got rejected from MIT and Caltech on the same day as well, and I can’t deny that it really hurt, because I’ve never really been turned down for anything before (even sports). However, if I was rejected, I just must not have been good enough, and it’s probably for the best because I might not have been able to keep up. To those of you in the same situation as me however, keep working hard wherever you end up, and I’m sure you will be successful.

  15. Dante says:

    I too was rejected to both MIT and CalTech on the same day. Within 2min. i discovered that a dream I had fostered for 7 years would not be realized. I see this rejection as God closing doors and however cliche it may sound, I believe he’ll open new ones.

  16. Juxtaposing all the blogs it scares me to apply to MIT.However, i will be finishing my high school this year and it appears the time to apply is around the corner.Am ready and ihope not to be scared as the time has come.

  17. vince says:

    i bet if a mexican, black, or american indian has 4.0 GPA and decent SAT, and a little bit of activities, would get into any college…..(even MIT)

    but for a asian, to get in MIT, the asian needs to have 4.3GPA, very high SAT score, and loads of leadership stuff and activities, then the asian might have a chance….

    i hate affirmitive action…..

  18. S.M.Nawaz says:

    Hey folks everyone is upset of not getting the admission. Why people dont understand that there is only one thing in this world which never gives second chance i.e., (LIFE)… So cheer up……….

  19. Kid_Icarus says:

    Oftentimes people forget that college is a stepping stone into the real world. Regardless of the matter of level of educaton. The kinds of things that you will see and do, the kinds of people you will meet and befriend and the contacts you will make as a part of an institution of higher learning are the most basic and essential necessities that one can use for the rest of his/her life. Think of it this way. I am at a Junior college, yeah I got rejected from the top down, so now I have to goto a JC because they won’t reject anyone. What kinds of contacts are there that exsist at a Junior College? What kinds of activities exsist at a Junior College? Where are the dorms? Where is the student life that makes college what college is aspired to be? I am only 18 but I certianly know a hell of a lot more than the rest of you people. Don’t bullshit me with the remarks that by not getting into a college you want is ok, or that it is in any way better to have not gotten in. Or, to make the statement that you hope we can do wonderful things with our education. What you don’t realize is that you are blinded by your own position, you should view the point from everyside. You are already in, what if you had not gotten in? What would you do then? This is why there are so many problems with the way people in this country deal with conflict resolution and problem solving. Those are skills college cannot teach, because an education from college a, b, c, or wherever will always have the same value. Regardless of how institutionalized or how prestigious the university. What matters in the end is how you use what you know to solve for what you do not know. How you network with contacts to obtain a solution and how you work the system to obtain a favorable position for yourself. Humans are greedy, jealious, selfish, brutish and cruel animals, each of those are a natural instinct that you carry with you, no matter where you go. It is beacause of those instincts that we compete with one another and attempt to persuade others that their failure is ok or it is acceptable because somehow things will work out in the end for them and I will have my great job and education from a big name university. NO! I refuse to believe that anyone is a failure. That mindset has caused along with the NCLB Act of 2001 to create an belief that dropping out of school is socially acceptable. Even now we as a society try to instate programs to give students in 9-12 grades a certificate of completion in a field, so that if they drop out they will have skills to offer. That is almost as though you elitest bastards think you can tell someone like me that it is somehow ok because I am not successful enough to gain entrance to a 4 year college. If you believe that or create that false sense of sympathy because you are trying to sound nice, it does not work. And for your attempt to do so I believe your attempt to be that of arrogance and consider you to be a s.o.b. People! Do not be blinded by that propaganda! You can achieve anything you want, you can get into any college you want, and you can do anything you want. Do not blame affirmitave action, do not blame anyone, blame yourself or don’t even blame at all. But above all, do not accept no for an answer. Be Vigilant. Without Vigilance our world would not be the way it is today.

  20. Jared says:

    Wow. You kids are too young to be such elitist overachievers and so institutionalized. Realize this: just because you enter a school doesn’t mean you’ll graduate from it. Just because you graduate from a school, doesn’t mean you’ll succeed in the real world. Being good at public appearances doesn’t mean you have one iota of talent. Einstein came from nowhere. So did Newton. So did Lagrange. So did Kerouac, so did Green…the list goes on. What matters is what you do on your own, not in the company of other elitists.