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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Admissions Updates by Matt McGann '00

Online & postal decisions, matching Pell Grants, and reading continues.

As you’ve no doubt heard on email or from Ben’s blog, we will, in addition to sending out admissions decisions via postal mail, also release admissions decisions via the web. We will release decisions at on Saturday, March 18 at 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time.

There’s not much to add beyond what you’ve already read elsewhere, but I do want to strongly encourage you to use the verification functionality at as soon as possible to ensure that you know your MyMIT username and password, because if you don’t know it when you go to check on the 18th, there will be no way to find out.

As for the postal mailing, we still do not have a definitive date and time when letters will be mailed, but it will be around the same time as the decisions are posted online. Because of the amount of material that will be sent, admitted students should expect a large envelope and not a tube. Students not admitted will receive a standard business-sized envelope.

In other admissions-related news, MIT has announced that we will match federal Pell Grants (FAQs, New York Times story). A Pell Grant is a need-based scholarship provided by the federal government to support education in low-income families. I’m proud of MIT’s leadership on this issue, and its continued commitment to need-based financial aid. I, for one, could not have attended MIT without its generous need-based financial aid.

Meanwhile, we continue moving towards the final selections of the Class of 2010. We’re getting there. Today, much of the staff was out of the office reading international applications, which is a nice change of pace from domestic applications. It seems that this will be the most competitive year ever for MIT admissions, both for US and international applicants. We’ll release numbers when we can. In the mean time, we’re not thinking so much about numbers as we are people: the students that will shape and bring life to the MIT Class of 2010.

100 responses to “Admissions Updates”

  1. Oh My God…it’s finally begun…International Selection has started…and Matt what do you mean “at a different pace” you mean faster/slower or just as in the fact that they’re different from the domestic applications in a certain way? Just curious smile

    I can’t wait any longer…there are 10 days, 2 hours and 29 minutes left…God help me on this one this is going to be the longest wait of my life…and our senior trip to Malaysia is happening on the 22nd so basically I’m either going to go there feeling cheerful or depressed…

    This is when I wish GOOD LUCK to all INTERNATIONAL applicants (since the domestic guys are basically done and you’re either in or not =P) and i wish good luck ultimately to MYSELF….yeah call me selfish if u want to but we all need all the luck we can get!!! wink

    GOOD LUCK to the admissions officers too who are going to have to make the hardest decisions since, with my luck, it’s the most competitive year ever :(

    Once more…I bet you’re tired of hearing this by now smile but GOOD LUCK wink

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  2. Oh and the Geographic Distribution of applicants is very obviously the total number of undergraduates!! Because it’s comparing UG=Undergraduates with G=Graduates! They’d write “Freshmen” if it were that way =)And to quote Csaba: “(you can see how in total there are about 4000 people, that is clearly 4 years and not one)” So there wink

    Good Luck to all!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  3. Fadl says:

    Hey everyone!

    This waiting is almost unbearable. Today I kept on hearing myself say things like 10 days 7 hours and 15 minutes left and so on. It drove me so crazy that I took off my watch. I’ve calmed down now and even though I’m still tense I’ve forced myself to stay relaxed. Good luck to all (yeah Aziz I too wish good luck for myself but also for you). I just want to thank you Matt once again whatever the decision may be you have been a great help to me and I’m sure to many others!:)

  4. Tristan says:

    I’m just wondering, if it is true that applicants from the same country are concidered together, in what group would I fit? I’m of Dutch nationality, but currently living in Malaysia (I am moreso Dutch than Malaysian in my mindset, because i’ve only lived here for two and a half years). Would I then be concidered together with other applicants living in Malaysia, other applicants with Dutch nationality, or maybe other applicants from western Europe?

  5. Dhruv says:

    HEY !!!

    PRAFUL is that you – PRAFUL CHAUDRY from Gurgaon(INDIA)

    Nice to hear from you !!

    Well best of luck for the D-Day !!

    Hope we get Accepted

  6. M says:

    kumar asked, “Do you ever read applications on a country basis ie do you read all indian applications together.. if so can u tell me when??”

    “We will consider all applications from the same country together during the selection committee.”

    matt!! this means each country has its own quota or so?

  7. M says:

    Hi Matt

    I heard or read some where that the applications which pass the first stage will be kept in the meeting of admission officers in which the students of class 2006 or 2007 will attend and express their decision over the applicant.

    Is it true?!!

    Also Matt in 2005 your blog contains 2 omnibus by march 10!!!

  8. Reeve Dunne says:

    More compeditive than usuall!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

  9. As several have commented above, the numbers shown in the geographic distribution report from the MIT Registrar ( ) are *TOTAL* for all undergraduates (and graduate students), for all US states, territories, and foreign countries represented in the student population. There are, indeed, a total of 10 students from India who are undergraduates during this school year.

  10. Fadl says:

    Hey thx for the site. I didn’t know that the total number of undergraduates has actually decreased by 306 students from 1998 and has steadily decreased every year along the way!!! That came as a big shock to me personally!! All I can say is that you guys must know best and I will not doubt that there is a reason for this. smile

    PS: will that mean that even LESS of us will be accepted this year???

  11. Praful says:

    Hey dhruv !!!

    thanx for the good luck……. I need truckloads of it. same goes for you. you need lots of it as well.

    I ve bin reading a lotta comments on a lot of MIT blogs for the past 1 month. coming to the point – in the last post what I forgot to include was , I wanted to know whats the first thing all you prospective MIT undergrads would do wen you get a “yea” from MIT…. a yahooooo or a kiss to the lucky teddy bear… wht wud u all do??

    as far as I go… I wud certainly go out on a long long long bicycle ride, be lost in my own world(the highway.. lol)..although the decision will be around midnight according to time here… I ll commence that bike ride early morning.

    All please respond to this. WHAT would you all do?

    I wonder what matt would have done then wink

  12. Siddharth says:

    i’d jump up and down and give gm a kiss wink

  13. AnnaKot says:

    Nice stat site! Thank you for the link.

    From Russia, there was only one person admitted in each of the last three years! smile) It would be interesting to get to know – how many applied..

    Dear Matt, in case you’ll find time to answer it, a little question. I’ve read that you have taken courses in Architecture at MIT – how they were? What was the most challenging thing at IV courses? The most exciting? Just curious, – I am going to major in Arch. Thank you very-very much for all your answers! They are very helpful.

  14. Rafael says:

    I’d shout a sharp “yay” then sit back to realise the whole situation (actually Praful the bicycle ride would be great to do so wink ) and finally I would begin to write “Thank you” notes to the involved teachers and my interviewer.

  15. I might have a heart attack or my brain might explode I don’t certainly know hahaha…. what I know for sure is that I am going shout very very loud: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” or maybe start crying hahhahaha

  16. C Minh says:

    It will be the midnight where I live when the decision is released. I will turn on my computer to wait for a spell to come, or I will die.

    This make me remember fairy tales that I was told when I was a child. It is the enchanted moment of the day and I hope that my dream would come true.

  17. Fadl says:

    If I found out that I got accepted I think that the first thing I would do (after yelling and shouting of course) would be to thank my family for everything they’ve done for me and then I would call all my friends an tell them the good news!!!:)

    PS: I have a physics exam the day after and I’m sure I won’t study for it on admission day!!(Guess I’ll have to finish studying before Saturday)

  18. Sophia Elie says:

    I’d definitely cry. Then I’d call my MITES and MIT family! Finally I would begin the “Thank You” notes.

  19. Aziz, “a nice change of pace” is a figure of speech. It does not mean an actual change in rate or speed: it just means “a change from usual routine” or “a variation in activities”.

  20. Shikhar says:

    “matt!! this means each country has its own quota or so?”

    Somewhat Yes. MIT has to keep a cap on students from a particular country because the class has to be an all over diverse one…and believe me it doesnt get tougher for anyone than Indian students…Somewhere like 500-600 apply and mostly 3-4 are selected :D

    Hoping against hope that i get in…..

    So Matt…did you get my application finally…

  21. Chris says:

    Hey AnnaKot, I’m also going to major in Architecture. There aren’t many of us out there…I’ve been trying to contact architecture students at MIT, no luck so far (probably b/c architecture students have almost no free time, so I hear.) Who is your favorite architect?

  22. Dhruv says:

    Shikhar Are you Serious ??????

    3-4 out of 500, that is hell lot tougher than getting through IIT in India.I thought IIT’S had the most competitive admission procedure.

    MIT is GREAT !!!!

    Best of luck to all !!!

    Really hoping against hope !!!

  23. Leftcoast Mom, yeah I figured that’s what it meant but i was being over-curious due to lack of things to say and just wanting to write something on the blogs smile thanks for the info! wink

    Tristan, yes applicants from the same country ARE considered together…I’ve heard this from Matt personally this summer, and I’m not sure about the “per country” quotas though but I do not think there are any…I’m not completely sure! But yeah, you would usually be grouped into the same country groups or maybe even the same region (e.g. Middle East)

    I’m not going to answer the question about what I’m going to do if i get accepted….I already told all my friends to start depressing me so that I don’t feel confident before admissions day…If if get rejected I don’t want to be very happy and then slump down…I’d rather be prepared for it wink So then if i get accepted i’ll be EXTREMELY happy ;P I’ll tell you what i did after i do it (if i hopefully get accepted) =P

    9 Days, 19 Hours Exactly!! (12 Midnight here ;P)

    Good Luck to all!!!!!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  24. M says:

    shikar and Dhruv don’t be so panic the following link tells you the stats of the students representing different countries each year in average there are 10 to 12 freshmen representing. Also I am sure that the number of applicants from india will not exceed 150 to 200

  25. Anonymous says:

    sorry a little mistake

    shikar and Dhruv don’t be so panic the following link tells you the stats of the students representing different countries each year. In average there are 10 to 12 freshmen representing india each year. Also I am sure that the number of applicants from india will not exceed 150 to 200

  26. richard says:

    hey matt, i tried friending you on facebook, but it seems that you havent logged on for a while. i know its busy w/ so many applications to read and consider. i hope you’ll get back on facebook sometime! grin

  27. Siddharth says:

    And 215 graduate students from India!



  28. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for placing the site giving the statistics on MIT geographic distribution. However, I think the statistics represent students coming from countries in all the four undergraduate years. i.e. there are 10 students from India doing the undergraduate course, which means that 2-3 get selected every year! Very competitive indeed!

  29. Ben S says:

    While I relished the news of the Online Decisions, I’m not sure if I want to look online on the 18th or not. On one hand, if I get in, I’ll know beforehand to look for a large envelope. On the other hand, if I don’t get in, knowing it before hand would be rubbing salt into a wound. We’ll see what happens in 10 days. (while I may check, I will resist the urge to be at the site right at midnight.)

  30. Ben S. says:

    wow. Just realized it said NOON at the top. oops. I still won’t check…I have a good chance of being in a classroom without computers (the notoriously slow kind)

  31. M says:

    U are indeed utterly mistaken anonymous it is the no.of students who are admitted each year that is each year nearly 10 – 12 members will be admitted

  32. Csaba says:

    Sorry, but I have to correct you: the 10-12 number you see are not the freshmen but undergraduate students in general. (you can see how in total there are about 4000 people, that is clearly 4 years and not one). So Shikhar has a point (albeit applicants’ distribution is generally confidential afaik).

    In my opinion, MIT has no quotas (they have consistently denied that there was and we should believe them), but stastistically it can be stated that certain countries (and states) *generally* have a certain number of admittees (with a slight variation of course). But that just makes sense, IMHO.

  33. Praful says:

    Glad to know that the decisions will be online.

    I would not like to make any intelligent judgements on the admission probabilities of Indians. What I m sure of is the fact that not too many people would be selected from the Indian pool of applicants. Now I feel little relieved, no matter what happens, I thoroughly enjoyed the different pattern of application procedure. I say different because its not just the exams (as in India) which have the complete say on the decision. I must say that indian universities must evolve their application procedure to something like that of MIT’s….

    Anyways cheers to all, March 18 is the d-day for all people like me.

    May the best men(and women) win.

  34. Tristan says:

    Hi Aziz (is that the proper name for me to use, all over the world they prefer different names to be used in informal conversation)

    I would not think Malaysia is going to be concidered together with Middle East. Just because… it’s South-East Asia and not very middle east. So are you sure I won’t be concidered together with Europeans, since that’s where i am from, and that’s whom i will be most similar to in values, mindsset and all that.

  35. fugue says:

    Hey! it’s my first time posting, but I’ve be reading the blogs frequently. What I’ve noticed is that everyone is so tense (and why not?), but I feel that we should try to take our minds off the admission process, and go and do something fun and/or relaxing, so that no one gets all violently emo when the decision finally does come. ’cause believe it or not, it will come (really!) but for present, it’s out of our hands

  36. Siddharth says:

    oy! Sid/Siddharth! ur supposed to sign ur name Sid, b/c I am Siddharth. seriously, ur signing ur name Sid AND Siddharth in the same post!! :D

    the red letters do help, so u can be red-letter Siddharth and i can just be Siddharth. yeah?

    btw, i like the link to the fixed date&time;, it shows class :D

  37. This may sound stupid but I am so scared right now!!!!! Have they read my aplication yet? Do they like it? Am I a good match for MIT? Will my dream become true? Will I be rejected or admited? All these questions are in my head at every moment.

    We are really getting closer to the 18th and all this process will be over soon. One part of me want it to be over, the other don’t :S

    P.D.: 9days 15 hours and 15min left

  38. Hey Tristan, yeah Aziz is the right name for informal conversation wink

    By the way, I never said Malaysia would be considered with the Middle East..I said people FROM the middle east might be considered together if they’re only a few applying…But what I know is that people of the same NATIONALITY are considered together…so if you have a Dutch nationality (you were born there, your passport’s Dutch) something like that…then you will be considered with everyone from Holland..that’s probably what will happen smile )…Of course I might be wrong :D

    Take care everyone and GOOD LUCK!!!

    9 Days, 1 hour and 15 minutes =S

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  39. AnnaKot says:

    Hi,Chris smile nice to read you. yeah, arch students are silent, that’s why I asked Matt. favorite.. I don’t know. I have favorite projects, styles, approaches, but I haven’t only one whose all works I like. Tadao Ando, Renzo Piano, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ken Kellogg (especially his High Desert House), Ricardo Legoretta, and those who created ancient Indian temples are probably few of them smile And you?

    Hi, Nina!!! Where are you from? smile

    Nina, Chris, we’ll definitely meet each other! %))

    Dhruv, your spirit is infectious, Thanks!!

  40. Nick says:

    Matt I have an important quenstion! Why is this shown on my MyMIT?:

    ”The following documents have not been received in any form and are still required:

    Required for Packaging

    International Student Financial Aid App.

    Parent’s 2004 Foreign Income Tax Return

    We have received the following documents and they have met our requirements:


    Do I have to apply for financial aid? or is it the Parent’s 2004 Foreign Income Tax Return that is required?

  41. Martin - ZA says:

    Woohoo! – You dont know how much I appreciate the newly added financial aid tracking feature in MyMIT! – Apparently everything has been received and now I have nothing, absolutely nothing, to worry about anymore (except the final decision of course).

    I was getting worried when the tracking system at kept on giving me login errors… (On that note – does the system located at the above address actually work???)

    Yay! (I repeat “YAY!”) for MIT!!

  42. I am so tense up now and i cant just wait to see the admission decision about me and i believe i will be among the few Nigerian students that will be admitted for 2006 session or i will commit ………..Its my dream school and i want to face the great challenges i have heard and read abt my dream school.Wishing the rest people all the best of luck.

  43. Nina says:

    Well, AnnaKot, I’m from Bulgaria /you know where that is? =)/. One of my favourite architects is the greatest bulgarian architect Kolio Fitcheto. He lived very long ago, before even Bulgaria was a free country. He made great bridges, one of which covered with shops on it! =) I hope we’ll see in the begining of september! =) and where are you from?

  44. Dhruv says:

    I really get mad with happiness even on thinking about the thought of being accepted by MIT !!!

    The first thing that i might do would be to check atleast 3 times that am i dreaming or is it reality !!

    Next thing would be an obvious joyful jump !!

    Next would be a long thankyou prayer to GOD !!

    and then the festivity continues…………………………………………………. LIFE LONG

  45. Victoria says:

    Whoopee! And eeek!

    I think I’ll wait for the paper. It’s so much cheaper to throw a piece of paper across the room than a monitor. grin

  46. AnnaKot says:

    Nina, I do smile Once I even was there – St.Vlas, near Nesebr (hope I spell correctly), for two weeks. Bulgaria was only one country where I was, outside Russia. I’ve never heard about Kolio Fitcheto, I’ll find something about him (if you can advice something..), thanks! In Bulgaria I liked these very cosy, even humane, little houses with white walls and tiled roofs, — special warm atmosphere.

    I live in about 500 kilometers from Moskow. Have you been in Russia? wink

    Back to Arch. Speaking about architects, I didn’t say about what architecture I like in my own country smile

    In Russia in some places (especially in the North of the country) it is still possible to see churches (primary churches, but even whole settlements exist) made completely from wood, without a single nail. These premises have been built up to XIX century. Authors are people smile Among all churches, the most inspiring for me is many-tier 22-dome Church of the Transfiguration (Preobrazhenia), built in the 17th century at Kizhi, in Karelia. It is.. majestic and charming (really smile see, few more posts and the Admission blog will become an architecture discussion. wink A good way to not worry about the decision — i already notice myself visiting the blog several times a day %)

  47. chris says:

    Hey Nina and AnnaKot

    Have either of you been accepted yet? I like a lot of the stuff that Le Corbusier has done (especially his chapel at Ronchamp, France). MIT also has a lot of famous architecture by architects like: Pei, Alvar Aalto, Eero Saarinen, Gehry…did I miss any? I hope I get the chance to see it all!

  48. Chris says:

    Is anyone else crushed that (if we are excepted), it won’t be with a tube?

    It’s the only thing that’s been keeping me hopeful!

  49. chris says:

    to Chris:

    nope…just you

    from: chris

  50. Hmm… I’ve been posting here less and less frequently as the days towards decision release approaches zero. Seems like there’s some correlation between these two, and that I seem to be a misfit of sorts compared to everyone else here. :-D

    Well, I know my style the best. I probably won’t jump up and down, scream down the hallway and run out onto the streets. Rather, I think I’ll take it quite matter-of-factly – punch the air while sitting on my computer, and then get on my bike and ride down the street to UBC for a tour of its scenery. And of course, soak it all up in my joy and happiness. Probably I’d do something crazy too, like wear my helmet backwards or reverse my pants (it’s happened before…), but nothing too serious. Haha…

    Still, now that I know the Int’l Apps are being read, it’s time for me to be nervous. Then again, I’ve no time to be nervous because my job has been occupying my time all this while. (Over 42 hours a week! Non-stop, every day since 7 Feb!). Good luck to everyone, though! May the best get through.

  51. Barry says:

    Well, this very odd time in my life is going to soon be over!

    I intellectually accept that I’m likely to do fairly well in life whether I get into MIT or not (although I’ll do better if I get into MIT I feel)

    It just hasn’t been enough to prevent my emotions on MIT from following a roughly sine curve pattern, likely sin(x)-1/4 or so, negative being bad.

    I promise, if I get in, I will write MIT in sharpie on my forehead, and redo it every day for a week or so.

    I think my Chorus teacher will be glad this is after the concert…

  52. Nina says:

    HEY!!! Somebody spoke about architecture!!! =) I intend to study architecture, too! =) good luck!

  53. zwchen says:

    The Boston Metro discussed about MIT’s decision to match the Pell Grants today and everyone I know agreed this idea was awesome. I am sure many more applicants from low-income backgrounds will now consider MIT.

  54. gm says:

    aaaw, chris cheer up =p

  55. chris says:

    GM!!!!!!where have you been!! you keep disappearing

  56. Hehe Chris don’t worry I think tubes would have been amazing too I’m pretty sad that they won’t be sending any….but now I’m starting to think “Let me just get accepted I don’t care if it comes in a garbage bin as long as the words ACCEPTED are there somehow” LooooL ;P

    7 Days, 23 Hours and 40 Mins…Eeep! It’s almost a week away!! =S

    Good Luck Everyone!!! Thank God I don’t need financial aid or else I’d have something else to worry about smile

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  57. Nina says:

    to annakot and chris:

    well, I’ve never been outside bulgaria, but as a little girl I’ve studied russian for about 6 years =) i have read a lot about your architecture and your churches. there is one church in sofia, known as “the russian church” – “sv. nikolaj”. last summer i made a trip to sofia to spend a few days drawing buildings and i spent a whole day drawing it =) it is a remarkable building – not that big but with some strange charm and mystery in it =) as i said before i work in sofia and when i have spare time i go to the university for architecture, building and geodesy to listen some lectures. i especially like those about history of architecture. they’re great!!! and… i’ll be extremely happy to make an architectural discussion out of this blog =) and chris, do not worry – we’re not accepted yet

  58. Anonymous says:

    yay for 18 UG from Korea and 213 Graduate students. We’re kicking ass!

  59. Eliot says:

    yay for 18 UG from Korea and 213 Graduate students. We’re kicking ass!

  60. I can’t believe that Bulgaria is second in Europe with undergads attending MIT! Well, I knew that we were quite smart (he – he), but this is something!

    Actually, now I see that according to the first site you gave, we are FIRST in Europe – it is written there that the UK has only 5 undergrads, and in the chart for Europe it says 27. Whatever the case, I believe I have a reason to be proud of my country…

    Anyway, good luck to you all…

  61. chris says:

    hells yeah, Koreans rock!!

  62. chris says:

    /// :

    :: :::

    wow, thats really bad.

  63. Rupa says:

    So..the countdown has begun.

    Somebody had asked on this blog, what we would do if we get an “Yes” from MIT.

    Well..u guys must know that when a spaceship is launched, at the end of the countdown, the launch is either unsuccessful or if successful, the next moment the thing is on top of the world.

    My feelings would be a just like that.

    I have applied from India and the figures don’t look very hopeful. If I get a chance to be one of the 10 out of 200, I would surely be on top of the world.

  64. 8 days 7 hours and 8 min!

  65. JP says:

    Hey JM!

    I’m applying from Germany, too.

    5 Slots? I believe, the statistics show the _total_ amount of undergraduate students. Therefore approx. 1-2 German students get accpeted per year.

    I guess 20-30 Germans do apply every year. My EC said during the interview, that he was talking to 8-10 applicants per year. There are 2 ECs in Germany + those who don’t have an interview.

    Let’s hope for the best. I do not have perfect grades, but all of them are in the 50%_of_all_admitted-range or above. Plus some nifty hobbys, which I am not going to brag about. *g*

    Got mail or ICQ?


  66. tansofi says:

    being at mit means lot to everyone who ever dreamt for it,so for me.competition for admission being on the peak makes it more intresting.just hoping for best to happen

  67. Chris Harris says:

    Thanks Anonymous for the NY Times article on the Oct SAT tests. Since Dean Jones was interviewed I trust that Matt et al will consider this in their admissions determination. My ACT scores and my Nov SAT II math scores were significantly better than my Oct SAT I scores. I could not afford to challenge the CollegeBoard on their scoring accuracy. I feel better now about my crappy SAT scores. I will trust the system to adjust to this abnormality. Thank God I took the ACT!

  68. Nina says:

    Why don’t you guys use your family names??? it would be easier =)

  69. 6 Days, 21 Hours and 45 Minutes :/

    Good Luck to all!!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  70. Edward says:

    Hi Matt!

    and hello to my fellow MIT ’10 aspirants. I hope to meet you all in a couple of months.

    Ever since I read this post and checked that I could log in to the admissions decision site I have been avoiding MyMIT.

    I do not know why.

    I guess I am afraid, very afraid.

    I’m pretty sure someone has read my application now that international applications are being read.

    I cant help but wonder what the guys at MIT think of me. I thought about this for days and days( and still its a whole week to d-day)

    In fact, I’ve been thinking of it till now. I just stopped thinking of it to write this post but as I write I wonder why the hell am writing this post. I guess its my way of getting all this built up anxiety off my chest.

    I commented over at Ben’s Blog that I loved the anxiety but I’ve ome to realise that I finnally crossed the fine line b2n love and hate.

    Does anyone know how to build a time accelerator?

    Crap. I just wasted your time musing over my inability to cope with this anxiety.

    Its not really about luck, but heck: good luck to you all( us all?).

    Take care.

  71. Edward says:

    I hate statistics.

  72. Hehe Edward you’re right actually; it isn’t really about luck, but Good Luck is just a generic thing to say to everyone and hey, if it makes people feel better then why not…I say it to myself and to everyone else…Maybe someone will get lucky and one of the errors in his application will be overlooked or something like that…Oh well I don’t know what I’m saying I just felt like writing something smile

    Good Luck to all!!!!

    7 Days, 4 Hours, 11 Mins….Almost a week left…

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  73. JM says:

    Hey guys (and girls), glad to be part of the many awaiting the decision on the 18th. From Germany here, one of the few i suppose. Any1 else here applying from germany? Wonder wut my chances are. I took a look at those statistics posted by Nina :S ~5 slots per year go to Germany, but how many apply? Anybody have any numbers on total amount of UG applicants from Germany?

    For some reason i think decisions over the net are alot better than mail. I mean, how depressing would it be if u know if ur accepted or not just by opening ur mail box and seeing a small, standard, envelope? This way ur just a click away from complete doom, or in a few of your (our?) cases, complete joy.

    Ive seen some forums were people posted their grades, and as expected they were all phenomenal. But how many of u guys actually submitted something for question 13? (Invention, idea, design, etc)

    The nerve-racking wait continues!

    “Click HERE to check if you have been accepted or rejected.


    /pc freeze”

    i can see it happening now…lol

    cheers, -JM

  74. Chris H says:

    To: Chris & chris

    From: Chris H

    Apparently there is an admissions quota on freshmen named Chris…..Only one out of three get in. I have been authorized to administer the selection process….each of you pick a number between 1 and 5. I’ll let you know who wins.

  75. Leon says:

    Wow, that’s less than one week away!

    I am hoping for the best.

    By the way, good luck to all you International Applicants.

  76. Mutyaba says:

    Is it just me or does everyone else feel this is goin to be one looonnggg week? smile

  77. AnnaKot says:

    Dear Matt, it would be great to see statistics of how many students applied from each of the country. Do you have such, accessible to the public? Thank you!

    Nina, even while attending arch prep courses, I didn’t meet anyone so interested in architecture! I’d be happy to hear from you further, as well as from you, Chris. (email is annakot/at/nightmail/dot/ru) As to the question on whether we are admitted — probably smile we just don’t know yet.

  78. Csaba says:

    This is… great news. Thank you very much Ben and everyone else at Admissions!! While I will “probably” be rejected (I mean 4-5% is not very much is it?), this has still been great, hearing your emphatic comments about admissions were always something special. God bless you! I love MIT!

  79. mike says:

    can you give me an idea how many people were accepted from canada?

  80. Nina says:

    I know it is impossible, but.. I really hope we’ll see each other at the end of august…or I hope most of you to see each other /i’m oabout 99% sure i won’t be accepted, but… as Arwen said : “there is always hope” =)/ good luck

  81. Mushal says:

    yup…one hell of a week. I’m just going to keep myself busy enough to not go crazy of contemplation. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to do when I get the decision…I’m going to just let it happen:)

  82. 4 Days, 19 Hours and 11 Minutes!!!

    Good Luck to all!!!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  83. JM says:

    Today was actually relatively stress-free, i was freaking out on sunday :S lets hope the rest of the week goes by fast!

    Good luck to all, and merry pi-day!

    Approx. Pi^(11.30219436) Seconds remaining!!

  84. JM says:

    Today was actually relatively stress-free, i was freaking out on sunday :S lets hope the rest of the week goes by fast!

    Good luck to all, and merry pi-day!

    Approx. Pi^(11.30219436) Seconds remaining!!

  85. Hartley says:

    No tube in the mail? *tear* It’ll take some of the excitement out of the event (assuming that I get accepted, of course).

  86. Alexandre says:

    Anyone who can relate LOTR to an admissions blog should definately get in!

  87. Fadl says:

    Csaba I definitely agree with you. Matt thank you so much for everything. It really means something special to know that such nice and friendly people are the ones deciding your fate.

    Alexandre don’t forget what Elrond said:

    ‘Who of all the Wise could have foreseen it? Or, if they are wise, why should they expect to know it, until the hour has struck?’ LOTR (Book II, Chapter 2)

    I think it really fits in our situation right know. We don’t really know what our decisions will be and as Elrond pointed out we won’t be wise if we try to predict them so I believe that the best thing we can do is calmly wait until the decisions are out! Just 4 days left!

  88. Lisa Dahl says:

    Eek, I’m visiting MIT this week and leave on the Saturday the decisions are posted online… nervous!! Great to hear that the process went well though.

  89. Csaba says:

    oops. I wanted to write my last entry at Ben’s blog, but the same words apply for you too Matt, I just want to thank both of you for being so close to us and being so sensitive about our needs, desires and other feelings smile

    You could just say “eh, consider yourselves priviliged for being even considered. we *needn’t* to care about how you feel, you should care about how we feel”– and that would be fine and understandable. But what you are doing is absolutely monumentally different! anyway, to make a long story short:

    ******THANK YOU******

  90. Anonymous says:


    Are you alright? Your last post, admission updates, was one week ago…

    Hope to hear you soon…

  91. After a long, exhausting several months carefully selecting the Class of ’10, I suspect the Admissions folks have been taking the time to breathe, sleep, and re-acquaint themselves with their family, friends, and pets the past few days. (And probably to get some un-done work done on other projects!) Matt will certainly update his blog “in the fullness of time”. Patience. grin

  92. Hemal says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just wondering how many deferred students were admitted through the regular decision pool. Thanks

  93. mantasha says:

    hi all,

    good luck to you all. remember if we dont get selected, there will always be next year. im not going to stop applying until I turn real old. Hehehe.

  94. Vicky says:

    I really like mantasha’s attitude =)

    I am so nervous right now and it is just Wednesday….. God!

    Good luck, everyone!

    Thank you so much, the admission staff, for all your hardwork ^_^

  95. sunny says:

    I’d definitely cry. Then I’d call my MITES and MIT family! Finally I would begin the “Thank You” notes.3-4 out of 500, that is lot tougher than getting through IIT in India.I thought IIT’S had the most competitive admission procedure.


  96. Maxima says:


    I already feel like am part of MIT!!!!

    God bless y’all abundantly and may He always keep you safe!