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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Admitted by Matt McGann '00

Posting for admitted students.

Welcome to the Class of 2010! Feel free to use this post’s comments space to introduce yourselves to your future classmates (and, later this week, look for new stuff on your MyMIT portal).

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  1. Anonymous says:



  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Chris says:

    Yesterday I went home and I checked my mail but there was no tube… but about two years ago my mailman forgot to deliver something and came back to my house an hour after he delivered the rest of the mail, so he’s not that reliable… so when I didn’t see any mail from MIT I convinced my babysitter to drive around the block looking for him, but I guess he was already gone because we couldn’t find him. So my babysitter and I drove to the post office to ask, and they said they were too busy but I had my dad call them and after he talked to them they went in the back and brought out THE TUBE!!!

    I’m SOOO happy right now! I even made my babysitter take a picture of me with all the postal workers! MIT is definitely my #1 choice, and I can’t wait to meet all of you next year!!! :D

  4. Seung min says:

    Chris are you Zoogies? Anyways CONGRATS!!!! I hope I get my acceptance today.

  5. AndersoN says:

    Felicitari tuturor celor ce au fost admisi!

  6. YeSeul says:

    Thanks for working so hard!!

  7. DG says:

    Hey did anyone from Houston already get in????

  8. JB says:

    i keep reading the blogs to see how things are going. i now see folks with responses. but here it is monday and tuesday gone and still nothing in the mail. waiting is excruciating!

  9. Jenn says:

    Hi all-

    Hooray for ’10! Alright well I heard the amazing news yesterday. I’m from right outside Philadelphia. I attend an all-girls prep-school outside the city. I’m a rower, diehard eagles fan (okay they suck this year, no further comment), and someone who enjoys reading the NYtimes and watching the daily show. Feel free to IM me at crzigrl464(okay it’s from the 6th grade). Hope to hear from my future classmates soon!


  10. Raksha says:

    Congrats Everyone smile

    Jenn, do you go to Baldwin?

  11. priya says:

    When I got home yesterday, the mail had not come yet. Bummer! So, I went to check the site, ofcourse, and had the blinds open to look out the window, waiting for our mail lady. I was on this site when she pulled into our drive way!!!! She never pulls into our drive way…so I’m thinking yes, it must be a package! I run outside, with no shoes, bare feet in the snow. She’s in the back of her truck, and when she comes out, she has a L.L Bean bag! Ahhh!! My brother apparently ordered a backpack from there. So there I was…standing…getting my hopes all up. Then, all of a sudden, she picks up this tube!!! OMG! Of course…I start jumping with glee…and hugging the mail lady after I tell her I just got into college!!!

  12. Masha says:

    I’d jsut like to say that I love you guys for the tubes. They’re relaly really huggable =)

    *still jumping up and down*

  13. Lindsay says:

    Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! Hopefully I will be celebrating with you guys in September, but I won’t know until March (I’m a RD applicant).

    I have only posted a few times, but I’m addicted to reading these blogs, and I thought that creating a forum and chat room devoted to MIT would be a good way to keep the community alive.

    You can access my forums at:

    I just purchased the domain name last night, so I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on editing the forums yet. I plan on changing the theme up a bit, since the default myBB is rather boring. Once I finish up the forums, I will be adding a chat room.

    Man, you guys are lucky to already know your fate. I still have 3 months left of extreme anxiety :(

  14. Nora M. says:

    Hi Matt!

    I’M SO HAPPY I GOT IN!! You have no idea, when I saw that tube, I started jumping up and down! When you made the post about the “record low acceptance rate” this year, I was close to tears.

    GO MIT!

  15. Hemal says:

    Priya where do you live and Congrats

  16. Jonathan says:

    To those who got admitted already, what kind of mail did they send the tubes in? Was it just regular USPS or FedEx?

    Has anyone from the Atlanta area heard anything?

    I’m probably just being paranoid. Congrats to all those who got in! I’m thrilled for you guys.

  17. Armand says:

    Hey, hey. I got my tube yesterday in Miami! I’m so overwhelmed. I can’t wait to get to meet everyone else. Good luck!

    I’m sorry to the person I cut off on the road speeding to get home to my mailbox….

  18. Molly says:


    I live in Miami too, but am still waiting. Well Congrats to you and everyone else who was admitted.

  19. Jason Murray says:

    Congratulations to all who have been admitted thus far. I live just north of Atlanta and haven’t gotten anything yet, still hope remains.

  20. Kamran says:

    Tubes? How appropriate raspberry

    I haven’t gotten anything up here in Minnesota yet. Yay for up north, haha.

    Congrats to everyone! I hope you all enjoy your stay at MIT; it certainly looks to be worth it.

  21. Tyler L says:

    Straight up I just got my tube in the mail! This is awesome! I’m actually from right in the middle of the country, in rural Nebraska, and I go to a high school where class size is 50, so getting into MIT, the #1 most prestigious school in the nation is huge. Anybody else from Nebraska make it?

  22. Jennifer says:

    What is the tube? Explain to me!

  23. April says:

    congrats everyone!

  24. April says:

    the accpetanletter is in a tube..that’s all i know..i haven’t gotten anything

  25. April says:

    * acceptance letter

  26. Laura Hohman says:

    I’m from Minnesota too, and still haven’t heard anything. I really hope the delay is due to snow and postal back-up, and not for other reasons…

    Congrats to all accepted! You must be amazing. What am I saying, of course you are, you’re bound for MIT. Hopeful I’ll join you!

  27. Anonymous says:

    So why have the only people with responses gotten accepted? Can you answer this Matt? Did MIT send out the tubes on thursday and then the deferrals/rejections on friday? (thus the tubes would make it through before the snow storm). This obviously isn’t a coincidence. Everyone with a response has gotten tubes.

    Maybe all the tubes have already made it to their destinations and now it’s just longer for the deferrals?

    This isn’t cool. I expected more from MIT.

  28. madmatt says:


    I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I assure you all decisions were mailed out by the US Postal Service on Friday. Now that the decisions are in the hands of the USPS, there’s no more we can do but wait for these good men and women to deliver your decision to you.

    Best wishes,

    — Matt

  29. madmatt says:

    To Nora, YeSeul, and everyone else I’ve had he chance to meet — congrats!

  30. Jose Barcena says:

    Congrats to everyone who did it. I cannot believe I actually got accepted. When I saw that tube on my bed I almost fainted and when I got to opened it my mom was the one who fainted. Once again CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Kristin R says:

    So I’ve been reading the blogs religiously since a week or two before decisions were mailed off. I was in the MITES program this summer and yesterday I kept hearing about all these MITES kids getting in…so of course my mailman was over an hour late. But I was eventually blessed with The Tube (which I filled with candy and carried to school to celebrate with)! Congratulations to everyone who’s been accepted and who soon will be…2010 is a really great number. :x

    Oh, and I’m from West Palm Beach, FL.

    I <3 MIT Admissions. wink

  32. Fernando says:

    Today the Glorious Tube arrived to the small city of Burlington, Colorado, and I cannot be more excited!!! Congrats to all other admits!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Do you think today was the last of the acceptance tubes? I live in southern Vermont and have yet to get anything. At this point I am pretty much guaranteeing a deferal/rejection. :-(

  34. Ben Smith says:

    I’m yet another Minnesotan eagerly awaiting anything from MIT in the mail. Here’s hoping that the snow has deferred my tube. At least, I hope it’s a tube.

  35. Anonymous says:

    it was a mistake for matt to post the dimensions of the d/r letter. that it was in an envelope. that it was in anything. that the acceptance letter was in anything. it just makes everyday picking up the mail, agony. why? oh god, no tube, regular letter? oh god no regular letter either! AGONY!

  36. Japanther says:

    I was so happy when I got my tube today. I really can’t think of any more words to express this. Thanks to all you admissions peoples who are so understanding with this process. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to celebrate my guts out.


  37. Anonymous says:

    Matt, a friend of mine had her tube postmarked on December 8. Does that mean it was sent on the 8th or does that mean you have your own postage meter in the Admissions office and simply generated the postage on the 8th?

  38. Anonymous says:

    My mom actually brought the tube into school yesterday when I found out! I’m in Medford, NJ–MIT’s been my dream school since the 7th grade, I’m so excited that I got in!

    I can’t wait to meet you all in the fall, my sn’s froggyface88 (yeah, its from 6th grade, no comment), please drop a line! Congratulations all!!

  39. Charles says:

    Nothing yet…still waiting. Duluth,ATL,GA

  40. Annonymous says:

    Yeah, some people in my school got the letter on Monday. It’s weird that no one got anything, today.

  41. Kristin R says:

    Aw, I like you, Jason Murray! Let’s be friends! Us and all 375 of everyone else!

  42. Sandy says:

    After stalking my mailman as he drove up my street, I went inside and sat at my computer and half watched last night’s episode of arrested development (I torrented it this morning), while constantly glacing out the window.

    Finally, the mailman pulls up. He puts some stuff in the mailbox, then I see him get back in his truck and put it in gear. I was almost like NOOOO…but then he didn’t go foward…he backed up, into my driveway, and got out of his truck. I SPRINTED out the door and got the tube.

    So happy. See you all there next year.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to go to Boston omg.

    I wanna buy those sweatshirts that say MIT but with like….the equations. I’m not sure what they’re called but its like E/c^2 for M, radical -1 for i, PV/NR for T…heheheh. Its so nerdy I love it.

    IM me hurlawirl27 if you’re bored because I can assure you that I probably will be too.

  44. Guli says:

    Hey everyone, I live in Buffalo, NY and my friend and I still haven’t gotten anything… it’s really surprising to hear that people as far south as Miami have gotten it while we, 8 hours away from Boston, have not. Anyways, congrats to everyone who is already accepted and good luck to the people who havent gotten their letters yet!

  45. Anonymous says:

    could anyone post a photo of the “tube”?

  46. Chris says:

    For those of you waiting frantically for your decision, hoping every minute of your day to get a letter, and to get it NOW, don’t worry and don’t waste your time with dread. My life became much calmer when my dad reminded me of something earlier. Just like a larger package is dropped off in a different place, it also TAKES LONGER TO ARRIVE. Don’t sweat it if it takes a while- all decisions have been sent.

    Relax and enjoy your life.

  47. So here’s my tube story:

    I was actually still at school. It was about 4:38 PM on Monday. I was with a friend of mine in a place we call the Swamp. It’s actually the office of the chair of the science department, but most of the geeky kids like to hang out there. My friend had just found out on the phone from her brother, who was home, that she got into Wellesley ED. Then not 5 minutes later, I see my dad standing at the door. He said, “I was just driving through, and I noticed a warning light on my car, do you think you could put on your jacket and come look at it?” So I figured “Okay, weird, but why not.” When I got outside the door, I saw that it wasn’t my dad’s car at all, it was my mom’s car… and she was in it, too. So I immediately ran back inside and grabbed the two people who were there with me, including the girl who was already jumping with joy at getting into Wellesley. And then I went outside. When I get to the car, I saw the tube on the passenger seat. I grabbed it and yanked it open really fast. My friends all grabbed at it to help me get it open. And tada, I read the letter! Then there were two people jumping for joy smile

    That’s my story.

    I took a bunch of photos and put them up on my website. The best are on my LiveJournal at . Has anyone made a community for ’10ers yet?

    My AIM is iamtheqdawg and my other contact info is on my site.


  48. congrats to everyone……. i wish i knew what the decision was for me. i mean i will accept any decision i just wanna get my letter. its weird cause i live in bronx, ny and people really far already got it. oh well, everything happens for a reason hope my reason is good

  49. bryan says:

    Are the tubes really 2 feet long? My decision has not arrived yet, but I am worried that if its a tube that my dog will eat it (or maybe he has already). The mailman will have to bring it to the door and then…. uh oh.

  50. Anonymous says:

    what no one seems to mention in all of this is that there is a distinct possibility however slim that regardless of acceptance, the recipients may NOT enroll choosing to go elsewhere or do something otherwise.

  51. Jason Murray says:

    Kristin R. I guess you live around here (Atlanta) as well? Where do you go?

  52. Lindsay says:


    I opened up forums and a chat room dedicated to MIT today, but so far only 3 people have registered. Also, congratulations on your admission into MIT.

    The link for the forums is:

    The link for the chatroom is:

  53. Jess says:


    -tubin’ in california smile

  54. Sarah says:

    wow, yesterday was like the best day ever. it was like that song “walkin on sunshine”… yeah, it was great!

  55. Sarah says:

    OH, and anyone else get in from Maine???

  56. Jennifer says:

    Sarah, I’m a different Jennifer from central Maine, and I was accepted!

    Yay for moose, salt water, and pine trees!

    Congrats to everyone.

  57. So I got the tube today. I was waiting after school for my mom to pick me up to take me to dance class, and all of a sudden both my mom and my dad’s cars pulled into the parking lot. Was something wrong? So my dad comes out and hands me this tube, and I can see where its from but I didn’t know what it meant. So I opened it, and turned it upside down to get the poster out, and all this glittery confetti fell into the parking lot. I could tell what that meant. Yay!!!!!!

  58. So I got the tube today. I was waiting after school for my mom to pick me up to take me to dance class, and all of a sudden both my mom and my dad’s cars pulled into the parking lot. Was something wrong? So my dad comes out and hands me this tube, and I can see where its from but I didn’t know what it meant. So I opened it, and turned it upside down to get the poster out, and all this glittery confetti fell into the parking lot. I could tell what that meant. Yay!!!!!!

  59. Jasmin says:

    Congrats to everyone that got accepted!! I’ve been smiling non-stop for the past two days smile And the tube…great idea! It makes it even more incredible. MIT C/O 2010- that has a nice ring to it!

    -Still Smiling in Miami Beach, Jasmin

  60. Sam says:

    Conrats to everyone that made it. Hopefully I’ll soon get my tube(crossing my fingers) and finally know if I’ll be in MIT’s class of 2010.

  61. Teck Lee says:

    Wow, those are some amazing stories of receiving the tube. Congratulations to everyone!

  62. Matt says:

    Today was probably the longest school day of my life. Yesterday, my anxious waiting yielded nothing, so I was pretty tense all day long. When my friend dropped me off at the house, I saw no tube, and I could almost taste (yes, taste) the standard white envelope waiting for me. My friend was already turning around to leave the neighborhood when I opened up the door to reveal the cardboard tube waiting for me. When he saw me holding it, I thought he was about to hit a small child considering how he swerved into my driveway and started screaming…

    Kudos for the tube idea. Much more fun to play with than an envelope.

  63. April says:

    i like the year’s sooo..sooo..soo..round

  64. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to everyone, but before you gloat/celebrate too hard, remember that there were more than seven crushingly small envelopes sent out for every tube that one of you got. Take some time to chew that one over.

  65. April says:

    who would do that?

  66. April says:

    certainly no one on posting on these blogs..

  67. Alexandre says:

    Only about 60% of students (according to a book that may be outdated) enroll at MIT. Of course, that number has probably increased, especially since MIT’s financial aid has become much more generous over the past few years.

  68. Alexandre says:

    Shouldn’t myMIT be down right now?

  69. Christine says:

    Anon, you took the words right out of my mouth. =) I’d been meaning to mention that. For every applicant that’s ecstatic at getting accepted… there’s more than a few that got defer/reject letter.

    Think of how you would have felt if you got a small letter, and remember that over two thousand people are feeling like that right now, or will in the future.

  70. Anthony says:

    Congrats to everyone who’s already received their tubes, and to everyone who will be receiving them in the days to come. Feel free to drop me an email to introduce yourselves — I look forward to meeting everyone at CPW in the spring smile

    (my email is at the top of my blog)

  71. Curtis says:

    Today, well, let’s just say it’s the first time I’ve danced in my hallway. smile

    Congrats to all! I’m so excited!

  72. Anonymous says:

    APRIL: re: not choosing to enroll. I’ve been browsing this blog from the sidelines. I got in. I don’t care to jump up and down and shout to the world (or those of you who think you are the world). I may accept. I may not. I have other opportunities on my plate.

    All I was saying is that MIT is not the ONLY place to be. There are many other just as wonderful places to be and things to do.

    Also, I may just request deferral and do other things FIRST, and STILL go to MIT thereafter.

    But hey, far be it from me to deny you all your ‘SNOOPY’ dancing!

  73. April says:

    nothing in NJ today

  74. MIT is truly wonderful in so many ways.

    I already posted my story of joy on Nance’s blog but since this blog seems to be for admits, I’d like to introduce myself and hopefully get to speak with my future classmates =].

    Elizabeth Kim. Queens, NY. Francis Lewis H.S. Korean-American. [aim sn: h0mielizz]

    Feel free to contact me, I’d love to chat!

    P.S. To those who gave negative comments (“take a second to chew that over”), why would you be so cruel and perhaps, jealous, to try and make us guilty for being happy? My heart does go out to those who may not have been accepted, which is unfortunately a large percentage, but that is no excuse to extend your pain to those who deserve to be extolled! Just remember, be a top student whereever you go, and your future is as bright as it would be if you went to MIT. Goodluck to all and congrats to the class of 2010!!!

  75. James says:

    I live in Orlando, FL and have recieved nothing.

    Are the tubes larger than your average mailbox?

    Holiday mail…..bah-humbug!

  76. anon. says:

    Has MyMit changed for anybody yet?

  77. anon. says:

    So I figured out the reason for the tubes…

    It’s so when you get accepted you have a flat piece of paper that can be framed and shown-off in wrinkle free status.

  78. Christine says:

    Dude, I haven’t gotten anything from MIT yet, so I’m not trying to ‘rain on anyone’s parade’; I’m too far away. I’m just saying…

    People need to give them a moment’s thought. Because for every person jumping in joy and screaming and laughing and all that, there’s someone who’s shattered by a rejection letter.

    Yeah, it’s a time to celebrate and whatever. But there are people I see going, “I’m so so so happy that I got into MIT! This is the best thing to ever happen to me! I would have been devastated if I hadn’t gotten a tube,” and none of them seem to remember that there really /are/ people who aren’t going to be getting tubes.

    Which means the people who keep asking for someone who got rejected to post are kind of… rubbing it in. They really, really are. Most especially because I’ve seen at least one, maybe two posts saying that yes, they were rejected/deferred, and that envelops and tubes were arriving at roughly the same time.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Speaking without any mail, I disagree. Let those with tubes celebrate their achievement as boisterously as they please; those without ought simply to remember that even state universities &c. offer excellent programs and that studies show that those of Ivy-caliber, and by induction MIT-caliber, that attend state universities end up just as successful as those who do not.

  80. Larry says:

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I was ecstatic when I received my tube on Monday. But I’m here reading about all these people biting their fingers off waiting for their tubes, and blood pressures going up a few million points, and so forth.

    I’m going to be perfectly honest here; I hope I don’t come off sounding like a jerk:

    I didn’t even know that MIT sent out acceptances in tubes. I barely worried from the day I sent in my EA application (which, btw, was at about 11:59:30 pm on the night before the deadline) until now. I haven’t been reading the blogs every day; in fact, I didn’t even think about commenting until tonight. It’s not that I was uber-confident of getting in or anything. Quite to the contrary; whenever anyone at my school said, “Aw, I KNOW you’ll definitely get in,” I just smiled at their ignorance of the mind-blowing selectivity of MIT Admissions. I just didn’t let it consume my existence. Perhaps I should have let it; who knows.

    I was ecstatic enough when I opened the tube, however =P

    Hell, I’m using way too many semicolons.

    Anyway, I’m from Xavier High School in New York City, and I live in Woodside, Queens. I’ve already noticed a couple of other accept-ees here from NYC, and even one who goes to St. Francis Prep out in Fresh Meadows (which my best friend basically lives next to). I’d love to hear from some of my future classmates, especially those from NYC and Queens in particular. Maybe we could take Amtrak up together in the fall =)

  81. Check that: Francis Lewis, not St. Francis Prep. I always get those two mixed up =/

  82. Katie says:

    I have a question for people who have been admitted/people who know about people who have been admitted: What’s the general ratio of people that got in who go to private school, public school, home school, or whatever other options may be out there. I’m asking because I am the only one that I know of at my school who applied EA out of a graduating class of 754(ish) (I go to public school), so I don’t know if that’s common or uncommon or…what.

    I haven’t gotten a letter/tube/anything yet, but congrats to everyone who got tubes!!

  83. Anonymous says:

    Last year:

    67% attended public high school

    23% attended private or parochial schools

    9% attended foreign high school

    1% were home-schooled

  84. Dave says:

    Hi everyone!

    First off, congratulations on your acceptances. MIT is a fascinating place. I keep reading these blogs to find out what the future is bringing wink If anyone would like to chat with an MIT freshman, just IM me. My screen name is “D Dave255” I hope everyone decides to come!

  85. Dave says:

    Sorry Matt, donm’t mean to doubnle post, but how come we didn’t get tubes? I feel so left out!

  86. Edward says:

    Hey y’all.

    Congratulations to everyone who’s been accepted.

    Unfortunately, sadly I wasn’t accepted.


    I applied RD and I’m going to die of anxiety.

    3 months….three long months to go.

    Well, I hope to see you all next year.


  87. Jen says:

    Sarah, i’m from maine, and nothing still…

  88. Sam K says:

    If anything, the tubes would be traveling more slowly since they are sorted by hand and delivered when the trucks have enough room for them. It’s the holiday season, people. There are thousands of packages being shipped, and unfortunately, tubes don’t get any sort of priority over the rest of them. People who have them so far are simply lucky enough to have a fast USPS path from MIT.

    The rest of us can’t assume anything about our decisions, since we haven’t gotten anything in the mail yet!

    I guess the only way we could describe our state is as something analogous to Schroedinger’s cat-thought experiment. We’re admitted, deferred, and denied at the same time until we observe the system by receiving mail. =)

  89. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to all of you of the MIT class of 2*3*5*67! (here the ! represents excitement, not factorial, of course.) MIT, here I come! smile

  90. got my tube in NY, NY yesterday!! apparently Manhattan & the Bronx got it but not Queens and Brooklyn yet…. anyways, I’m so happy!! GO 2010!!

  91. Chirag says:

    Did anyone from Canada receive “the tube”, I hope it isnt a regular letter, cuz even if i get deferred, chances of me getting in are slim

  92. Alek says:

    I am from NY and i have yet to recieve anything – is it safe to say that my decision was lost in the mail or should i wait a little longer

    -goshen- word

  93. anon. says:

    For those of us who may have not been accepted despite our “outstanding credentials”……would someone please post a picture of these so called “tubes”? I haven’t recieved anything yet and I would really like to know what the tubes look like. Props to MIT for being unique.

  94. Emily says:

    WOOOOOAH! Congratulations to all y’all who got in, and I can’t wait to meet you! I got my tube and was kind of shaky and my parents had to open it. Thank you MIT admissions for being accessible and for making the acceptance package look so awesome! I was totally not expecting to get in, let alone to get a big package like that. THANK YOU and happy holidays!

  95. Lindsay says:

    You can see a picture of the tube on Colin’s website:

  96. Congratulations to everyone who

  97. Jason Murray says:

    Charles, I live in Alpharetta and haven’t gotten anything yet either. What school do you go to? I go to Northview.

  98. thekeri says:

    Since Bryan Nance asked me to repost this, here’s my (almost exactly copied-and-pasted) blog entry about me and my tube:

    I sat through school all day today dying to find out OMGWTF DID I GET INTO MIT?!

    So, after an impossibly long bus ride, I dashed home to check the mailbox.

    My parents are in NYC at the moment, and my stepdad keeps the mailbox key on his keyring, so I was – to put it nicely – screwed. I yanked at the box, hoping that it was unlocked, by some divine miracle.

    No such luck.

    I ran into my house and searched all the counters looking for a key that might quite possibly open the mailbox. Not a thing.

    I called my stepdad, who said, “Don’t worry about it, just calm down, we’ll be home tomorrow and it’ll all be fine.” And I’m like, “NO! You don’t understand! I need MIT decision NOW NOW NOW or else I’ll die!”

    He handed the phone over to my mom, because he didn’t seem to know how to handle the situation. She wasn’t much better – her words to me consisted of, “Don’t panic, when we get home you can get into the mailbox and see what’s going on. Hey, we’re on 34th Street and we’re about to go to Chinatown, so we’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Love you, later, bye!” Click.

    She hung up on me. My mother hung up on me as I was frantic about whether or not I got into MIT.

    What’s that all about?!

    I paced around the house, wondering what I could possibly do about the situation, and I saw only one way out: the crowbar.

    …tell me, what kind of family doesn’t own a crowbar?! Don’t they understand that you can use it to break into things, like, you know, mailboxes?!

    So I was stuck. I was panicked and worried and stressed to the max, when I saw one microscopic shot at knowing my decision.

    I said to myself, Hey, self (no, I did not actually say that), what if I have a tube, and it’s just too big to fit into the mailbox? Don’t they usually leave those things right by the front door? What if I it’s there, and I didn’t notice it?

    I ran to my front door, wrenched it open, and there, behind the potted plant that obscures virtually everything around it…

    …was a two-foot-long


    I got into MIT!

    Holy crap. Do I feel absolutely awesome right now. I want to dance around for the rest of the day, I swear.

    I got accepted to MIT!

  99. thekeri says:

    Grr. The HTML in that entry didn’t go through, but my name’s a link to the post, if anyone’s interested.