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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Welcome to the Class of 2010! Feel free to use this post’s comments space to introduce yourselves to your future classmates, and Early Action admits, welcome your new classmates…

100 responses to “Admitted!”

  1. Shen says:

    Hi everybody! Congrats on getting admitted–I’m so excited to meet you all.

    I’m from Washington and drop by and say hi on AIM: my sn womeishizhaoshi.

    See ya at CPW.

  2. Evan says:

    Just got in. Really, really excited.

    Congratulations to everyone else, too.

  3. David A. says:

    I never thought this day would come.

    Thank you MIT, thank you.

  4. Christine says:

    Thanks Mr. Mad Matt smile

    Hopefully I will see you all at CPW!

  5. Leo Luo says:

    This is my first commment on the admission blog. Though this is a site I visit most often, I was afraid of joining the big circle.

    I have read every single Q & A session, laughed at all the posted jokes, and witnessed the up-&-downs of the everyone’s (that includes Matt, Ben and the incredibly hilarious cheerleader’s) journey in the admission process.

    Now I feel I really have a good reason to leave a comment here.

    Proud of be a new member of MIT Class of 2010.

  6. April (out) says:


  7. Bob says:

    Congrats to everybody who got in – I can’t wait to meet all of you! Matt and Ben, I have followed your blogs since the very beginning of this process, and you have eased a great deal of tension with your frequent updates. MIT admissions is without a doubt the most wonderful admissions office in the country. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the class of 2010; I know that there are many other students who were just as deserving. Thanks again, and congrats to my fellow admits!

  8. Noah says:

    WOOT!!! Nice job everyone, all that work really paid off! I still cant believe I got in. Thanks MIT!

  9. Roli says:

    WOW…i still can’t believe this finally happened! for the past few months I’ve definitely lived on MyMIT but didn’t ever post…congratulations to everyone!! feel free to IM me at: rolilollipop

  10. Nur says:

    First time poster ^_^

    Currently regained the ability to breathe…..I’m estatic….hasn’t fully hit me yet.

  11. Mugisha says:

    This is the best day of my life! A dream come true!

    Thanks MIT

  12. Fei says:

    I am so excited that I got in. I couldn’t believe that either. So I asked my aunt to read the letter over and over again to make sure I really did get in. Congratulations to all of you guys, looking forward to see u guys soon. lol

  13. William Yee says:

    MIT, I am coming!

  14. Joe says:

    I’m so happy right now.

    Congratulations to everyone who got in!

  15. Carrie Ann says:

    When I first read the letter I couldn’t believe it. I know so many people who had applied who were probably better in math and science than I but didn’t get in. For me, this is unbelievable. I don’t think it will fully hit me until maybe next week haha.

    Congrats to everyone else who got in! Hope to see you next year on campus.

  16. Prannay says:

    Congrats people, I am with u too! Feels gr8 to be accepted. I had aspired to be accepted, more and more as I began to read more abt MIT. MIT is simply awe inspiring.

  17. Prannay says:

    Hey and if any indians, specially delhites come by here please send me a mail. I am dying to interact with you! my id is [email protected]

  18. Christine says:

    I am so excited. I hope to meet you all at CPW!

    My day is made, a thousand times over.

  19. DrAadj3 says:

    How many of us are there? Congrats to every one, I have to go get lining put into all my cloths now. I aclimatized to Florida weather and its 3 with a low of 7 at MIT.

  20. Adnan Esmail says:

    MIT — Here I come. I’m elated, to say the least! I definitely look forward to meeting you guys next year!

  21. Ryan Tait says:

    I’m in woooo! Kind of worried me with the record high applicants, and the record low admit rate, but I got in anyway. Looking forward to the next 4 years.

  22. Dan says:

    Yee Ha! See you this fall!!!

  23. Wow…all i can say is wow…and i wished you’d heard my scream when i read the words on the screen..


    Thank you everyone…thank you admissions officers at MIT….thank you MIT =D I hope to meet all of my good friends and colleagues in the near future!!! Take care everyone! Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to CPW because I live in the middle east, but this summer hopefully I will be there smile

    Take care everyone!!

    All the best!!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  24. Aziz says:

    Oh yeah, and from now on call me Aziz…that’s my informal name wink

  25. Semmie says:

    THANKS SO MUCH, MIT admissions office!!

    It seems so surreal; I couldn’t believe the words, “welcome to the MIT Class of 2010.” It took me nearly an hour to decide to check online, but I’m so glad I did. Thanks again on behalf of my entire family, and congratulations to everyone else who made it this far — I can’t wait to meet you!

  26. Erin says:

    Today is the best day in the history of the universe….. I’m going to MIT!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Shan says:


    I’m on a happy high!!!! raspberry

  28. Sarang says:

    Hi everybody! Congrats for getting through! Feels great to be admitted!

    My fist post, so a few (perhaps incoherent) thoughts…

    I wish to thank all the people involved in the selection process and also all the bloggers. The ‘human’ part of the whole process is really touching. Your involvement in the entire process makes all this um..worthwhile, regardless of ones acceptance or rejection.

    Ben’s latest blog entry, ‘It’s more than a job’ is truly touching. I read it before seeing my decision and was really moved by it. It really feels very good to know that you care so much about us.

    And yes, I am waiting to get acquainted with somebody new! Do email me at

    mywebsite (the usual ‘at’ sign) sify (dot) com

  29. Elliot Uvero says:

    What a day! I found out that I got into both MIT and Caltech smile

  30. Colin says:

    Hey guys! I went the EA route to avoid waiting, but I’ve been anxious anyway just to see who else got in. I can’t wait to meet you all at CPW. Congratulations!!! :D

  31. Emily says:

    Hey guys! Congratulations on getting in! I’m an early admit, but I’ve been nervous all day anyway! Enjoy the feeling, and I’ll see you at CPW!

    sn: keepontruckin410

  32. I’ve jumped, shouted, and ran all over the house so hard I have headache. TIME TO DO IT AGAIN! I loved your blogs, every entry, all the empathy, all the transparency, and all the sincerity. MIT a college like no other. This morning on my way to a robotics competition I was talking to my parents of how your blogs make me feel so comforted, no matter what the decision was going to be. I can’t put it into words, I’m still in shock. I read the letter three times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


  33. Adam Mohamed says:

    Wow. I’m suprised i got in. I’m looking forward to the next 4 years (and hopefully more) at MIT. It’s a hollow victory for me though. So many others who applied and are my freinds from school that were just as deserving (in my opinion ) didn’t get in. i know the admissions process had hard decisions to make and that it could just as easily have been one of my freinds instead of me posting here right now.

    But yea..

    For those who want to contact me who got admitted, my AIM is MacrosMMX, and my googletalk is Macrosmmvi.

    Hey Aziz. where in the middle east do you live?

    email or im me will you? (im in the US)

  34. me says:

    hi Elliot Uvero !

    how did u find out about caltech? did u applied early admission?

  35. Phillip Kim says:

    After getting deferred EA, this is so awesome. :]

    It’s also my birthday, so u can assume I’m having the best birthday in history haha.

    I’ll be at CPW! :]

  36. Sean says:

    “MIT — Here I come. I’m elated, to say the least! I definitely look forward to meeting you guys next year!”

    Adnan!!! Wow! A big congrats on getting in! It’s me, Sean Liu, from your old high school! How are ya? Hope to see you!

    Thanks a bunch to all of you at MIT for the whole admissions process. I’ve really enjoyed the blogs – none of my other colleges have offered this, and it really is heart-warming to hear so much from admissions officers. Thanks for the acceptance letter! *Dances*

  37. Zach Rose says:


    Like many others here, I watch these blogs nonstop, but rarely post. This is definitely an AMAZING occasion to post. Class of 2010, WOOT!

    Hey anyone else that got in from Ohio? Im near Cleveland.

    IM me: Razz8806

    I look forward to seeing you all next fall (Ill miss CPW because my school’s jazz band is playing at Disney that weekend).

    To the Admission staff, You guys have been so great throughout the entire process, beginning a year ago when I first logged on here. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  38. Elliot Uvero says:

    Oh. I got my acceptance letter in the mail today. What a nice day!

  39. Olga says:

    YESSSSSS!!! I’m so happy I get to join all of you next year! If you want to chat, my AIM is botvinnikster

    Congrats to all from Olga in Oregon!

  40. Aziz says:

    Hey Adam, I live in Kuwait smile I will IM you sure wink

    Hey you guys where are all the admitted students!!! Come on get into the spirit wink


  41. Fei says:

    Once again, congratulations! I bet I can’t sleep tonight lol. I live in New York. anybody from New York city?

    SN: masci803

  42. Corey H. says:

    Congratulations to all my future peoples. Keep ya head up and Stay Strong. ~tripod

  43. Brianna says:

    I can’t believe this is actually happening. Thank you so much, MIT.

    I can’t wait to meet all of you at Campus Weekend!

  44. Erika says:

    I can’t believe that I got in, this is so unfreakingbelievable! Congratulations to all and thanks to the admissions staff! Is there anyone from WI who might be interested in sharing rides?

  45. Su says:

    Congrats to all!

    I can’t believe I got accepted! haha…i finally decided to check online and when the page first opened, i was like: “Great. A long rejection letter…*reads letter*…its their pleasure to inform me? …OMG I GOT INTO MIT!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH” i’m so excited!!!!!!! Can’t wait to meet everyone! Thanks to the admissions staff for EVERYTHING!

    Zach: I’m from the cleveland area too!

  46. Prannay says:

    Can’t sleep. I believe I underreacted at my acceptance, so i am still flowing with all the jubiliations. when i saw acceptance, i just smiled, i should have erupted, but i don’t know. thus i have just found that extreme and true happiness can be best felt in the mind and not by showing. I am so happy that I can’t stop smiling now. although i haven’t slept for more than 9 hrs in last 2 days( back to bak exams), but i am feeling fresh, excited, full of energy and ON TOP OF DA WORLD!!! Thank you M. Jones, Matt, Ben and all you lovely ppl who r behind the admissions. THANKS A TON!! GOD BLESS U ALL!!

  47. Prannay says:

    Soryy still can’t sleep. congrats Aziz, reading ur comments all these days, I wanted that you get accepted. Lovely, hey do you know what happened to the three “Chris”s and the one out of three Chris mystery? hope they r in too. And, even I wont come for CPW, live in India. Hopefully will see u and all of you wonderful admitted people in summer! congrats! chow 4 now

  48. Roli says:

    haha my previous comment makes it seem like i’m not excited but i think i was in such a shock that i just quickly typed something! o well…i can’t wait to meet all you guys!!!!

  49. Fan Liu says:

    Hey guys…congratulations to all! I am on top of the world right now…I cannot wait to meet all of you.

  50. murasame says:

    millions and millions and billions and gazillions of hugs, kisses and thanks to everyone from the MIT admissions office, including Matt, Ben and all the admission officers and bloggers for making my dream come true. I’m really grateful and relieved that i have finally been accepted to the institution that i’ve always dreamt about…thanks again…I LOVE YOU MIT!!!!!

    p.s. it still feels kinda surreal when i think about it…ciao!

  51. Aziz says:

    Hehe thanks Prannay that really means a lot to me that someone is actually reading my posts and they mean something to them smile

    I don’t know what happened to everyone…it’s 1 AM now local time here in Kuwait but I’d imagine at least many of the accepted students from the US would come to this website and post…I’d really like to meet the rest of the admitted class!!! The Siddharths, April, Fadl, all those other people I’m not sure what happened to them…I’m curious…So please if you see this message everyone encourage your friends who got accepted to post and you post on these blogs…at least in order to thank the people who went through the entire process word by word with you!

    Thank you all,


  52. Salik says:

    You guys are so cool… can’t wait for my packet in the mail… I’m happy!

    MIT !! MIT MIT!

  53. Mugisha says:

    I cannot believe I got admitted!

    I am from Kenya and may all the people from Africa and the world feel free to IM me screen name, demugisha

    Thanks MIT!

  54. Leigh says:

    I’m so amazed I got in!!!! I was completely prepped for rejection! This is incredible! I completely fell in love with MIT when I visited, and I’ve been fully attached to it ever since! I knew this is where I belong.

    THANKS SO MUCH MATT! It was great meeting you whether you remember it or not. Now, back to work!

  55. sayeeeeda says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone

    first of all congratus to everyone who got admitted :D

    i just got in and i cant believe that i have the privelege to write these words but…


    from ny, da bronx raspberry

    mm…there’s nothing more to say asides from WOOO HOOOOOOO!! :D

  56. greg says:

    It was completely surreal…i had to log in three times until i finally believed it….

    you guys are the best…i sorta feel that even if i had been rejected, i still would have remembered the honesty and personality (and quirkiness) that you guys have brought to admissions….THANK YOU

    …and to my fellow ’10ers to be….CONGRATULATIONS…i cant wait to meet you all

  57. YES! I got in as well smile It is indeed a dream come true. Congratulations to all my fellow classmates as well. Looking forward to meet you guys soon. I won’t be able to make it to the CPW though (I am from Pakistan).

  58. John says:

    Woo! MIT oh-10!

    I got deferred from the EA, so this is awesome…congrats to everyone, and I hope I’ll see you in the fall!

    It’s true though, I’ve already heard from one friend who got rejected…sad…but I’ve got a few more to check on…

    Any swimmers out there, gimme a shout out – I do 200 butterfly and breastsroke – come on out for the team next year, they’re great!

  59. Jason Scott says:

    LoL… Odd… I got my letter back in Dec.

    Yet im still excited.

  60. Ritu says:

    After getting deferred EA, I’m so surprised and excited and honored to have been accepted!

    Congrats to everyone who was admitted!!!!!!!

    ~ Ritu

    from Rockland County, NY grin

  61. Hey!

    Congratulations all you admits! I hope to meet you in September smile As for now feel free to contact me on MSN: maciej.pacula (a t) or Yahoo: carpediem867. Take your time and relax for a while. You’ve all deserved it.

    Have a nice day!

  62. Tish says:

    I screamed so loudly when I saw the words “It is a pleasure…” that I think I frightened all of my neighbors! This is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait until CPW to meet everybody, but in the meantime I’ll certainly be checking this website frequently! My name is Tish and I’m from New York (one hour north of NYC). Anybody out there thinking about playing a sport? I’m interested in playing tennis but I’m worried about handling schoolwork and practices. Please IM me so we can share our excitement: SN= GoalieGal33

    My only complaint…. I can’t stop smiling. smile

  63. Drew says:

    Hey everyone, I’ll be seeing all of you for CPW. I’m probably the only one that didn’t jump up and down when i got the acceptance, but that was cuz I was way too tired after wrestling with my friend to get onto his computer. Actually had his younger cousin put my information in while i yelled it from across the room, haha. I’m from the western new york area, sn is Druber4Twober. Congrats to the rest of you as well!! Drew

  64. Cankutan says:

    Heyy !

    I got in as well… I am so glad to be able to meet all you people and the admission officers…

    I am a Turkish Citizen living in Turkey !!

    Is there anyone from Turkey or around Turkey!!!

  65. Analiese says:

    Hey everyone! Congratulations!!! My mom and I were crying this morning when we read the admission letter. Well I’m Analiese and from Southern California and I will definitely be seeing you all at CPW!

  66. Molly says:

    Woohoo MIT Here I come

    I never ever in a million years thought I would be the one to get in and now I am and I’m estatic.

    Any one else out there from IL give me a shout, or any one in general


    e-mail- [email protected]

    AIM-champagneismine (dont worry champagne is my horses name)

  67. Chen says:

    Whoohooo indeed!

    Anyone from the Philly, PA region give me a holla.

    Are all of you guys going to that program? My class’s senior trip to Florida kinnda overlaps with those dates.. =(

    — Chen

  68. Zach Rose says:

    i hear ya Chen, Ill be in FLA that weekend too

  69. Dan Jang says:

    hello all!

    I had NO idea I would get in. Seriously I was expecting NOTHING today.

    CPW is going to be awesome. Boston is going to be awesome. MIT will definitely be amazing. I’m from WI and AIM SN: thanx1988

    What a relief.

    Thank you Mr. McGann for all your help with the blog and for your advice.

    Thank you

  70. josh says:

    Yes! Admitted! Just got back from the Boston Science Museum, and didn’t find out until 6pm tonight. It’s AWESOME! Congratulations to everyone in the class of 2010! CanТƒфt wait for CPW!

  71. Evan says:

    Wow, I feel kinda slow now. I guess I should have logged in here right after reading my acceptance letter. Nevertheless, I’m ecstatic to be a part of this selected group. Congratulations to you all; I’m sure we’ll make a mark as the class of 2010.

    AIM SN: IvanIshara – in case anyone’s curious…

    So, what do we do next? I guess it’s just time to get pumped for the weekend of MIT, 4/6 – 4/9.

    Now we return to our regularly-scheduled program: bouncing off the walls… I’m going to need some plaster tomorrow…

  72. Joel says:

    I was so happy…I almost trampled my dog while running around my house. He is scared of me now…lol

    Bronx, NY

  73. Joel says:

    AIM SN: slimjoeschillin

  74. Joel says:

    AIM SN: slimjoeschillin

  75. thekeri says:

    Hey guys! I’m an EA admit here, but I just figured I’d stop in for a bit. Congrats to all of you RA admits – you definitely deserved it! Welcome to the class of 2010!

  76. Shane says:

    Sorry to trample in your grounds, but us guys who have not been admitted, most of us with perfect SAT/ACT and many AP classes, distinctions, etc, beg to learn the hidden attribute behind the admitted students’ success. Best theory so far is RNG…

  77. Lena says:

    I think ive signed into the decision page ten times already just to make sure it’s true. when my parents pounced onto my bed and told me the news, i promptly threw my pillow at them and went back to sleep. i think its just starting to sink in…

  78. Ben says:

    w00t! I’m in!

    NYC/Long Island

  79. Sabina Khan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to ya all, it feels like winning a Nobel Prize, many thanks to the selection committee. —————- (Alhamdolillah)

  80. Anonymous says:

    any other day i could have looked at any of u guys and wouldn’t even bother to give a second thought…now i look at these happy blog entries and think how lucky u guys r…..and i still find it hard to digest how come they didn’t get me in.


  81. Jonathan says:

    I still can’t believe I got in!

    Congrats to the rest of you, and hope to meet you all at CPW.

  82. Anushree says:

    To tell you the truth, I was soooo nervous that I asked my mom to enter my username and password to check my decision. When this long letter popped out, I thought that it was a rejection since MIT has a reputation for writing the sweetest rejection letters. After reading the first line though, I began jumping for joy. This is really a dream come true.

    Btw, I think the picture of Evie the dog must have brought me good luck!

  83. Anonymous says:

    How many People from have made it in yet……

  84. Anonymous says:

    INDIA …..includend in earlier post

    “how many ppl frm indiamade it “

  85. Anonymous says:

    Wow, its been 12 hours and I still can’t really believe im in! Even better, one of my best friends also got in! Anyone else here from Manhattan, NYC? SN: ar34 m4n

    Congrats everyone!

  86. Elizabeth says:

    I’m on cloud nine, today was just an awesome!!! No way I’m going to be able to sleep well tonight. This is actually my first post here, but I’ve been following every entry for a while now.

    Congrats to all of you, I can’t wait to meet you. Sadly, I can’t attend 4/6-4/9 (quite bummed, I’m accompanying my choir that weekend).

    AIM SN is pianogal2006, for anyone interested! Now back to dancing around the room…

  87. Anonymous says:

    any one accepted from either Nigeria or Guatemala??

    Let me know, cuz i live in Guatemala and used to live in Nigeria and i’d love to chat with any of you likely future classmates!!

    email: [email protected]

  88. Eric says:

    Hey, thanks a lot Matt!

    Congrats to everyone else on their acceptance and I’m down to talk to you guys on aim (o JimmytheGent o) if you wanna.

    — From El Paso, TX

    – Eric

  89. Esteban says:

    Hey guys, overall congrats on the great news. I was totally psyched, as the rest of you were, when I found out and in total disbelief. I’m from Michigan, drop me a note if you’re from around here, it’d be cool to know somebody before going to the “admitted shindig”.

    [email protected]

  90. Sarah Dupuis says:

    Congratulations guys! I’m from Connecticut – if you’re in the area, let me know. My screenname is Skaloha78 on AIM, you can try me there.

    It was the weirdest day. I got into MIT this morning (unexpectedly!) and then this evening I found out that one of my songs is the #2 acoustic single on Myspace… which places me above Dashboard Confessional, Goo Goo Dolls and a bunch of other musicians who are better than I am. Such a bizarre and wonderful day.

  91. Sarah Khan says:

    Oh god this is amazzzzing news! Cannot say what its like to be here. Thanx.

  92. Ashley C says:

    ….mentally prepared myself for everything but getting in, so i’m in shock….but completely thrilled!

  93. Thananat J. says:

    I cannot believe it! I am in! It is one of the most thrilling and unbelievable moment in my life.

    Thanks, MIT for giving me this chance.

    Also, Congrats to everyone. Nice job!

    Mugisha, special congrats to you! Now, you can finally fulfill your dream!

  94. Yep, I feel everyone. We all made it. Im from Louisiana, representing!!! smile

  95. Carly says:

    i got innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! i feel really great i can’ believ it. I really am still in shock i keep thinking they made a mistake and that the letter in the mail will say something different. It’s great to be accepted after getting deferred early action. I was really scared out of my mind but i made it. I am from the Bronx New York so if you from there holla @ me.

  96. Rafael says:

    Congratulations to you all!!!

    It wasn’t my time…who knows, Class of 2011!!!!

  97. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! I was so afraid of checking decisions and am currently still in shock! Congrats everyone; I look forward to meeting you.

  98. Fiona says:

    I was so surprised to see I got in – I didn’t want to look online at first but I’m glad I did and I can’t wait for the packet now.

    Congratulations to everyone else who got in, and I hope to see you all at CPW!

  99. Zi Wen Chen says:

    Hey I got in too! I always knew MIT was the school for me and I am very glad to be accepted. Congrats to everyone who got accepted! I look forward to meeting you during CPW! Now we can have fun and enjoy the rest of senior year. =)

  100. Hong Le says:

    You guys are lucky. I’m rejected, i’m okie now. No suprise! Life is somehow unfair but it’s great. smile.

    “Keep working harder and harder”, i talk to myself.

    Please, remember my name: Le Viet Hong (Vietnamese order)! You would regret if you forget it smile.