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MIT and the admissions office will be closed November 24–25 for Thanksgiving break, and will open on November 28.

MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Admitted Students: MyMIT Updated by Matt McGann '00

Important and cool new information on MyMIT: check it out now.

Students admitted regular action have a whole bunch of new stuff on their MyMIT portal today, including:

  • Class of 2010 Guestbook. Sign in, learn about your classmates, find out who else is from your area and who has similar interests. Now with pictures!
  • Admitted Student Meetings. Across the country (and across the world) there will be meetings of students admitted to the Class of 2010, as soon as this Saturday! Check out the schedule so you can find out when the meeting in your area is.
  • Online Communities. There’s a list with links to various online communities, such as the MIT 2010 LiveJournal, Xanga, and MySpace communities.
  • CPW Registration. You can now register for Campus Preview Weekend. Make your travel arrangements now and fill out the registration form as soon as possible before next Tuesday!

Also currently on MyMIT you’ll find your financial aid tracking portlet (get your materials in ASAP if you haven’t yet), links to even more CPW information, a letter from Dean Marilee Jones, and more. Go check it out!

12 responses to “Admitted Students: MyMIT Updated”

  1. Damn, I am in the wait list. But what to do, I still hope that I am going to be enrolled, because I don’t think that MIT will lose the chance to accept me unless the stories about MIT as the best school in the US and in the world are just tales.

  2. renuka says:

    Ben, you took away the wait listed thread and left the Not Admitted thread intact. Is it by mistake or is it a way of saying good bye to the wait listed folks?

  3. renuka says:

    My apologies, I meant to address the above posting to Matt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow…you just go back in the backlog…

  5. Bryan says:

    If you guys bothered to check before making dumb comments, you would notice that Renuka was referring to how Matt removed the ability to post comments in the Wait List post but not the others.

  6. madmatt says:

    Renuka, I did close comments on the waitlisted and not admitted threads; there were some people trolling for flame wars, and I did not want to encourage that. It was a not just a way to say goodbye; as I said in the comment to close out the thread, I will have an entry for waitlisted students in the near future. And Bryan, I think there’s a bit of miscommunication here, you don’t have to call the above comments (which I think may have been helpful) dumb.

    Anon, I wouldn’t worry too much if you know Financial Aid has received all of your documents; they are currently busily processing hundreds of financial aid packages. What did the financial aid letter you received in your mailing from MIT this week say? Also, you may feel better if you call the financial aid office before they close today at 5pm Eastern time at 617-253-4971 and check in on your package’s status.

  7. ET says:

    The last three posts are only displayed on MyMIT, you can see the rest though by scrolling back some. (Hit the arrows on top of the screen way up there ^^).

  8. ET says:

    Or click on recent entries to the right >

  9. Anonymous says:

    As an EA admitted student, I still haven’t received my fin aid packet (I met the Mar 1 deadline). Should I worry?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t worry. If it becomes April 10th or so, and it continues this way, then I would recommend calling the Financial Aid Office.

  11. Omar says:

    I’m very worried because I have e-mailed the FinAid office a couple of times and they haven’t answered. The problem is that my parent’s income tax returns and everything were ready late so I still haven’t send them!

  12. Zviad says:

    Does any one know why I don’t get any response from FinAid office?? I have emailed them twice already.

    The problem is that I am international applicant and instead of Tax return I have sent salary information forms from both of my parents’ employers, but in MyMit account it is written that I still have to send Parents’ Tax return forms.