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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Admitted Updates by Matt McGann '00

CPW, admitted students parties, the "telethon," and financial aid.

A few quick notes for the Class of 2010…

  • The deadline for registering for Campus Preview Weekend is tomorrow (Tuesday). I really hope you can make it! CPW registration is available from your MyMIT portal, in the red CPW box on the left side.
  • Also, tonight MIT students will be calling as many admitted students as possible. We’ll start with east coast students around 5pm Eastern time, and working our way west until around 11pm (EST). Start thinking of questions you might have for actual MIT students! And, don’t worry, if for whatever reason you don’t get to talk to an MIT student tonight, there are plenty of other opportunities to do so.
  • Don’t forget about this week’s admitted students parties (also listed on your MyMIT site). New parties have been added since last week’s entry (including Washington, DC). If you went to one of the admitted students parties, send your pictures and reviews to me; I hope to post some here.
  • Finally, if you have not yet completed your financial aid materials, please do so as soon as possible. If you have questions, please email Financial Aid at finaid (at) mit (dot) edu.

11 responses to “Admitted Updates”

  1. Phillip Kim says:

    Thanks for the update! =] wow that’s gonna be a lot of phone calls…

    excited for cpw!

  2. Leo Luo says:

    Hey Matt,

    Yay for updates, but not-so-yay for lack of parties in Tennessee.

    But I guess we can organize our own little celebration, and you will be invited!

  3. Angela says:

    Thank you for the telethon! It was so helpful being able to talk to current MIT students. And it was fun. And, best of all, it help me put off my homework smile

    You guys are the best.

  4. Tuan Huynh says:

    … I’ve sent my US citizenship documentation about 2 weeks ago, but the finaid tracking still says that the finaid office hasn’t receive it yet. Is something wrong?

  5. ET says:

    Willthere be future telethons? Because no one called me yesterday :(.

  6. Anonymous says:

    No one called me yesterday either. I am an international

  7. Anonymous says:

    I saw a tracking portal @ this url: for international students to track their I-20. Can we start using it from now and is it practical to use it even though the finaid decision is yet to be reached?

  8. Bashir says:

    I saw a tracking portal @ this url: for international students to track their I-20. Can we start using it from now and is it practical to use it even though the finaid decision is yet to be reached?

  9. Evan says:

    Heh, that was a fun phone call last evening. I hadn’t come on here to check for updates, and I just got back from picking up my MIT sweatshirt from the Coop. I get home and am putting the sweatshirt on when the phone rings. It was a little flustering to try to get my head through the sweatshirt and grab the phone simultaneously, but everything worked out just fine. It was a pleasant conversation, and it was great to hear him get so excited when I told him that I was definately attending MIT. The little things one can give really make all the difference…

    @ KT:

    If you’re still having trouble registering, just tell the system that you’re going in by car. I’ll probably be taking the T to get around myself, being as close as I am, so I had no specific schedule to give the system either. The T is rather sporadic, and runs sans-schedule. Commuter rail people might have something to give it, but I was at a loss and wanted to be registered. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up driving in anyways.

    Hope that helps, even if there’s not much time left.

    One week from tomorrow! Yay for CPW!

    Oh, and for anyone who’s curious, the MIT sweatshirts are very comfortable. Not cheap, I know, but they’re worth the splurge. You’ll be thankful for ’em come November.

  10. kt says:


    When I registered for CPW at the bottom of the form it asked for my train times/etc. I couldn’t answer, but it said that I had to at max 5 days before CPW. Is this essential? I mean right now my plan is just to get on a random train and go up to Boston…. Should I worry about the question I never answered?



  11. zhang says:

    hey matt,

    I just noticed that the financial aid notice again is saying that they dont have my us documentation. Just a few days ago, the box said they do have it. I am getting worried.

    Also, I can’t go to CPW b/c my parents (yes, parents) procrastinated in getting me a plane ticket. Its a long story why. my story is in the link below… *sigh*