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MIT student blogger Shannon M. '12

And now, for a brief interlude from our regularly scheduled finals whining. by Shannon M. '12

I should be studying E&M right now, but this is much more fun.

Sometimes, I forget how much I love MIT, and then I realize that the following conversations can literally happen nowhere else in the world.

So a few weeks ago, I was heading over to my sorority house to study one Friday night when I ran into a couple of my sisters.

Them: Where are you going?
me: Back to the house… to study….
Them: False. You’re coming with us. We haven’t seen you all week.
me: I mean… okay.

I am not a hard sell on the let’s-do-something-besides-work front.

Anyways, the problem with this is that I am literally in a pair of free Crocs I got at Notre Dame one time, powder blue men’s basketball shorts, and a navy BoSox hat with my usual black North Face. (No, I do not usually go out in public like this. It was a bad week.) Needless to say, I am not about to walk around Boston in this outfit, so I borrow one person’s jeans and get a shirt from someone else and we’re on our merry way.

… and in true MIT fashion, come home a few hours later and camp out in the basement of our house to work.

This is not the point of the story, though. The point is that a week or so later, I get the following text from my friend Sarah.

Sarah: hey, do you still have my genes? could I get them back sometime?
me: i mean, I have like 99.99% of your genes…
Sarah: crap. i definitely did not even catch that. i meant jeans.

So I give her hard time and promise to drop off the pants at Baker when I get a chance.

Fast forward to last night, when the nerdiest, most MIT text exchange I have ever had occurs. And this is why I love MIT.

Sarah: Genes?
me: crap, I keep falling asleep before I make it back to baker. Will return your genes later tonight… oo la la.
Sarah: can I have a copy of reverse transcriptase with that too? I would like to make some cdna… you can be my virus lol
me: I’ll do what I can, but remember that you’ll need some dna helicase to unzip these genes.
Sarah: as long as you bring ligase… its getting hot in here and something needs to piece me back together.
me: no worries, I’m on it. I’ll even bring some primer over to get things started.
me: and while this might be the weirdest conversation I have ever had, the good news is that you totally sound ready for 7.013. and I do have your jeans.

And yes, this is a conversation between two sorority sisters… only at MIT.

16 responses to “And now, for a brief interlude from our regularly scheduled finals whining.”

  1. Wendi says:

    HAHA I love you guys. I think I am now more prepared for that 7.013 final hahahaha.

  2. You… are ridiculous.

    As is Sarah Simon

  3. Danielle says:

    hehe so glad I’ll be living with/near you two next year =D

  4. Only a few more days!

  5. mr. neha says:

    wow seriously?
    okay fine, i love it

  6. Chris Praley says:

    Haha I love it. My friends at home can be like that also, though.

  7. Elli says:

    typical except i’m sad that sarah’s conversation didn’t have any mention of forces and stress and strain….

  8. Have you heard the pickup line, I wish I were DNA Helicase so I could unzip your genes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    re: Fiona, yes – we’ve all heard it. Some of us have even used it. ^_^

  10. Harish says:

    i’m going to guess all that dirt came from the retroviruses. lysogenic wash cycle anyone? that dirts never comin’ out!

    practically HIV.

  11. I wonder what the conversion are like between the dudes at MIT…

  12. b wee says:

    LOL. you would sarah and shannon. you would.

  13. shix says:

    can i have my top back?
    and you need to blog about RC (you def werent scrubbing out that night, you were wearing a little black dress.. remember?)