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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

Another FAPtatsic Start by Danny and Allan G. '20

we're juniors?!

We started our ju n i  o    r — wait wait wait … there must be some mistake here … someone pls correct us in the comments … we aren’t juniors? … right?! … RIGHT?!

Well, while that’s sorted out, what we can say for certain is that we started this fall semester again as counselors for a week-long, arts-focused, pre-orientation program for incoming freshman! It’s appropriately called Freshman Arts Program and inappropriately abbreviated FAP.

Yep that is the acronym. But us counselors embrace it and make waayyyy too many FAP jokes and puns. And after going through this program a second time, we are now beyond desensitized to the word. It’s both awful and great.

The week started off on August 18th when us counselors met up in our room on the fourth floor of the Student Center. The freshman arrived on the 21st, so that gave us around three days to do all the prep work, which included:

  • saran wrapping the windows (so the freshmen can paint on them guilt free)
  • looking over and updating our various activity sheets
  • making door signs for the freshman 
  • getting a LOT of cardboard and wood scraps for…reasons
  • making a, well, some may call it, an intro video. Others, a cringy atrocity. Continue reading to decide
  • picking up and sorting through our supplies and shirts
  • making our FAP sign (so that we can hold it for freshman to see as they come to our meeting location) Here is a picture: 

This is the FAP sign. It has big letters for F A P decorated with many random things (from flowers to the incredibles logo (referencing the 2022s orientation theme) to snowflakes around it.

Once the froshlings arrived, who we referred to affectionatley as fappers, the week officially started! And just like last year, it was a week of jam packed fun, art, and bonding! Many events, per tradition, are kept as surprises during the week, so we cannot reveal *everything* here. Instead, here is a hodge podge of photos from the week!

the counselors recreating a painting at a museum of a man being attacked by a shark

Because this week is all about art, us counselors decided to *become* the art! p.s. if you think one of the counselors is photoshopped in, you are probably right

a group photo on our boston commons picnic!

On our Boston Commons picnic! There was a squirrel that was circling us very persistently, its eyes glued on our food

The coordinators that made FAP happen, Sofie A. ’19 (standing) and Joanna G. ’20 (being held)! This is a personality picture if there ever was one

a picture of one of the couenlours pretending to be dead while others are looking at him with concern

We genuinely don’t remember what was going on here

Heather N. ’20 wearing her handcrafted felt shirt!

the counselors (An J. ’21 in the foreground) being lazy while the fappers laboriously decorate the saran wrapped windows!

We tried procrastinating this with the pictures, but we can only insert so many.  Here is … this … the counselor intro video … you’ve been warned:

Besides these random happenings throughout the week, the fappers worked on art projects of their choosing! This year, like last, the projects were interdisciplinary, and also decided by the fappers, to maximize their enjoyment of the program!

This year, we ended with four amazing groups that made four amazing projects!

  • The Game Design / Theater group made an interactive murder mystery puzzle hunt/show!
  • The Music group made and performed a wholesome rap about their week at FAP!
  • The Fiber Arts / Sculpture  group made and performed a multi media puppet show!
  • The Dance group choreographed and performed a fantastic dance with a comedic twist!

Just like last year, FAP really started our year out on the right foot! It was really revitalizing to interact with so many passionate and artistic and jazzed freshmen! From admiring their crazy earrings, to talking with them about anime, to listening in on a heated debate about the US education system, to learning about the nuanced social hierarchy in high school marching band, to watching them climb things (literally and figuratively), we are so happy to have met each and every one of them!

Thanks to all the awesome counselors and 2022s that made the beginning of our year awesome! On that note, here’s to junior year and everything it brings!