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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Application Tracking now available by Matt McGann '00

You can check the status of your application components now on MyMIT.

Now that our fabulous Records Office team has processed all of the mail we have received, we have relaunched the MyMIT Application Tracking.

MyMIT Application Tracking

This is a good time for you to check up on the status of your application components. The Application Tracking will show what materials we have processed for you. We should have the following: Application Part 1, Application Part 2, Secondary School Report and Transcript, Evaluation A, Evaluation B, Testing Requirements (we should have processed most December testing by now), and, if applicable, Interview Report.

What happens if the tracking system is missing something?

First, do not worry. We do not assign blame on why we don’t have it, we just know that we have not processed it. We will not look at your application unfavorably because it is missing an application component at this time. We will wait a while longer before having it evaluated to give you time to send along another copy. There are still many more weeks of reading to be done, so as long as you get us the copies in a timely manner, there will be no impact.

The best way to get us a missing piece is by fax. Our Records Office fax number is (617) 258-8304. It may take 2 to 3 business days for your MyMIT tracking system to reflect new documents faxed to us. We thank you for your patience.

If we are missing an evaluation, the teacher may fax a copy to us. If they need another copy of the evaluation form, you can get a PDF from the tracking system.

If you had an interview more than two weeks ago and we haven’t yet processed it, you should fill out the Conducted Interview form on the MyMIT Application Tracking Detail page. We will follow up with your Educational Counselor.

If we have not processed standardized test scores that that you had the testing agency send us, then you may fax us a copy of an official score report. We will follow up with the testing agency. If we are missing your TOEFL scores, make sure the name on your application is exactly the same as it is on your TOEFL registration. If it is not, please send us an email with your TOEFL registration name.

As mid-year grades are not yet available for most students, we do not expect that most students have sent in the Mid-Year Grade Report. You should send this in as soon as possible after your grades are available.

Bottom line: do not stress if we are missing pieces. It happens every year for reasons usually beyond your control. No worries.

100 responses to “Application Tracking now available”

  1. I have a question about SAT subject tests:

    This web site mentions that we should take two subject tests, but a friend of mine applied last year and recommended that I take three. Do you recommend I take three subject tests, or only two?


  2. Julio ('14?) says:

    Hi Matt.

    I have a question regarding on the interview process. The MIT’s interview website section says that ECs are all over the world, but for example, if there isn’t an EC available where I live (not the country, but my city or state), can I schedule an interview with him if he lives in a nearby city?

    Also another question that has to do with ECs. Lets say I plan on visiting the US on “x” date at “y” place. Will I be able to have an interview with an EC (me being an international applicant)?

    Thank you for your attention smile.

  3. Although the application tracking is up are there still documents that have not been processed that have been sent before January?

    My counselor says she has sent the required materials on Dec. 21 and they haven’t shown up on my tracking, but I don’t want to bug her again.

    Thank you

  4. Anonymous says:

    @ A high school junior.
    On the application there are only two spots to fill in subject tests. One for math and one for science. So if you take more than one the school should see it when you send your score reports (I think) but it won’t be on your actual application.
    Hope that helps.

  5. deng says:

    finally ^_^
    wow, someone could be reading/have read my app by now xD

  6. James '13 says:

    @ A high school junior,
    I agree with Anonymous. I think that taking multiple tests is redundant, especially if they’re in the samish areas. In other words, if you aced Physics, you probably don’t need to take the Chemistry test. Ditto for, say, Math 1 and Math 2. However, if you took your required math and science and think you’re going to do really well on, say, French or Literature, you might want to take it because it will highlight a skill the admissions officers might not otherwise know you have.

  7. Annie says:

    hi! Matt!
    I checked the application tracking and found out that my evaluation A hasn’t been processed.
    Since I’m an international student, I need to translate my teachers’ evaluations.
    After I finished translating, I put evaluation A and B in the same envelope.
    But the appilcation tracking showed that MIT has only processed my evaluation B.
    So I was wondering if you could check again that envelope before I send you my evaluaion A again. Thank you!

  8. Jesse L says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for Matt and the Admission Staffs =)

  9. @Kunaal

    I feel you can ask your 10th grade teachers to fill the evaluation forms. I did the same.

    In my case, I was in one school from kindergarden to 10th grade. So the teachers there know me really well.

    If your case is similar then i think you should proceed.

    MIT does not recommend ( I didnt find this stated anywhere :D) that we should submit reco’s from our 11th and 12th grade teachers.

  10. hi Matt, i just got my A Level results a couple of days ago. is it necessary to send in my results now? or is it too late?

  11. Eric '89 says:

    @anonymous1 (0714): Normally, they don’t count the lack of an interview against you, unless you are applying from a country where English is not the primary language (in which case the admissions office wants to verify that you can speak and understand English). However, you won’t have had the chance to show the non-paper side of you. and this is part of the reason why applicants who do not have an interview are admitted at lower rates than those who have.

    That said, there is a difference between not having an interview because you tried and failed to contact your EC, and not having an interview because you never attempted to contact your EC. You should let MIT know if you are in the former category, and they will follow it up with your EC. I can’t speak for all ECs, but by now I have reported any applicants assigned to me who are in the latter category (I have one such applicant this year, and I hope you are not this person).

  12. (Ju)Lia '13 says:

    When will financial aid tracking be up on MyMit?

    Also, the necessary forms are the FAFSA and CSS Profile, plus submitting tax returns, correct?

    The MIT financial aid site is helpful, but a blog post might also help address any questions, issues, impending deadlines, how long it takes for MIT to receive those forms, etc.


  13. Kunaal says:

    Hi Matt/ any other kind soul that has an answer!
    I have the same concern as I-hope-I-shouldn’t-be-worrying. My teacher sent the evaluation back in November last year by regular snail-mail and it still hasn’t shown up on the my.MIT portal. Now my teacher’s retired and is on vacation and I wouldn’t really want to (nor would he like me to) disturb him. Is it acceptable if I have it done by a 10th Grade teacher instead? (Coincidently, the teacher who taught me in the 11th Grade retired the year before- and other 11th and 12th grade teachers are really busy with administrative work and with updating the course material and notes.)
    I found it slightly peculiar that the items haven’t been received as both the teacher evaluations were sent together and one seems to be reported as missing. Is there a chance that it still hasn’t been processed? (sent in November!) I just wanted to confirm before requesting my teachers to redo it.
    On a completely unrelated and slightly useless note- I just emailed MIT to enquire about the status of my application yesterday and the tracking portal’s back today- What a coincidence- or is it? :D
    Thanks in advance! smile

  14. hi!
    i took sat subject test on deember 6th,2008. the scores are online. i scored 780/800 in chemistry,670/800 in math level 1 and 690/800 in physics. the collegeboard website reveals that the scores are sent to the college. but the online tracking still shows no sign of receipt of the scores. i would like to mail emailed score sheet for my application process.this is for the time being. please advise me.



  15. Samy says:

    I have a question. I already sent all of the information requested by MIT, and my MyMIT account says that all of the papers have been processed. But as everybody else, I am freaking out.
    Is there any “master Submit button” that we need to press for our application to be submitted? If there is, where is it? If there isn’t, are we going to get an email telling us that our application is now complete and that we should just wait?
    Thank you for your time and patience.

  16. @Julio (’14?)
    Our EC assignment system should automatically match you with the closest EC to you. If there isn’t one, your interview will be waived.

    If you do plan on traveling to the US and would like to do an interview while you’re here, be sure to let the EC Office know early by writing to [email protected] so we have enough time to try to set you up with someone close to where you will be staying.

  17. Thanks everyone! I guess I’ll take Math 2, Chem, and Bio, and put whichever of of the two sciences I do better on. smile

  18. Finally MIT has recieved all the required items and they appear on the tracking system which actually is very reliving after months of hardwork;compling the documents and posting them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    if my school does not fill out mid year grade reports, is it okay if they just send my report card after the first semester.

  20. Kevin S. L. says:

    It’s a great feeling to know that I got all my papers in smile

    Just one question about stuff that might happens after the deadline:
    – me & and a friend are almost finished making an iphone app
    – might place in chess at nationals in February
    – etc.

    What is the best way to let MIT know of any changes and is there a cutoff date to inform MIT of these changes (besides when admissions come out)?

  21. Matt '00 says:

    @HS junior: We won’t look at more than your two best tests, so there’s no need to take three. On the other hand, since you can take three in one sitting, and a number of schools you might like do require three, I often think it’s a good idea to take three at a time. It’s your call.

    @Julio: Michelle has the right answer: “Our EC assignment system should automatically match you with the closest EC to you. If there isn’t one, your interview will be waived.
    “If you do plan on traveling to the US and would like to do an interview while you’re here, be sure to let the EC Office know early by writing to [email protected] so we have enough time to try to set you up with someone close to where you will be staying.”

    @”I hope…”: You should have your counselor resend the materials. You can blame it on us if you like so she doesn’t feel “bugged.”

    @(Ju)Lia ’13: Financial Aid tracking will be up soon; stay tuned. I’ll try to get a blog about financial aid soon, too.

    @Kunaal: I just double-checked; we do not have your A evaluation. I don’t know why. Do whatever you think best to remedy the situation.

    @ravikiran: We can’t take email attachments; if you could, fax would be better.

    @Samy: No worries, you’re all set.

    @Kevin: Email or snail mail are fine ways of updating. We will review everything you send in up until the decisions are finalized in March, but the sooner we get things the better, for sure.

    @Tree: Yes, that’s fine.

    @Shivank: 1) Soon, there will also be Financial Aid Tracking. 2) We’ll post statistics when we can.

    @anonymous1: If you tried to contact your EC and couldn’t reach him, please let us know in an email to interview at mit dot edu.

    @Annie: We found it; the system should reflect that shortly. Thank goodness!

    @Singapore girl: Not too late, send them along!

    @Eric: Just to follow up, if an interview is waived for an international student (or any student), and we need to get a better sense of English or find out more about anything else, we will definitely contact the student directly to schedule an interview. So don’t worry at all if your interview is waived, it will not be held against you.

    @Anonymous: Yes, a report card with semester grades should be fine.

  22. Mary Anne says:

    Hi Matt! I just want to say thank you for all your efforts. MIT is the only school that has truly tried to make the application process as stress free and as easy as possible. I really appreciate it

  23. Julio ('14?) says:

    @EC Office Michelle

    Thank you for clearing my doubts smile. Hopefully an EC will be available by my living zone.

  24. Tree says:

    @ Matt
    I’m an international student so my Mid Year Report isn’t being sent. It’s fine if the box next to it remains unticked, right?

  25. jimmy '13 says:

    Thanks a lot Matt!

    I expect doing all this application filing work can be a tiresome job…… thanks for doing such a good work @ it.

    I’m sure me and all the other prospective ’13 really appreciate it……..

  26. akhila says:

    Hye matt,

    When can I expect the RA decisions ? I am really really very anxious. My app is all submitted and I am anxiously waiting for decisions.

  27. Hi Matt,

    I’m really glad the system is back online, I’ve just checked it, and everything was fine. I’m just waiting for my SAT scores, they will be up on Feb 2, as I took the Jan tests.

    Thank you and all the Admissions office for your effort and time =) .

  28. Shivank says:

    Thanks a lot Matt!!!
    I am happy to know all my application materials have been received….

    I have two questions…….

    1)How do we track the Financial Aid application submitted to the MIT Financial Aid Office?

    2)When and where will the statistics for this years admissions process be online?

    Thank You for all your help.

  29. Hello,

    I checked the status of my own application. My counselor sent an envelope containing a teacher evaluation, a secondary school report, and my transcript. The tracking system registers the teacher evaluation, but not the secondary report or the transcript. This does not make sense to me since they were sent in the same envelope.

    How might this be possible? If the forms have been lost, I would be happy to ask my counselor to fax them ASAP.

    Thank you,
    William Mruzek

  30. Karly says:

    “If you are missing an application piece, don’t worry! You can ask your teacher or guidance counselor to fax the document to 617-258-8304.”

    My counselor mailed my mid-year grade report about a week ago because we just recently completed semester exams, and it has not been processed yet. Will the mail be processed on time, or should she also fax the document?

    Thank you for your help, Matt!

  31. Anonymous says:

    hi! I was just wondering if you knew how many people applied regular action this year…I believe that an article in the tech said around 15,000. Is that number correct? Does 15,000 include EA deferred applicants?

    Thank You!

  32. anonymous1 says:

    hi Matt1

    I wanted to ask you that I had not taken an interview though an EC was available as I couldn’t contact him. I was just wondering will it hamper my chances of getting admissions? What is the criteria that admissions officers are looking for in a candidate this year?

    Thanks a lot for the help

  33. An Applicant says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if the Fax number is the correct one? I faxed my scores but it won’t go through. As for the subjects I took them on the January test date. (to mike)

  34. Shashi says:

    Hi Matt,
    I just wanted to ask does “Processed” (In My MIT Tracker) mean “Read”? If it does I’ll be a sad sad person! I have been monitoring google analytics for my blog… I have not got any Hits from MA… I told about it like 5 times or more in my application… Looking at it, really is going to give you the Informal or Nerdy-Funny picture of me…
    or are the admission offices computers routed past a router in some other state/place?

    Thanks for the reply you gave to Kevin I really needed it!

    I’m scared. Dunno if getting 800/800 in SAT II tests and 106/120 (I sucked at speaking during the test (panicd!) It lost me 10 points) is good enough.

    A weird thing happened in like november… My EC’s contacts disappeared from MyMIT!! It was there before… I’ve emailed interview at (even i hate spam) mit dot edu. Hoping to cover up for my toefl losses you might consider! Fine enough right?

  35. Chow Chia Eu says:

    Hi,I am an international student applying for MIT and i recently noticed that although i have sent both teacher evaluations and secondary school transcripts by courier and reached last month, the application tracking status shows that it is still unprocessed.

    I don’t mean to offend, but could my package by any chance have been misplaced ?

  36. Cassie says:

    Do you send notification e-mails if there’s something missing in application?

  37. heartbroken says:

    My stuff is all settled. Not to worry.(’twas a minor mixup of my last names)


  38. @Cassie

    Anything missing on your application should show up on the My MIT portal.

  39. shiv says:

    i am very upset. everybody can track their applications online now but i am still unable to see anything on my mymit account.ihave posted all my material through indian speedpost on 30th dec.are they all said you have read all of them.

  40. shiv says:

    i have given my interview also in the month of august.but i can’t track that also.neither my sat test scores of nov and dec are their.

  41. shiv says:

    please tell me if i should fax each and every part of my application again.i have the zerox copy of everything with me.i have also submitted my application fees of 65$.i can’t understand anything i am feeling too bab.

  42. Need help says:

    My tracker says the Evaluation A is unprocessed. Does it stand for “fax another”?
    All other school reports were sent in the same envelope and they have been processed.
    Do I need to wait for the status to change?
    If the school has to fax the form, would a photocopy suffice or it is to be filled again?
    freaking out here…..
    Reply soon (thanks!)…

  43. shiv says:

    please tell me if i should fax each and every part of my application again.i have the zerox copy of everything with me.i have also submitted my application fees of 65$.i can’t understand anything i am feeling too bad.

  44. Yeah... says:

    This question may sound stupid but here goes: On the CPW medical release form, where it says if you are a single parent, “bold your name,” does it literally mean to write the signature in something to make it bold or can you just have the custodial parent sign their name normally since they will be the only one signing it?

  45. Help says:

    Is a History or Geography teacher considered a humanities teacher? in other terms, if the evaluation B was done by a history teacher, could that be the reason why it wasn’t processed?

  46. Anonymous says:

    you should make an account and the app will be there for the next admissions season

    processed doesn’t mean read. it just means they’ve received it.

    I’m pretty sure history is considered humanities

  47. Isra says:

    Hi Matt,

    My entire application has been processed except for the Interview. Now when I click to fill out the form, the instructions ask for the interview date. I don’t exactly remember the date as it was not a scheduled interview. Can I put an estimation?

  48. Isra says:

    Hi Matt,

    My entire application has been processed except for the Interview. Now when I click to fill out an interview form, the instructions ask for the interview date. I don’t exactly remember the date as it was not a scheduled interview. Can I put an estimation?

  49. Steph '13 says:

    It honestly doesn’t matter. MIT will take either one. I personally think the ACT is a much better test, since it doesn’t seem designed to stress people out. I still fail to see why the SAT needs ten sections for three categories. The ACT has one section per subject. This is nice because it means you’ll probably have fifteen to twenty-ish minutes to check over your work instead of the five-ish you’ll get on the SAT. The SAT groups questions by difficulty. For each category there will be a section that’s easy, one that’s medium and one that’s hard. So, all the questions you’d like to check over are all in one section, while you’ll have plenty of time at the end of the sections where you know they’re all right. This tends to drive students who are used to having half an hour or more to check answers up the wall.

    On the other hand, if you’re not absolutely sure where you’re applying, it’s best to take both. Not all schools accept the ACT.

  50. I’m an international applicant. I had sent in My SAT Reasoning and SAT subject Tests last year and don’t know if I have to resend them since I am reapplying for admission. Please Advise.

  51. Steph '13 says:

    @ Chris Part II
    I’m pretty sure MIT will hold your scores. I had to go blog-stalking, I knew I’d seen that question before.
    Fairly early on, someone named Dennis asked the same question and Matt said they could hold them.

  52. sepideh says:

    may i ask you your choice of addmission do you want MIT to transfer or for graduate study?

  53. SRV says:

    HELLO Matt,

    in my fee waiver application, i have pointed my financial inability to give the TOEFL test..will that cost me my admission to MIT??

  54. heartbroken says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have no idea why …
    My transcripts and recommendations were sent in dec (I tracked the courier service and it says they were deposited at MIT on the 31st of dec)
    However, none of them seem to have been processed and all those little boxes (with the exception of things i submitted online and my interview) are not tickked.

    Do you advise me to resend all those materials?
    (My school is currently closed for mid-term break and it may take a week to get my things again)

  55. shiva says:

    Dear Mr.McGann’oo,

    My name is Shiva Navabi. I am a first year student of electrical engineering undergraduate program at Amirkabir University in Iran. I am a top and bright student in my school as I have been always in all my educational years and have graduated with honor in every level.

    I am writing to express my interest in your program, electrical engineering. I realize MIT University would offer me greater opportunities and make it possible for me to move toward the great successes. I believe my talents, skills and qualifications make me an ideal candidate for your program and ensure my success at MIT University. I am confident that I would be a successful member of your electrical engineering program, and I look forward to proving it to you.

    Please give me your precious advice on how I can be admitted in your program. Your assistance and advice would be truly appreciated.

    Shiva Navabi
    e-mail: [email protected]

  56. Thanks Matt for the advice. Little words can mean a lot.

  57. Chris says:

    I just have two questions for anyone who can help me.

    I am currently a High School junior and am going to take the ACT in April. Even though the application tracker for next year wont be up until late summer, should I send my scores to MIT and will they be recorded/save for when I can send in my application?

    My second question is should I take the SAT or the ACT? I know that there is no preference, but I see a lot of people talking about their SAT and almost none talking about the ACT.

  58. Ahmad says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am reapplying this year. As I have not taken the SAT again, I had asked the admissions office if I had to resend my scores. They said that they would be able to review my scores from last year. I just wanted to confirm if this is fine and whether my scores have been added to my file.

  59. Hi!!!
    I had the following doubt
    1) I had listed Physics to be evaluated as my Subject test with Math Level 2. I gave my subject on 24 Jan ’09 and my Chemistry went better. Is there any possibility that admission committee considers the better of the two scores for evaluation? Should I fax or email an application to get the better of the two evaluated?
    2) I sent an email as well as fax to make changes in some essays of my application (with the reasons ) and got a reply that the changes are added to my application. But in online tracker no such information is provided. Should I re-email or fax the changes.

  60. Cassie says:

    Yes, i know it will show up on ‘my mit’. Some of my documentation can’t be provided, though, because of law differencies between my home country and US (i’m international applicant). How do i know if mit will consider my application or not? Will they inform me? (I wrote explanation in application itself)

  61. Surya says:

    My teacher told that the teacher recommendation and secondary school report(with transcript)were sent in the same envelope.My secondary school report has not been processed.What should I do?

  62. Chris says:

    Thanks steph

  63. Anonymous says:

    @ rankeya..

    Yeah me 4rm Mumbai..u??

  64. Mohit says:

    @ rankeya..

    Yeah me 4rm Mumbai..u??

  65. lissa138 says:

    Just wanted to make sure:

    If International Applicants need to send in a mid-year Grade report?


  66. Hazem says:

    Hi Matt,
    The tracking system shows that my evaluation A and the interview report are not processed. Before bothering my teachers again I wonder if you could check again because evaluations A and B were sent in the same envelope.
    I had my interview in December(EC: Omar H. Roushdy). Would you check that too?
    Thank you very much!!!!

  67. sepideh says:

    i couldn’t officially report my toefl score because of the weird situation in Iran(have explained it many times per e-mail and phone to admission office)i faxed my toefl report, will it be considered?

  68. Matt '00 says:

    @akhila: I don’t yet know when decisions will be ready. When we know, we will post it here.

    @William: We have found your SSR/transcript. You’re all set.

    @Karly: I’m sure we’ll get to your midyear grades soon, no need to worry yet.

    @Anonymous: Yes, that’s about right. I’ll report the full tally soon.

    @Chris: 1) Yes, we can save your scores. 2) We honestly have no preference.

    @Chow: I’m looking into it. If we find it, I’ll let you know.

    @shiv: We have most of your application. I am looking into what’s up with your app tracking.

    @Yeah: I have put the question out to our CPW coordinator. I don’t know but if I had to guess, I think the parent could just sign their name.

    @Leonard: We’ll be able to use your scores from last year. The Records Office is working on this.

    @SRV: We will consider your context in reviewing your application.

    @heartbroken: We have all of your materials; we had two different application folders for you.

    @Shiva: Transfer admissions:
    Graduate admissions:

    @Applicant: Yes, I do believe it is the correct fax number.

    @Shashi: “Processed” has nothing to do with “read.” And your interview was waived; this will not be held against you.

    @Cassie: No, we don’t; students should check on MyMIT. In your case, I do see a note about your personal circumstances regarding your teacher letters and school report; that context will be considered.

    @Needhelp: I don’t know who you are, so I can’t look for the Eval A. At this point, I would fax it.

    @Help: History would count for Eval B. At this time, I would recommend faxing another copy.

    @Isra: Yes, you can put in an estimation.

    @Surya: I don’t know who you are, so I can’t look for the SSR. At this point, I would fax it.

    @Mohit: “Processed” has nothing to do with “reviewed.” And I don’t yet know when decisions will be ready. When we know, we will post it here.

    @’13?: You should definitely send a letter (or have your counselor send a letter) to all of the schools you’re applying to to explain your circumstances. And yes, it would be okay to fax or mail another essay.

    @Ahmad: We’ll be able to use your scores from last year. The Records Office is working on this.

    @Kuber: 1) We will look at your best test, so we’ll be using your Chemistry, it seems. No need to do anything more, we’ll do it automatically. 2) No, we have it, no need to resend.

    @lissa138: Students not in US school systems don’t need to send it, but if you have new/updated marks/grades, you can send them along.

    @Hazem: We’re looking for it; I’ll bet we find it, but you may want to fax it just to be sure.

    @sepideh: We have your TOEFL, you’re all set with that.

  69. Hello, Matt

    Your Awesome!!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Okay. I think my transcript only has grade 11 marks. I’m not so sure. I finished one of my courses which is my only semestered course.. just recently so I have one final grade 12 mark. So what you’re saying is that I should ask my school to send in my updated grade 12 marks when I get my 2nd term report card (which will be in Mid-Feb), right?

  71. Thanks for all of your hard work. =]

  72. Hazem says:

    Thank you Matt!!
    I guess I’ll just wait another 2-3 days and if my evaluation A doesn’t show up I will “bother” my teacher again and let him fax it to you.

  73. rankeya says:

    Hey Matt,

    I sent in my grades for class 12 even though I am an international student and the mid- year report doesn’t apply to me. So i just sent a photocopy of a mid- year grade 12 examination recently by courier. I know that even if it is processed it won’t show on my MYMIT account. So how would I know you received it?

    I know I shouldve faxed it but I already sent it by courier.

    I had also sent art supplements to the respective person according to the address given on the web. How do I really know that they have been received?

    Will my international EC be informed of my admissions decision?

  74. rankeya says:

    @ mohit:I’m from Kolkata.

  75. Mohit Dhagat says:

    @ matt…

    Hi, my documents have been processed.. does dat mean dat they have been reviewed??

    By when can we recieve d decision or rather when is it scheduled?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt,
    First of all thanks to your very helpful and informative Blog. it helps us a lot.
    I have quick question. Do you consider Canadian school as “U.S.-based school systems” ?
    Do we need to send in “Mid-Year grade report”? Thx

  77. rankeya says:

    @ Mohit:

    I have applied ’13 too… processing doesn’t mean being reviewed. It means they have our documents in our folders or dockets or whatever it is called. We will be informed of the decisions mid March…

    I guess your from India. Which place?

  78. Andrew says:

    I sent my Teacher Evaluation with my fee waiver application yet my fee waiver has been granted but my teachers’ evaluations have not been processed.

  79. '13? says:

    Hey Matt,

    I recently got diagnosed with a severe back condition, that has had me out of school for the last month and in bed since December. My surgery is tomorrow (fingers crossed) smile. The problem is that this last month, I had to take my midterm exams as well as my SAT subject tests. I was unable to study and had to take them while i was in severe pain. The midterm results were horrible and i got bumped down from an A to a B in all my classes (i have an all AP course load) and I can only imagine how i did on my SAT subject tests. I’m really worried about how this is gonna effect my admission chances.
    On another note, i just realized that for the second optional essay i attached something that i had already sent with Part I of the application. Would it be okay to fax or mail another essay?

    I would appreciate any input on this. smile


  80. Cassie says:

    Ok. Thanks Matt.

  81. Hi, Matt!
    I am so glad that the Application Tracking is up again. Still, I’m a little worried. Since I am an International Student I sent both Teacher Evaluations in the same envelope, along with my transcript and Secondary School Report, yet Evaluation B hasn’t been processed. I read another post here by Annie with the same problem, and you guys were able to find her Evaluation. Is it possible for MIT to check my envelope again as well or should I send you another copy?

  82. wlue says:

    Hi Matt,

    Looking at your response to Kevin S.L.’s inquiry, I’d just like to clarify: if we send in additional information (past the deadline), do you prefer it to be mailed, faxed, or emailed? I’d like to add a portion that would act as an addendum to #14 on the application (additional information question). Would this be appropriate?


  83. Mohit says:

    @ matt

    Thanx Matt…

    I’m just geared up 4 d decisions!!

    I’m sorry for this but, my essay is tooooo long..It’s more than 1000 words..Is it fine?

  84. Mohit says:


    Hey, i have lived in Kolkata..!! Where do u live dere and which skool do u study in??..
    What major do u intend to do in MIT ?

  85. Jesse says:

    Dear Matt McGann ’00,

    I have just sent my midyear reports along with some supplemental materials mentioned in your blog. I also included the recommendation letters. However, I just found out that my teacher have sent different (school mandatory) ones a while back along with the part 2 Application before reading the tab #11 above, so which one would be read?

    Would you read only the first ones? Or would you also read the second one? Because I am sure that the second one is better…

  86. rankeya says:

    @ mohit: i live in ballygunge…….. nice to know u lived here………….. im planning to major in pure math, preferably algebraic number theory or analytic number theory………. anything and everything tht might help me tackle the Riemann Hypothesis…. i know thts presumtuous………. but so i just want to equip myself right now with the right tools to tackle the problem and i dont care which part of pure math it takes me to…

  87. Che Perez says:

    Hey, i am an international applicant. My application is complete which means that my official transcript has been sent. Do I need to fax copies of certificates for any exams marks that appear on my transcript? or is the transcript sufficient? Do I need to fax copies of certificates of any achievements that I put on my application for instance placing first in my region in a particular subject?

  88. SRV says:

    Thanks Matt

  89. Matt,

    I just realized that I sent my TOEFL score in November to the Sloan School of Management and not the TOEFL code specified by MIT-3514. On my application, I have mentioned how interested I am in Business and Management and Visual Arts. I have mailed my art portfolio in December. I have two questions:
    1. Is it okay if my scores have been sent to Sloan even though I am not really applying for a specific major? Or should I resend my scores to the code 3514?
    2. How can I check if my art portfolio has been received and matched with my other documents?

    Please do help me out here. Thank you!

  90. surya says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for answering my query.Please let me know whether the scanned copy of SSR along with the attachments be sent(through e-mail) instead of faxing the same.

    Location of high school: Chennai(Tamilnadu,India)

  91. Hazem says:

    Hi Matt,
    sorry for writing again…
    I’ve received my TOEFL score and the score recipient to MIT is indicated as delivered(TOEFL account). However the score is still missing on the MIT account. Please check it!

  92. Reena says:

    Hi, just a quick question – I listed the AP bio and art exams on my app as ones I was planning to take this spring, but since being admitted (and planning on coming! EEE! so excited…) I have no reason to take them anymore since no credit is given for them. Do I have to send a letter or anything about that, or does it not matter so long as I’m still working just as hard in those classes?

    P.S. I also switched a spring semester graphic design course I was planning on taking to an independent study in German…? Is that okay?