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MIT student blogger Allan K. '17

back 2 school by Allan K. '17

mit is sunny and then rainy and then sunny again –


two weeks ago i was leaving seattle, thinking about summertime and trying not to be anxious about returning to school for my last semester. there was a big window in our house and i sat on the couch in front of it and watched the colors in the sky changing.


soon after that i was in an airport and i was in the second-to-last row window seat on a redeye flight, drifting in and out of sleep —


and then i was back and i met a lot of new people, including our amazing new bloggers, and i carried all the boxes i’d packed into storage up five flights of stairs, and soon my room was home again.

and it’s quiet, classes starting up and catching up with old friends and easing back into the rhythms of mit. i dragged two friends to a book talk at the harvard coop, where we learned that the largest community-operated cell phone network in the world is in oaxaca, mexico. i scheduled meetings. i registered for classes and started going to classes. my a cappella group recruited three new members. i learned the difference between big-o and big-omega and big-theta in 6.006 (intro to algorithms) recitation. i thought about sociology and games and culture in my games and culture class, taught by one of the first sociologists to study online gaming communities. i had a dream about a white cat. i read an adrienne kennedy play. i scheduled dinners with people i haven’t seen in a while. i listened to music like this and like this and like this and like this.