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Allan K. '17

MIT student blogger Allan K. '17


Heya, everyone!

I’m Allan, hailing from the exotic backwoods of Silicon Valley, California. I’ve been blogging since ninth grade, writing mostly poetry but also some short stories and essays interspersed with actual stories about my life.

Ninth grade was also about when I first met Rastaban. Rastaban, a Nikon D-90 SLR camera, rides on my shoulder pretty much all the time, so any pictures in my posts are most likely the result of his hard work. Between Rastaban and whichever journal I happen to be carrying, I hope I’ll be able to successfully collect and record the stories of my life at MIT to share with you here.

If you’re ever around MIT and hear a guy singing a blend of Ke$ha and West Side Story in the shower, that’s probably me. If you see someone a tad overdressed, wearing a shoulder bag (some say “man-purse”) and a newsboy cap, that’s also probably me. And if you ever notice someone tap-dancing in public, there’s a very good chance that’s me.

See you all soon!

P.S. - I wrote this intro when I first started as a blogger in 2013. That was a long time ago and I'm a very different person now, but this bio is still funny so I'll leave it here as it originally was :)