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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Bad Haiku by Ben Jones

What better way to welcome spring than to write some awful haiku? Help me create a silly thread.

Seems very quiet around here today. The students are all on Spring Break, and somehow it feels like the whirlwind that surrounded the mailing of decisions was ages ago (due to the fact that last week felt so very long).

Sometimes quiet is good.

A lot of the snow melted this past weekend. I’m seeing the first signs of spring. What better way to welcome spring than to write some awful haiku? Help me create a silly thread. I think we all need one.

You’ve been warned: anything posted in this thread that is not light-hearted will be deleted! :-)

I’ll start.

McGann’s new toy, it
accelerates particles
Too… fast… black hole… oooooops.

49 responses to “Bad Haiku”

  1. First says:

    I am first!

    Nice Haiku Ben!!!

    Here’s my own:

    Mister Benjamin
    Your last name is also Jones
    You make me giggle

    :-D How’s life dude? Hope you’re having fun!

  2. second says:

    MIT is quiet
    Only during spring break, sad
    because it’s mine too

  3. First says:

    Oh, and Ben I have a special message for you!

    Promise you’ll watch?

  4. The financial aid
    Isn’t all done as of yet –
    No spring break for us.

  5. Ben says:

    First – thank you grin The highlight of my day!

  6. Prashant says:

    Are you ready to
    Rock the place come April, in
    The C, P, Double-U ?


  7. intleyes says:

    Time to rest
    Pi Day was so long ago
    Need to eat my Wheaties

  8. Lily says:


    This is really off topic but,

    I was wondering if it was possible to arrive for CPW on Friday morning instead of Thursday because I have plans on Thursday night.

    Please respond as quick as possible(or email me) because I have to book my flight soon. Thanks

  9. Ben says:

    Hi Lily,

    Yes, I think that’s fine. Just make sure to make a note of it when you register so the organizers know when to expect you.

  10. leah says:

    uninspired I/
    write nonsense for you who like/
    counting syllables.

  11. leah says:

    ok, that looks ugly. I’ll try again:

    uninspired I
    write nonsense for you who like
    counting syllables.

  12. amrik says:

    Something tells me that
    This is one way to waste time
    while going insane

  13. Something tells me that
    Amrik was right and also
    I want Ben’s first-born

  14. You can’t have Ben’s first:
    Mommy and Daddy want him.
    … What about the third?

  15. Lipei says:

    i posted second …

    my apcs teacher recently did a haiku posting lesson as a activity for “last in first out” [stacks!]. supposedly the 5-7-5 haiku system is general and not necessarily set in stone. haiku is supposed to be a “go with the flow” poetry thing.

    so as long as it sounds good, don’t go counting your syllables!

  16. Preeya says:

    An anecdote from my creative writing teacher’s room to complement Lipei’s comment:

    “English is not
    A syllabic language
    This ain’t no haiku”

  17. Fatima says:

    Waitlist? Meh, I’m quite
    content, because you and this
    blog are very kind

  18. Leftcoast mom, no one…
    can match up to the power
    I pack in my loins.

    Okay, maybe a WEE overboard, but I’m bored.


  19. Sophia says:

    I can’t wait, spring break
    Scotland all the way baby
    Nine days worry free

    This is fun wink. Who else is pumped for spring break?

  20. Ash says:

    I cant write Haikus
    No really, I cant write them
    Spring break rocks my socks

    I think that works.

  21. Mike Borohovski
    Why do you talk to mothers
    With indecency?

    tongue laugh

    For my own, creative Haiku about my favorite beverage…

    I enjoy drinking
    Cool, Crisp Dasani Water
    Gulp, Gulp, Chug, Chug, Ahhhhhh!


  22. Can’t type in CS
    Got owned by 13 year old
    In Tae Kwon Do class

    Yeah… go ahead, laugh it up!

  23. Stevo says:

    In the time it took
    For me to write this haiku
    I ate six cookies

  24. Stevo says:

    and who can forget:

    worker bees can leave
    even drones can fly away
    the queen is their slave

  25. AWA says:

    Interesting :p
    let me try….

    got my letter…to-day
    …still sealed, and maybe forever wink

    Finally a relief that i got something to hold in my hand… smile
    Well, well as everyone catches up with the pace of life, at a time long long later, those who have been going through these blogs….trying to read between the lines & extract whatever they could…looking back at this time, i am certain they will rekindle that MIT spirit! Whatever course the life takes, we will remember the time we spent zooming onto the computer screens for it was a unique experience, distinct, bitter for some but still memorable…the first of its kind!
    Hands up… i mean hat’s off… for making what seemed like a distant prospect into a recurrent dream, and finally making “MyMIT” an ‘achiveable’ phenomenon if you realize how to make the best of opportunities available… anywhere…everywhere….

    Well if someone still finding hard to get over it!(I hope not :( )

    Cheer up! if you have still got your youth and the best of your health, two of the possible possessions we humans have, you still havent lost anything yet…press on…or when any of these two are gone…you might(i wish not) realize how it really is feeling low…

    My words might not be enough, so for a change…

    You can go on thinking for as long as you wish,dictate your plans to yourself & ACT on your own commands!

    Best of LUCK!

  26. Thanks for taking me
    M-I-T, we’re meant to be.
    And I want Ben’s first-born.

    Just kidding about that last part. wink


  27. Kelly says:

    Daniel B’s Haiku
    Was not all that lighthearted
    I demand a delete!


  28. nehalita says:

    More flowers for me
    To dress up my lively room
    Blooming for today

    (you have no idea how many times i recounted my syllables to make sure i had it right…)

  29. kiersten says:

    Hey Ben, I just saw your message in Allison’s blog. I did not get an email, but I think you have my mom’s email address. Try this one. ADIOS!~Kiersten~

  30. Omar says:

    well, In the recent days I had been browsing the blog and reading the messages, and there are so many messages from persons who were rejected in comparision to the messages from accepted people that I am getting more and more anxious and tense about asking for admission to MIT. The thing is that I am very confident that I have the capacities to get into MIT but like I have read so many messages from people who didn’t get in that I get nervous, specially those who are international students, because I want to ask for admission as an international student for the class of 2010. So… I feel really really sad for those who didn’t got in this year, after reading your messages I can now realize how hard is to get into MIT and how many people don’t get in. Anyways, I wont get my hopes down and I will definetly do my best on the SAT and SAT II test now and on the interview to hopefuly get in next year!

    so…CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who got in…
    and for all of you who didn’t I hope you do your best and wish you have success in your life… and well… let’s see in which group I get into, next year after they evaluate me… :S soo…. let’s wait.

  31. Anonymous says:

    this one from my good friend Strong Bad:

    a butt for a face
    little brother dork dork dork
    stay out of my room

  32. Mariya says:

    Perhaps chocolate
    Is not the best breakfast food
    … but this is spring break!

    Besides, it is “lunch”
    Since it’s past one o’clock!
    Don’t you all agree?

  33. amrik says:

    1. People sometimes collect magazines about zoos in London, having cute monkeys and small gorillas.

    2. Please send Charlie’s monkeys and zebras in the little new cages.

    Most sincerely,
    Peter Green.

    Those are mnemonics for the electrochemical series.

  34. amrik says:

    Writing these haikus
    One does not need more skill than
    me brushing my teeth

  35. nehalita says:

    false amrik, if you
    can count to seven, only then
    can you make haikus

  36. nehalita says:

    still not satisfied
    with my other haiku but
    this ain’t any better

    soo let’s try yet again

    music around me
    let it envelope my soul
    with sweet, sound, serene bliss

    wait that was serious argh

    i give up on this
    haiku thing – it was not made
    for me. frustration…

  37. Agust says:

    Believe it or not
    This is the first haiku I
    Have ever written

  38. Anonymous says:


    yes, I do snore in my sleep

    I hope that’s right, yay for pent-o-syllabic words. That’s not a word.

  39. I see your tax forms
    When I close my eyes and sleep.
    Am I too busy?

  40. Anonymous says:

    I forget where I got this one, but…

    Haiku’s inventor/
    must have had seven fingers/
    on his middle hand.

  41. FysicsPhreak says:

    Not speaking I for
    Laughing so hard – so thankful
    for word processing!

    Love this thread, guys… Pulitzers, all around!

  42. Ben's Mom says:

    Beware Grammy’s wrath,
    You who covet Ben’s firstborn.
    We are not amused.

  43. Hello Ben’s mother,
    Welcome to the world of blogs
    Where Ben’s a Rock Star.

  44. lets go for a change of pace… how about a sonnet.

    I wake and find an ancient tomb.
    Wet, and sticky I rise in alarm
    what is this? will i come to harm?
    A TUBE! why, I am living in a womb.

    I kick and scream and bite the walls
    The vessel groans and gives a pause
    Reeling in pain from my tiny jaws
    while her husbands voice drawls and drawls.

    “Aww. my little poopykins” I hear
    A faint whisper outside the layer.
    Is it my father? I quickly say a prayer,
    Getting his voice makes me cring in fear

    Of course the day comes when i am out
    I look around and give a shout
    I’m free I’m free, no longer shall I bear
    the prison or that fretful lair.

    I look around and see my dad
    His beard is fearful and he is clad
    in a leather jacket and a biker’s hat
    whats this? my dad’s a little fat.


  45. Wow! I’m going to have a little stand in front of building 7 next to the Chinese food cart and write 2 minute sonnets for $2 each and pay for my college tuition that way. I think I might have to go to MIT Medical for carpal tunnel treatment though… Might want to make sure that my medical insurance is renewed every single year or so…

  46. nghi says:

    we missed your updates
    oh benny, where did thou go?
    your posts bring me plea—-



  47. Lipei says:


  48. O! Where hast thou gone?
    Aye, I miss thy updates so!
    Still want your first born?



  49. David A. says:

    The fans scream update!
    Why deny them the pleasure?
    I hope all is well.