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Ben Jones

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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones


Hi folks! My name is Ben, and from 2004-2008 I was Director of Communications for the MIT Office of Admissions. My job (other than reading applications and selecting four amazing freshman classes with my colleagues) was to establish a communications platform for MIT Admissions that would enable MIT to communicate with you as fluently and as transparently as possible.

I designed and built this website as the primary venue for that, and I managed its day-to-day production for four years. I can honestly say that interacting with current and future MIT students and working with such terrific colleagues made those some of the best years of my life.

In the summer of 2008, I returned to my alma mater (Oberlin) to become VP for Communications. I'm really enjoying the new challenges, but I do miss MIT a great deal, pretty much every day.

My MIT friends were nice enough to allow my blog entries to remain part of the archives - hopefully you'll still find some of them to be relevant. If you're new to my blog, begin with these posts (one, two, three) - they're some of my favorites.

Best of luck in all of your adventures, and be well!

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