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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Banditos Misteriosos by Snively '11

Everybody enjoys a ghoul dance party!

A huge perk to living at MIT is living right across the river from Boston.

See, I’m from Salem OR, where the most exciting thing that happens is a new store opening up or a car crashing into a building every now and again. In Boston, however, since there are so many people and so many colleges, actual exciting things happen.

The concept of a flash mob wasn’t new to me, I’d seen it in an episode of CSI: Miami, but there was never anything like that near where I lived. Suddenly, thrust into Boston, the flash mob became a relevant subject in my life. I started attending city-wide pillow fights, XKCD meetups, riding the T without pants on, city-wide super soaker wars, and all sorts of other fun, spontaneous, random activities. Well, yesterday was another one of those activities.

A group called the “Banditos Misteriosos” runs flash mobs in Boston. I got an e-mail informing me that there was to be another flash mob, this time Halloween themed! Here’s the gist of it:

If years of Halloween-themed TV specials and music videos have taught us anything, it’s that come late October, monsters and ghouls love to get together and dance. Thus, it is with pride, that Banditos Misteriosos announces our very own Monster Mash-up!

Consider this a Halloween Dance Party but with all your fellow dancers dressed as ghosts! But, to give this dance another dimension, we will be your choreographers. On October 17th, we will be releasing an instructional video, complete with dance moves and your very own mentor ghost.


Everyone should come dressed as a ghost, bedsheet style. No white sheets, though — that is *so* last Halloween. Be creative! (and remember the eye holes!)

Dance Moves:
The instructional video will be released on our website and will teach you the dance moves that we will be doing. The choreography does not necessarily correspond to the music, but will be based on various signals. (Don’t get it? Don’t worry! It’ll make sense when you watch the video.) Learn the moves for a follow-the-leader style dance!

On Friday, Oct. 24th, we will post on our website the song file for the event. Download it onto an mp3 player and bring it under your ghost costume. At the given signal, press play and follow the leader!

TBA along with the song file. Check back on October 24th!


October 16th:

Without further-ado, Banditos Misteriosos presents to you our very simple instructional dance video. Merely memorize the straightforward moves and you will be all set.


October 24th — two days ago:

Now that you got down the dance moves, it is with pride that we release our 2008 Monster Mashup!

But before we provide you with the link to the song, please read below for important announcements:

1. The extravaganza is taking place at Christopher Columbus Park. To find the exact location of where in the park we will be dancing, merely go to this map:

2. Don’t come wearing the sheet. At the first sound of an airhorn, put your headphones on and throw the sheet over your head. At the second blast, press play and watch for the signals to start dancing.

3. Ghosts are good at being inconspicuous, thus, when you arrive at 1:55PM, please scatter around the park, when you hear the air-horn, throw on the sheet, hit play, and run on over to the exact location given on the map.

4. Don’t listen to the song yet. It would be horror-ble if you ruined the experience by knowing the tunes beforehand. (We apologize for our over-use of terrible puns…)

5. Finally, A big shout-out to DJ JR, for all his help in creating this fun little track.

Without further-ado, right click here for the MP3!

**If you are using a PC, right click and Save Taret As
**If you are using a mac hold down control while clicking on the above link

Sweet! I’ve got my mp3, my dance moves, and a location, it’s time for some ghosty flash mob dancing! I had a decision to make though, dance or film. There was no way to do both, so in the end I decided to film. It’s good because I was one of the only ones there taking video and not still photos. Yesterday morning Sara ’12 and I headed into Boston, video camera in hand, ready to watch some ghosts. We chilled in the destination location for a while before we heard a siren. Then, this is what we saw (keep in mind, I overlayed the MP3, it was completely silent there for anybody not a ghost):

*Poof!* Vanished! Another day, another flash mob. Ah the joys of living right next to a major city!

36 responses to “Banditos Misteriosos”

  1. Banerjee says:


  2. Vincent says:

    Quite a lengthy post!

  3. Anonymous says:

    that was awesome!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That is so cool.

  5. miracle... says:

    congrats snively… no stupid comments till now…really surprised…how did this happpen

  6. Efolse '11 says:

    Quite a s***ty miracle not to consider things like “FIRST” and “THIRD” stupid comments…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The instructional video is fricking hilarious.

    Jack-o-lantern: “We couldn’t come up with a connection for this one…sorry.” HAHA!

  8. Kevin says:

    THAT IS SO AWESOME! Reminds me of improv everywhere stuff. I haven’t participated in any flash mobs but I definitely hope to do so in college. I love random spontaneous stuff!



  10. Anonymous says:

    I blame your blog for the fact my application is not done yet…

  11. Dei-Ron says:

    Flash mobs are stupid. Do you honestly have nothing else to do with your free time than bother innocent people? Seriously, have you thought about finding a normal hobby, or maybe de-froshing?

    To Pre- and regular frosh: Snively is a loser. He has no life, and no one likes him. And, he’s a bad shot in the pistol team. I know people who have never competed before, and they’re out-shooting him.

    Bottom line: he sucks at life.

  12. anonymous says:

    Well, that comment is completely uncalled for on this site. Everyone enjoys Snively’s blogs about life near Boston! Stop reading his blogs if you don’t like them!

  13. Dr. McNinjA says:


    ooh! looks like it’s time for somebody’s nap!
    Are we just a little bit jealous of snively’s international following, Dei-Ron? do we need attention? Some of us find him re-froshing and appreciate the humor that he brings to the blogs. maybe he’s not shooting well because he doesn’t want you to mistake him for perfection incarnate.

    Bottom Line: Keep up the good work, Snively. We love you.

  14. Mason '10 says:

    Inflammatory comments are stupid. Do you honestly have nothing else to do with your free time than bother innocent people? Seriously, have you thought about finding a normal hobby, or maybe de-froshing?

    To Pre- and regular frosh: Dei-Ron is a loser. He has no life, and no one likes him. And, he’s a bad sport in the blogosphere. I know people who have never commented before, and they’re out-classing him.

    Bottom line: he sucks at life.

    In all seriousness though, there’s no need for that kind of personal attack here. I’m actually kind of confused, since this is probably one of Snively’s most harmless posts in a while. If you have a bone to pick with him, fine, but just settle it with a chess match or a dance battle or something.

  15. Ehsan says:

    Thanks again for not joining in on the action and instead filming it for your fellow readers!

  16. Anonymous says:

    this is the funniest shit ever. i’m jealous of all you boston-ites.

  17. deng says:

    @mason 10
    haha.. that was pretty good
    I applaud

    @snively (or anyone who knows)
    is there anything going on at MIT for halloween?
    and do college kids still go trick or treating??

  18. De-ron says:


    Stop posting positive comments about yourself under false names. Everyone knows nobody likes you.

  19. Dei-ron says:



  20. Dei-Ron,
    Thank you for your frank and honest assessment of Snively’s blog. It’s nice to know that there are some people who aren’t blinded by Snively’s facade of competence.

    To Snively’s fanboys: if anyone was jealous of Snively, they would have to be a pretty sad mo-fo. Also, if Snively was perfection incarnate, he wouldn’t bitch so much about school, and whine like a momma’s boy.

    For Deng:
    Yes, MIT students do go trick-or-treating.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Uhm, guys, I think that bringing whatever problems you have with Snively onto the blogs aimed at prefrosh is pretty dumb.

    I mean, way to put people off MIT by whining about someone like that. It’s petty. Stop.

    And before you accuse me of being Snively and posting anonymously, I’m not. I’m a prefrosh student and I don’t honestly care what problem you have with him, I don’t want to see it here. As a prefrosh it doesn’t help answer any queries I have about MIT or get a flavour for the school, and that’s what these blogs are for.

  22. mom out west says:

    Children, children,quit fighting!
    Anonymous is right- The blogs are for pre-frosh. In fact, that’s what got my kid interested in MIT over CalTech and other universities, and claimed our money and allegiance for MIT.
    A facade of competence is some of what attracts kid to MIT- who wants to read a bunch of loser blogs anyway when you can read abt people who know what they are doing??
    @ Till L.
    “To Snively’s fanboys: if anyone was jealous of Snively, they would have to be a pretty sad mo-fo. Also, if Snively was perfection incarnate, he wouldn’t bitch so much about school, and whine like a momma’s boy.”
    First, the fanboy term is kinda sexist and demeaning, and the mo-fo term is so unbecoming.
    Second, I think the post about Snively being perfection incarnate was an example of irony, maybe??
    Third, if you don’t like Snively’s blogs, don’t read them. Just quit ruining it for pre-frosh waiting in the wings, like my younger kid who avidly follows the blogs and doesn’t need to get turned off by petty jealousies.

  23. @ Dr. McNinja:
    Stop naggin’ on people’s nips. Snively’s a loser. Get a life. Or, take your own. Either way works.

    @ Mason ’10:
    Shut up. And get it right–YOU suck at life. Admittance of the problem is the first step towards solving it.

    @ Dei-Ron:
    I love you.

    @ Till Lindermann:
    You are the reason I read these blogs. It is because of you that my life is not a lie. Thank you.

  24. deng says:

    is there so much of all this drama on campus? or is it just the blogs, where people can go under aliases?

  25. Snively says:

    There isn’t nearly this much drama on campus. People like to hide under aliases so they can say whatever they want.

    People at MIT care a lot about their school, meaning anybody who represents MIT in a public forum (MIT Blogs) gets a lot of scrutiny (crap) and never actually gets to know who’s complaining.

    Awesome system, but whatever, feel free to just ignore the comments and enjoy the entry.

  26. Anonymous says:

    That flash mob thing sounds awesome!!

    Sorry about those comments you have to deal with, Snively. As a pre-frosh who really enjoys everything all you bloggers have to say, it really sucks for me to see people like that that really ruin the fun of reading these blogs. I hope they learn to stop sucking.

  27. Anonymous says:

    To Mom out west,
    If you find the term “fanboy” demeaning, you obviously don’t understand the use or definition of the term. Also, I really hope that the reference about snively being perfection incarnate was sarcasm or irony.

    My sister is an undergrad and interested in attending MIT. She follows the blogs, and since she talks to me, and other people who are at MIT, she knows that Snively is a liar, and he rarely ever gives an honest view of MIT. If you want to know about MIT, don’t ask him, and don’t look to him for advice. He’s obviously not a good blogger, if he’s the only one in the history of blogging to be asked to remove blogs. And jealousy? Please, give me more credit than that. I have accomplished far more than Snively could ever even have dreamed of having accomplished.

  28. I’ve been to several Banditos Misterisos events and they are awesome and rarely bother anyone; more likely people stand in awe and watch us perform some silly group activity.

    Snively did a good job capturing what it’s like to participate in the events.

    I’m not an expert or brilliant like all you MIT luminaries but I would have thought that all of you could count and not be compelled to prove it by posting replies demonstrating that you’re fans of Sesame Street’s Count von Count.

    35 ah, ah, ah!!

    GO Banditos GO!!!

    More events please…

  29. shy.tack says:

    “We couldn’t come up with a connection for this one…”
    Lmfao, because witches love square-dancing.

    Mason: I personally think a Snively/DeiRon dance off would be quite entertaining (the former winning, of course).

    Honestly, I didn’t know this type of catfight existed in such a high-caliber facility.

    Mudslinging on blogs? What’s next? “Wah, he broke my calculator?”

    You guys are scientists, not politicians.

  30. Steph says:

    You have yet to provide any examples of anything Snively may have misrepresented. All you’ve done is needlessly insult him, which greatly detracts from your credibility. I too know current students, and the life the bloggers paint and the life my friends paint are pretty similar. I have yet to find anything a blogger has said to be vastly different from anything my friends have experienced. As a prospective ’13, I happen to enjoy the daily insights into life at MIT. I would hope that current students such as yourself would value the school enough to be mindful of the message your cyber attacks send to prefrosh.

  31. José P. says:

    Orthography aside (it’s “bandidos” in Spanish), that was rather entertaining.

  32. hamsi says:

    lol awesomeee. ahhh it looks like so much fun.

  33. Rod says:

    Amazing, I love MIT’s culture.

  34. deng says:

    good to know
    I would really love to do an overnight if I get in in the spring to really see for myself
    that tour was really not long enough at all

  35. Seriously, as great as the blogs are, scrolling down to read the comments deters me more and more from applying to MIT. The entries themselves are really interesting and quite awesome indeed, but the comments now have nothing useful and tend to show me that some MIT students are just really immature and like to argue. I’m not saying *all* of them are, it’s just that the others seem to be off doing productive things with their lives.

    Anyway, I’ve never seen/heard of a flash mob before, but it looks really cool :D Hopefully I’ll get to see one in real life someday! Haha.