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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Best. Hack. Ever. by Ben Jones

The title says it all.

Hats off, hacking community. Hats off. For the record, this is absolutely my favorite hack of all time…



P.S. I dedicate this to you. ;-)

19 responses to “Best. Hack. Ever.”

  1. Christina says:

    Just in time for CPW =D

  2. Greg says:


    Yummy yummy I eat cannons!

  3. Tom says:

    I agree, I am utterly blown away by this one. This is absolutely the best hack of all time. I REALLY REALLY hope that somewhere, somehow, sometime, we can get the “operational details” of how the heck you ever pulled this one off. Nice job!

  4. Christina says:


    At first, I thought this was kind of lame…but then I READ what actually HAPPENED.


  5. Kiersten says:


    hehehe. Made my trip to 18.02 lecture much more enjoyable.


    ps I’m going to battle of the bands!!!!!!!

  6. Oren Hazi says:


    We want our cannon back!

    Hehe… seriously though… this was incredible. Nice work, guys grin


    Caltech ’10

  7. Catherine says:

    AHAHA. Wow. =D

  8. Anon says:

    NPR picked this up. Isn’t it still a little chilly in Boston for bikinis?

  9. Eleanor says:

    Thanks wink. It was an awesome prank. I want a t-shirt, and hopefully I’ll see you soon… or at least for grad school admissions.

  10. I have cannon and plaque pictures!

    (Yeah, it’s all I got on Thursday before my camera up and died on me.)

  11. dj says:

    i’m so glad i was there for CPW. I got the howe & ser company t-shirt, too. it was great. way to make an impression!

  12. Arka says:

    Oh man!

    The MIT hack is making place in even Indian news papers….

    “The ultimate student prank”….in an esteemed daily…”The Telegraph”

    MIT rocks!

    Man I really want to go to MIT

  13. Timur Sahin says:

    I demand CPW pictures!

  14. Just an update on the current situation with the cannon that MIT took on a vacation.

  15. K-Ro says:

    I wonder what the payback will be…

  16. Ryan says:


    Thanks for making CPW so great.

    I thought seeing an article about the prank on the front page of as funny as actually seeing the cannon!

  17. Vibhas says:

    Lol they actually shot a video of the darn thing being stolen:

  18. So yeah, this hack was amazing… definitely well-pulled off. What I can’t figure out is why it took so much more from Caltech to get it back. (I hear $30,000+?) Seems like MIT has their act together, for sure.

    See you next fall,