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MIT staff blogger Dave McOwen

Bill Gates by Dave McOwen

It looks like you're trying to inspire philanthropy...

Bill Gates was on campus today to speak about the need for innovation and service, topics that obviously resonate here at MIT. You only have to look at the work of the D-LAB, Jameel Poverty Action Lab, One Laptop Per Child, or MIT’s Public Service Center – to name just a few – for examples of how MIT students are already involved in making the world a better place.

You can watch the presentation online: Giving Back: Finding the Best Way to Make a Difference.

Sadly I was unable to get him to sign my DOS 2.0 binder. Maybe next time.

9 responses to “Bill Gates”

  1. @ martin

    Agreed, but the Gates Foundation is doing some astounding charity work that extends well beyond simply expanding the Windows user base. Whether or not you respect the man, there’s a lot to respect in the philanthropy.

    @ genius (’18)

    Let’s not talk about how long I’ve been a computer nerd, shall we smile

    @ Armin

    The Ubuntu OS is a great project, too. You can download Sugar, the OLPC OS, if you’re interested. It’s fun to play around with since it’s all symbology-based (nicely bypassing the language barrier). You can even do dev work for them and help out the cause.

  2. genius ('18) says:

    DOS 2.0 binder


  3. Anonymous says:

    Truth is never an insult

  4. martin '14 says:

    I also agree that the Gates Fundation is doing some awesome work but Gates has other obejctives apart from philantropy by running this foundation. I’m not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, but he is one of the most powerful men in the world and knows how to do his stuff.

    @hey: I wasn’t insulting windows. I just said that compared to porjects like Debian and OLPC its contribution is near to nothing.

  5. Armin says:

    One Laptop Per Child? I got a netbook with Windows XP. Could I refund the license? coz I installed eeebuntu on it…

    ReCaptch: and sugary!

  6. martin 14' says:

    Is Windows and its horrible marketing team a way to give something to society? i don’t think so

  7. hey, well says:

    I don’t think that insulting Windows is quite a way of giving back either. Personally, I like Windows.

  8. Amethyst says:

    I watched that documentary on Bill Gates on TV the other day and discovered that I admire the man much more than I’d realized smile Way to be an entrepreneur!