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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Blogging Scholarship by Snively '11

Go out and Vote!

Last year Jess wrote about a blogging scholarship that she had entered and became a finalist in.

“Gee,” I thought, “A blogging scholarship. Well, I’m not a woman, a minority, I don’t have a parent in a particular industry, I’m not the smartest in my class or major, and I haven’t done anything Nobel Prize worthy, so I don’t really qualify for other scholarships, but I could definitely go for a blogging scholarship.”

Unfortunately, I heard about it just a bit late last year and couldn’t apply, which is probably for the better because Jess won $1,000 and probably would have bumped me out of the running. This year, however, I applied and after about a week of waiting the finalists were announced. With five times as many applicants as last year, I’m extremely excited to announce that I am one of the top twenty finalists!

Before I make my pitch I’d like to share my short essay that I submitted to apply.

My blogging began during my junior year of high school. Like the majority of angsty high schoolers, I started a blog because I was angry at life and felt like spilling my deepest, darkest secrets onto the Internet for everybody to read. Unlike the majority of angsty high schoolers, after I signed up for my blog I decided *not* to be angsty. Instead, I wanted to compile all of my most awesome stories, the coolest stuff I found on the Internet, and other random Internet fodder that I find entertaining. No drama, no gossip, no deep emotional musings. Entertainment, funny pictures, and stories. That’s it.

My personal blog was around for about two years before I started writing my blog for the MIT Admissions website. A lot of the blogs for MIT were very informative and very factual but not very fun to read. My goal? Write entries for MIT that not only were informative and factual, but also toed that line between appropriate and ridiculously off topic and random. I wanted people to *want* to read my blogs, to start and not be able to stop, to be entertained, but at the end feel like they know a little more about MIT. Maybe not directly, but sometimes the best information is absorbed indirectly and unknowingly.

My blog entries tell stories about eating contests, danger signs, snowball fights, LEGOs, toys, and all sorts of MIT’s lesser known tidbits. Sometimes I get yelled at for being off topic. I don’t care. I still strive to fill the Internet with awesome and will continue to do so on into the future.

So, that being said, if you can find it within you to do so, please vote for me. A $10,000 scholarship would be huge (MIT is kind of expensive). Here’s a link to the site where you can vote:

If you’d like to post the link yourself on your blog, or just spread it around to help me out, it’s

Voting ends at 11:59pm PST on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 so go out and vote! Thanks a ton you guys, I don’t mean to essentially blog a commercial but, well, I kind of am. I’ll make up for it, I promise : )

97 responses to “Blogging Scholarship”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I voted for Obama and Snively!!

  2. Chris says:

    Just voted, looks like you’re in the lead by far!

  3. Stacy says:

    Voted =)

    So far you’re in the lead (26 votes), but do you know how many votes you need to win?

  4. Haris says:

    inspite of having a super slow dialup internet connection and that too over a bluetooth connection from a village in pakistan,
    I managed to vote for u dude
    ull make it

  5. Yan says:

    I voted for you, mainly because of that one entry with the hot dogs.

  6. Ivan says:

    You will probably win Snively.

    I was going to recommend sending emails to all of MIT and trying to do something like you all did with the VS Pink, but that would probably backfire.

    What are some common Scholarships MIT students receive after admission to MIT?

    Is there anything at MIT to help current students receive scholarships? (I’m not sure if this exists at any university)

  7. Dhvanit says:

    Just voted ! Man, you’re second at present – 355 (16%) and that cameron guy’s got a whooping 50% !! People do something ! This ain’t done.. ! We’re applying to MIT, so gotta be competetive and WIN it !

  8. wesh m says:

    Snively is leading with 99 votes from the total of 157.

    nice.niw to read the entry

  9. wesh m says:

    snively promising to make up.This should be a real treat.GO SNIVELY.I voted for you.

  10. Colton says:

    And this is quite amazing. MIT’s own Snively is winning without the use of a poll bombing script (although Victoria’s Secret shouldn’t have blocked MIT).

  11. June says:


    (it took me awhile to find your name….I thought Snively was your first name )

    48% of all of the votes!

  12. Ehsan says:

    I voted!

    Snively: 45&

    Come on everybody vote for the BEST blogger ever!

  13. Narce says:

    Hahahah, of course he’s winning since he already got into the top 20. The instant he posted the link on this website his victory was made at least 10 times more likely!

    The only way one would be more likely to win is if they were some popular media figure that used the website with all of their personal material on it to blog (like LittleKuriboh).

    And based on the current votes, they’re not XD

  14. nobody says:

    VOTE FOR SNIVELY!!! we can’t let cameron guy catch up!

  15. Narce says:

    Yowch, but someone just got flooded with votes somehow?!

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Ehsan says:

    Guys you can also use a proxy like to get more votes in!

  18. Snively says:

    Ok, so the way to make this work is to get this link out to as many people as you can. This includes e-mail lists, friends, Facebook, blogs, etc. When it comes right down to it, it’s a popularity contest. NO POLL BOMBING! I want to do this legit and by the books. If it comes down to poll bombing (meaning other contestants start it up and the website doesn’t stop it) then I’ve got something worked out and we’ll be fine.

    Here’s a new link that you should share WITH EVERYBODY!

    Thanks so much for the help everybody, it’s very much appreciated!

  19. Ehsan says:

    Your winning even if it comes down to bombing the site. I have a script written already but I wont use it until its a neck and neck race!

  20. Hey all – I’m “that Cameron guy” that got mentioned a few posts up. Looks like you all are big fans of this Snively fella here, so I say good luck to you sir – I hope you finish second…

    I’ve already sent a note to the scholarship team asking if they’ve got a plan in place to prevent a “poll bomb”. I’d hate to see it come down to someone cheating, and I assure you, I won’t be part of anything like that.

    Good luck, man. I know MIT isn’t cheap.

  21. Fiona says:

    Go Snively! (: I voted

  22. Snively says:

    @David Cameron
    A happy second place wished to you as well!

    Turns out that I sent an e-mail to them as well asking what they were doing to prevent it. I’m glad to know that we’re on the same page. Trust me, there will be no poll bombing on this end.

    Good luck, see you in 13 days!

  23. Anon says:

    Hah, 141 votes for you!
    Someone’s on the way to being a winnar.

  24. ay says:

    I’ve done what you’ve told me Snively. Vote for snively!

  25. Efolse '11 says:

    People need to stop being sheep, actually peruse all the other blogs, and make their decision of which is most deserving off of that.

    A contest won via popularity through people and not popularity through best blog content – script or script-less – is hardly “legit.”

  26. Steph says:

    Voted for you. 174 votes!

  27. Apoorv says:

    Hey just voted..
    Rock on Snively! nice blogs…


  29. Dad out West says:

    I voted for you – you certainly deserve to win! Good luck.

  30. Cody Dean says:

    Posted stuff everywhere! Cameron goes down! :D

  31. Colton says:

    Spread the word! Vote Snively!

  32. Cam says:

    People seem to enjoy baseball blogs much more than MIT blogs, judging from the votes.

  33. Monorina says:

    You come a cool 2nd, Snively.

  34. Ehsan says:

    Fine, No poll bombing but seriously EVERYONE spread the word. And Snively you might also want to mention it on your personal blog to get more people active!

  35. Ehsan says:

    Guys you can:

    1. Write about it on your own blog (if you have one)
    2. Tell your friends
    3. Facebook (Set it as your status & send messages)

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can’t you write a program thingie like you did for the victoria secrets competition wink

  37. Capo says:

    I find it kinda sad that there is so much mention of cheating here…..From a group of people I’d expect better from.

    I’ve been a supporter of Cameron for years now, and have posted on my personal site asking people to check out his blog and vote…….and if you head over to his site, there is not one post mention ing cheating, like there is here.

    I wish you well Mr Snively, but I have to say if you win I’m sure I wont be the only one questioning the vaildity of your win.

  38. Udit says:

    I voted for you… you are running second currently..!!!
    go win snively..!! smile

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Snively is NOT asking anyone to cheat on his behalf. In fact, he is telling everybody not to. If he wins, it will be legit.

    I’ll try to spread the word to all my friends. As of right now you’re ~500 votes behind Cameron :/

  40. Capo says:

    I’m not accusing him of cheating. In the comments above he asks people not to resort to that type of behavior, which is admirable……I just see several posts advocating such behavior….asking for scripts, voting by proxy…..thats sad.

  41. I got a girl from Egypt to vote for you woohoo, this is going international!!!!

  42. ming says:

    I doubt the first guy used some illegal way to pull the poll. But, don’t worry, i vote for u!

  43. Snively says:

    Yeah, so most of this is because of a recent Victoria’s Secret adventure we all had. All of the tech schools in an online competition for a custom clothing line all started running scripts and it turned into a little battle between tech schools and the Victoria’s Secret SysAdmins to see who could beat who. All friendly spirits and none of it against any rules expressed on the site. I’m just making sure people understand the differences between the two competitions.

    That, and we also have a history of doing these kinds of things, see?

  44. Capo says:

    thats cool, I understand.

    I would just hate to see a great guy like Dave, who gives so much to our community, lose because of something shady.

    Plus, the boy just got married, and we all know expensive that can be.

  45. Ehsan says:

    Come on guys, spread the word were 1300 votes behind. Tell all your friends!

  46. Hafsa says:

    We’re not voting for Snively just because we like him, we’re voting for him because he’s been an awesome blogger for years and we really enjoy his blogs. He’s the main reason that makes us check out the admissions site the first thing in the morning. I agree that we should see the other blogs, too but I just looked at “that cameron guy’s” blog and I still think Snively deserves winning the most…


    Good luck!!

  47. Ahana says:

    Snively, just voted for you…whether you take first position or not, you still rock!(Don’t worry, we’ll get you to first:P)

  48. Snively says:

    Keep it civil please! Nobody is cheating. Dave has a huge and dedicated fan base. Please, instead of slinging around accusations, do something more productive. Accusatory and inflammatory comments have no place here and will be deleted.

    I’m going to dinner now and there had better not be any fighting going on when I get back.

  49. just voted!! good luck with this competition Michael. i took part last year in a blog competition here in my country(Greece) too. i didn’t won, but i was in the top ten.

  50. ming says:

    sorry, Snively.

  51. ming says:

    I like your physic problem!!
    we still have two more week , good luck!

    I will send to my friend.

  52. ming says:

    I like your physic problem!!
    we still have two more week , good luck!

    I will send to my friend.

  53. ming says:

    sorry, the first time they show me an error web page.. so send the second time.

  54. Snively says:

    I think I just need to be in the lead.

  55. current '11 says:

    i disagree with just about everything you post, but I voted for you. I know that MIT ain’t cheap.

  56. Coleen says:

    I voted for you, I really enjoy reading your blogs.

  57. voted and my mom voted for you too…haha

  58. i voted!
    you have to win snively, you deserve that scholarship so much

  59. Oasis '11 says:

    So this has turned into an annual MIT blog tradition, eh? Good luck!

  60. ilovesnively says:

    ur gonna win for sure
    i love you

  61. Anonymous says:

    No worries, you’ve got it in the bag. You’re ahead 82 to 17 (the next highest guy). Keep it up!

  62. dani says:

    just voted for you….winner for sure

  63. Muz says:

    pwned XD
    Well, I did my part and voted for you, Snively. Good luck, man.

    @Efolse ’11: Strategic voting. It’s not really about letting the one deserving the win winning, it’s about making the winner the one you believe would profit yourself and others. The others don’t really stand much of a chance anyway, sorry to say, so make the best use of your vote raspberry

  64. dani says:

    just voted for you…winner for sure!

  65. Apoorv says:

    @Cam : Yeah i agree, people prefer baseball over the MIT blog…
    Still got a huge gradient….11% to 45%….

  66. wisdom says:

    I had not heard about this. Thanks for exposing me to some other top blogs.

  67. stuart says:

    I checked out the Mariners blog and actually some pretty interesting stuff. Sort of a mix between typical clubhouse reporting and hardcore sabermetrics. Its a good blog. That and the Mariners fan base is probably 10x that of MIT admissions for the last decade.

  68. Ehsan says:

    44 – 12!

    Were catching up?

  69. Ehsan says:

    Oh Crud!
    The Thomas Peters guy is catching up!

  70. Anonymous says:

    David Cameron:2711
    OH NO!!

  71. WHAT says:

    snively..u slipped to third spot….Thomas peter is on second now…

  72. Tree says:

    “I wanted people to *want* to read my blogs, to start and not be able to stop, to be entertained, but at the end feel like they know a little more about MIT. Maybe not directly, but sometimes the best information is absorbed indirectly and unknowingly.”
    You bet. It’s very addictive. Not something my parents really like though.

    Oh and I voted. smile
    Best of luck Snively!

  73. Ehsan says:

    WTF… WERE 4TH!!!


  74. Snively says:

    Ok, 4th place, not cool, we can do so much better than this! I’ve e-mailed three local newspapers, 2 schools, and everybody at both parents’ offices. If everybody e-mails the principal of their school and their parents, we can get a huge boost.

    Here’s how this works. David is a sports writer. That means he’s friends with other sports writers. That means they have readers, meaning they’re going to get A TON of votes.

    I blog in academia, meaning any votes we get are going to be high school students and college students. As such, we need to tap the academia pool for all its worth. Middle schools, high schools, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, local newspapers, parents, anything and everything. Any little bit (or a lot bit) that you do to help is amazing. Please, just get this link out to everybody you know!

  75. i will make a post about you Snively on <a> Cogito </a> !! i did a post on my blog too!!

  76. Ehsan says:

    @ Snively

    I have also messaged the admins of groups such as “MIT class of ’11” and “Only at MIT”. Try messageing everyone you know too.

    But that’s not the important part. the important part is to make sure that they spread the word farther and farther. Just like a pyramid scheme.

  77. Ehsan says:

    @ Snively

    Can you also write up a little blurb so that we can message anyone that might not know you!

  78. Dimitris says:

    Ehsan, just take the pic, which Michael has here, and put it on your website or Blog.

  79. Snively says:


    My name is Michael Snively and I’m currently a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Here at MIT I write for the MIT admissions website as a blogger. My job is to tell about my experiences and day to day life here so that prospective students can learn what MIT is really like. I recently submitted my blog into a scholarship competition and out of several hundred entrants I was selected as one of the top twenty finalists. First prize is $10,000 while 2nd and 3rd are each $1,000. Winners are decided by a popular vote and I’m currently in 3rd place, trailing first by a large margin but not out of the running.

    Please visit and vote for me and forward it to everybody that you know. Thank you so much for your help!

  80. Dimitris says:

    nice “blurb”, i will put it on Cogito.

  81. Dimitris says:

    Ehsan did post the text on Cogito. i will e-mail all of my friends!!

  82. Ehsan says:

    Come on guys think out side the box. Go to sites such as College Confidential, Yahoo Answers, Google Forums.


  83. Dimitris says:

    i just send an e-mail to some friends of mine!!

  84. Judy says:

    wow. I’m starting to believe that if I look hard enough, there will be a scholarship for me too.

  85. Muz says:

    Ah, a taste of Internet politics. Did Jess do well with the blogging scholarship last year?

  86. Ehsan says:

    Everybody Join this Group on Facebook:


    Remember to invite ALL of your friends!

  87. Shiv says:

    (Oh! You’re welcome)

  88. Efolse '11 says:

    Muz, time to buy some humble pie and a fork!

  89. Anonymous says:

    I feel like this is a little bit sketchy…I understand that the scholarship would be nice and all, but isn’t it kind of backwards to be recruiting people in every possible medium to vote for you? I guess it kind of seems like you’re asking people to vote for you because you’re their friend, not necessarily because your blogging is that awesome.

  90. Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous- We’re voting for Snively b/c he the awesomest blogger ever, and b/c of that belief we are passing it on to our unfortunate friends who havent had the opportunity to read his blogs. We are doing the entire blogging community a service by ensuring that someone who totally deserves the scholarship (Snively) gets it. The reason i started reading the MIT blogs is b/c of Snively’s blogs, and b/c of that i am applying to MIT. If the blogs hadnt been amazing and shown me what cool stuff happens at MIT outside of the classroom, i probably wouldn’t be applying.

    That being said, i’m posting the link on facebook, if i can figure out how to do it… smile


  91. Charlie says:

    *cough* shameless endorsements
    Gee I have a really nasty cough, hope it doesn’t spread…

  92. I really wish you the best.I’m a cameroonian by nationality currently in nigeria for studies but would like to one day make it in MIT

  93. wishing you the best in your acaedemic career.please help me with all tips of being a student in MIT

  94. Anon says:

    Please tell me how to get into MIT????? Then I will vote for you.

  95. hopeful says:

    please please please give us tips on how to increase our chances of getting into MIT…
    Sometimes it’s hard to find that “passion” that you guys keep talking about.
    How about you give us some tips on which doors to open and stuff?