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And it seems like I’m going to be leaving the blogs with a lot of stuff left unblogged. Taylor V. ’19 did something like this in August 2018 when she strung together some scraps of potential posts that would likely never become anything on their own. I have a similar thing going on, but I really want to write up at least some of my scraps. To that end, I want to make use of the handy “blog reaccs only (beta)” feature at the bottom of the page to gather some audience input about which posts people actually want me to write.

Here are five01 the sixth option is offered as an abstention bloglets that have been floating around in my head for several months while I stressed out about applying to grad school. Vote for the one you want the most!02 please

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Cursed Images Part II

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A retrospective of all the times I’ve failed since getting to MIT. This one would be fun to write, but I don’t want it to come across as one of those “the only way I can experience catharsis is by putting my whole self out there for people to feast upon my feelings” posts unless someone actually wants that from me.

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A rant about the GRE and standardized testing in general.

surprised buttonBiology at MIT (what? why? how?) + cool stuff going on in biology rn (get excited)

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The grad school post. How applying to grad school is different from applying to college (at least as far as my biology Ph.D. program knowledge goes). Misconceptions about academia. I’m not sure just how relevant this is to any of you, but I will gladly write about the process if that helps. Maybe I will hold off on tackling this until I get through my impending batch of interview weekends January and February.

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I don’t especially like any of these ideas and would prefer that you simply shitpost the next five months away (fine by me).


I am leaving a suggestion in the comments.


I am making fun of you for the offbrand emojis03 That's fine! I love Windows 7 and they're going to stop updating it in 2020 so I am making some good memories with her before her time comes to an end! in your blog reacc screenshot snips.


I like the pictures of your pets that you included below and feel no type of way about these blog ideas.

Vote now!

Welcome to the hidden section of the blogge poast where I reveal some of the things I know for sure I will be blogging soon, as a treat:

-~70 things to do before you graduate: my spin on the classic list

-how I’ve left my mark(s) on MIT: sentimental stuff

-WMBR campus radio: maybe a guest post

-rewriting my blogger bio

and many more

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