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MIT student blogger twins Danny and Allan G. '20

career fair haikus by Danny and Allan G. '20

this post contains your Daily Value of sodium

🎶Will the stars align? 🎶

🎶Will my interviews go fine?🎶

🎶Will the job be mine?🎶


Please accept me please

I want a job so badly

Please 🙏please 🙏please 🙏please 🙏please 


Regina: “Get in

loser, we’re going shopping.”

*Drives to career fair*👕


Push through the large crowds

Stand in long lines for your turn

But this ain’t Disney 😤


I approached the stand 

$old my self, car, home, and soul

To hear “app’s online” 😒


“Tell me ‘bout yourself”

“I code in C on weekends”

Pray they don’t swipe left ⬅️


“Are you a course 6️⃣? 

Cause that’s who we are hiring” 

Pikachu shocked face 😮


A sweaty handshake

A spit shower 🗣 and quick talk

This is all I got