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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Carnival by Mitra L. '07

A glorious carnival is marred by the passing of a beloved goldfish. (24 pictures)

Last night, we went to a carnival that was sponsored by the Undergraduate Association (UA), Panhellenic Association (Panhel), Dormitory Council (DormCon), Interfraternity Council (IFC), SaveTFP (love your beaver!), Living Group Council (LGC), and Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender (LBGT) groups. (There could be more sponsors that I’m forgetting.)

Gabe ’08, my suitemate from San Antonio, TX, returned to campus today, just in time to try and knock down a fat cat.

It’s really hard to throw this wiffle ball into the octagon hexagon (see comment below) without letting it bounce out. Damn game.

Everybody loves dunk tanks. Unfortunately, there weren’t any Nobel Prize winners in this one.

Does anyone else see the resemblance?

…just throwing it out there…

Sam and Gabe put on velcro suits and then thrust themselves onto a large complementary velcro wall. (Here’s an interesting article from the Lemelson-MIT program about how parents and their children rank the most important inventions. Velcro is in the consumer goods section.)

Mini golf.

Human bowling.


The obligatory Tim the Beaver picture.

Gabe and Sam sumo wrestled each other.

Aero Disastro Course 16.5, also known as MIT Student Juggling

Origamit, “Paperfolding at MIT”

LBGT button-making

Warning: this part is going to start off happy, and end depressing. DormCon sponsored an area at which you threw something into something and your prize was a goldfish. After I performed the aforementioned task, I went over to the cooler and received my prize from Ian ’06. As I was walking away, Sam asked, “What’s his name?” I thought he meant the person who handed me the goldfish, so I said, “Oh, that’s Ian Brelinsky.” Sam actually was referring to the goldfish, so we decided to name the fish “Ian Brelinsky” in honor of Ian ’06.

I guess I have led a very sheltered childhood, since I didn’t know that carnival goldfish don’t live very long. I joked that I would release Ian Brelinsky into the Charles River so he could live longer, but then we decided that our sink water was probably healthier.

Here I am with Ian ’06 and Ian Brelinsky ‘0fish

Unfortunately, at 12:40 PM we noticed that Ian Brelinsky was no longer alive.

Sam offered to dispose of him for me.

Hmm, urinal or toilet?


I don’t want to end on such a tragic note, so I will leave you with this:

Tree trunks get so postered that we resort to taping flyers to leaves.

15 responses to “Carnival”

  1. Tim says:

    I have to say that Sam is the most photogenic human being alive.

  2. Sam says:

    Of course, it takes an award-winning photographer to make a guy like me look so good while pondering over flushing a goldfish down a toilet or urinal.

  3. Sam says:


  4. Jessie says:

    LMAO at the Ian Brelinsky bit! I think it’s even funnier ’cause I know Ian.

  5. Laura says:

    Darn, Mitra beat me to the “flyers plastered on trees” picture. Way to go, Mitra. =)

  6. Poor goldfish! :'( (crying)…

    Oh well, seems like there has been too much fun there! I can’t wait to join the fun… well, I guess I can, cause I’ll have to wait one more year!!!!!! but eventually I hope I can join wink

    Oh well, Mitra thanks for keeping this blog alive, I love it!

    wink Omar

  7. Nicole R says:

    well look at the bright side, I’m sure the fish enjoyed it’s time in the dish more so than the cooler, with all the light and open air.

    RIP Ian Brelinsky.

    And also button making! Very cool.

  8. Owen says:

    Thanks Sam! Awesome finally meeting you and Mitra!

  9. Wendi says:

    Hey! Thanks Sam and Mitra!

    Btw…it’s wendi with an i…=P Check facebook for details

  10. wow, i found 2 pictures of myself in this entry smile

    this makes me cool

  11. nah, 3 – i’m cooler than i thought

  12. O'Sama says:

    I love you Mitra.

  13. Sam says:

    An octagon has eight sides, Mitra. Eight… you know, the same as your AIME score?

  14. Faye V. says:

    wow, everything was really organized

  15. Brelinsky says:

    My name is Nicolas Brelinsky.

    I saw on your blog Ian brelinsky. We have the same name, it’s amazing.

    I’m a frenche man, from Lyon.

    If you see ian, say it i exist.

    Sorry for my desperate english