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MIT student blogger Ana V. '15

Latino Cultural Center by Ana V. '15

It's Mes Latino!

Hidden from most of the hustle and bustle of classes and rushing to the next thing in life via the infinite corridor is the basement of the student center. This is home to a post office, dry cleaners, the ID card office, and most importantly, the Latino Cultural Center’s office and lounge. It may feel somewhat eerie the first time you go down there (maybe it’s just a basement thing), but after being officially involved on the LCC board for a semester, it’s become that place where I go in between classes to have a cup of coffee, get going on my to do list, take a nap, or just catch up with people. Depending on the late-night energy, sometimes this involves people serenading each other with a mariachi hat and jacket.

We even decorate it nicely for the holidays, see?

 photo 1010478_10202874552771909_2146577893_n.jpg

In any case, the LCC exists simply to promote and support all of the Latino organizations on campus, which include MAES (focuses on professional development and outreach), LUChA (focuses on culture and academics), Casino Rueda (instruction and performances of different salsa dance styles), APR (association of Puerto Rican students), SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers), and Mujeres Latinas (Latina Women).

We, together with the groups mentioned above, organize events such as Cena a Las Seis (Dinner at 6), which happen(s)/ed during parent’s weekend in October….

(& By the way, meet Franky ’15. I met him during CPW a number of years ago that I won’t bother to calculate for the sake of not feeling old. Here he is scolding me for not blogging in an eternity…)

 photo WP_20131016_023.jpg

Back to Cena a las Seis, though. The whole MIT community including parents are always invited. This year’s was pretty fantastic. Except for the part where we ran out of food towards the end. (No, I am not responsible.)

But hey, at least even if you didn’t get to eat everything you wanted, you still got a show! Here is Diana R ’15, (prez of the LCC) doing some ballet folklorico.

 photo 1383788_10200817339262492_1246899133_n.jpg

 photo 560811_10202265171377755_1405102312_n.jpg

 photo 1403574_10202265278540434_2145521151_o1.jpg

Usually it’s held in Walker Memorial, the same building where a significant number of exams are held (on a higher floor). The change of mood is quite interesting. :)

 photo 1393778_10200817291421296_571099484_n.jpg

Ready for this? Now jump to this weekend, to Sabrosura, a night of dancing and food for the kickoff of the LCC’s Mes Latino. Basically, for the month of March we actively promote Latino organizations’ activities and host Festival de Las Americas– an event where all kinds of trivia and information about Latin American culture (and need I say food…) are shared with the whole MIT community. Festival this year will be on 3/14. (*smirks amusedly for not realizing it was on pi day until now*) We also host study breaks and review sessions!

That’s the LCC in a nutshell. I’m happy to be a part of such a vibrant, truly supportive community that occasionally feeds me tortillas and elotes when mi mamita is so far away.

I will leave you with a summary of Sabrosura in only 4 points:

1. The exec board got creative.


 photo 1962859_10203211092905202_438577821_n.jpg

2. THIS.

 photo 1959444_10203224479199851_145883090_n.jpg

3. Casino Rueda taught us how to dance.

 photo 1969283_10151905424592014_427253244_n.jpg

4. And a good time was had by all.

 photo 1903980_10203224614523234_1937780792_n.jpg