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Ana V. '15

  • Course 16
  • anasofia [at] mit [dot] edu
MIT student blogger Ana V. '15


Hello there! Shall I give you a tour of my sizable number of nicknames?

I sometimes refer to myself as Granny because of my propensity to:
a.) bake cookies
b.) ask for help with technology and
c.) comfortingly listen to people’s troubles.

To other people, I’m Chipmunk.That's probably got something to do with the fact that I’m a brunette who is five feet and a whole quarter of an inch tall and occasionally can't contain her excitement for life.

Plus, I do have acorn earrings.

Anyanka (Anya) was a name given to me while sipping tea and pretending
to be European. My best imitation is the English accent, and I may slip into having one at times without notice.

Thank you yet again, Harry Potter.

I remember it was very late, and I had just finished a long, sluggish period of doing a lot of homework and eating a LOT of food when I dubbed myself Piggy. Miss Piggy’s interesting voice was just as great an inspiration for this.

With certainty, I can say that during my time here at MIT I'll acquire a few more nicknames.
Here, innovation is not uncommon, after all.

In the meantime, I hope it is enough for you to know that I am generally a very chill being from the south side of Chicago who plays the trumpet, will initially be shy and observant, will miss my mom's mexican food, can speak Spanish better than French, is the first in my family to go to college, enjoys writing abstract poetry, had a goal to become a pastry chef in middle school, and did I mention I LOVE MIT?

I love MIT. For many more reasons than one.

Think about it, there had to have been something magical that made me want to study either Aero/Astro (16) or Materials Engineering (3) here instead of dedicating my life to the art of desserts.

At times, I can't believe I'm here. (!!!) But I am, and I'm really looking forward to give you an inside look at what that means!