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MIT student blogger Ana V. '15

Current State of Mind by Ana V. '15

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Yesterday, (or was it a few days ago?) I reached into a pocket in my backpack several times before finally realizing that my hand was now covered in ink, and that my ID was ruined…(or splattered-decorated with ink, if you want to look at it that way.)

I was in line at LaVerdes, looking for my debit card with which to pay for my peanut-butter cup cookie that I NEEDED to basically inhale at that point in time when I dropped my ink-covered pens and people who were nice unfortunately picked them up and covered themselves in ink as well. Yay!


For the sake of all that is metaphorical, it’s safe to say that I’ve updated you on my life.

I’ve wanted to post about so many things–Terrascope, my trip to Costa Rica over spring break, amazing upperclassmen that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to, greek life (including greek week), burrito obsessions and Anna’s taqueria, more people, more terrascope radio things <3, how I’m going to China for a week over the summer, how sometimes I feel AWESOME to be here, and sometimes I’m just plain confused about what to do with life, how in less than a month I will once again be reunited with Chicago (!), my 16.00 class in which we’re building a lighter-than-air vehicle, more terrascope radio stuff…

It’ll happen.

But for right now, all I feel like doing is sitting back for a bit and letting it soak in.

I’ve let only a month of my life go by without writing anything about this place and I feel overwhelmed and all shivery-like when I think of things to write about.

So to those of you who may feel nervous, anxious, super-excited about coming to MIT, it’s for a reason. There’s seriously an explosion of things to do here (which I will go into more detail in later posts, I promise!!). Just keep an eye out for all the opportunities. You’ll make your experience what it is.

Also, I just discovered this, which I like:


And THIS!!! (which is AWESOME made by Danny Ben-David ’15 wooh, way to go man!) He’s still working on it, fyi. If you have a certificate you could save your 4-year plan for classes. It’s awesome. If you’ll be entering in the fall, you should play around with it and check out all the classes. If you don’t feel like it, don’t worry you’ll have time in the fall (your first week here) to register for classes.
Also, this is cool!!! :D
OMG and Rebecca Kekelishvili ’15 JUST BROUGHT ME ORANGE JUICE because we have a lot of Terrascope work to do!!! THANK YOU!!! :’)
Also^ a reflection on my current state of life.
Less (or possibly more) random posts on the way.