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MIT staff blogger Chris LaBounty

Check the Mail Pyramid! by Chris LaBounty

Hey Everyone –


Alot of questions and stress about documents and such on the blogs the last few weeks. Things like:

"I sent in my scores awhile ago, but I still don't see them on MyMIT – what's going on?!"

"My teacher said she sent my eval A in, but I don't think you got it. Maybe there is a post office conspiracy?"

"My counselor said she faxed you over a SSR but it hasn't been processed, so she sent it three more times. Should she send it again?!" (Please no.)


The answer to all these questions my friends is, "Check the Mail Pyramid."


Now, if I were in charge of mail I would probably not process anything just to see how high I could get the stack. I also have sensitive hands – I might get a paper cut which could seriously impact my FIFA 2013 gaming skills.

BUT – I'm NOT in charge of the mail. Our processing department is. And let me tell you they're rugged. They're tough. They can rip through the toughest DHL envelopes with one bite.

But they need a little bit of time – so don't worry, your stuff is here, it's just in the mail pyramid. (See below – Tim is working on it right now!)

(Btw – In the unlikely event that it is actually not here – we will let you know what we're missing in the future. We're not throwing your app in the trash!)


Happy New Year!