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MIT staff blogger Chris LaBounty

Transfer Decisions to be Released Today by Chris LaBounty

MIT Transfer applicants will receive their decisions today!

All applicants will be emailed their decisions at 5 pm. Eastern Time to the email address specified on the application.

This year (as all years) the process was very competitive. We had over 500 transfer applicants, and are only accepting around 20 students. Obviously with a selection process that rigorous, we had to decline admission to a great many outstanding students. We know this. And it's not a great feeling.

What is a great feeling, is hoping that those 20 students who we did accept are excited and prepared to be part of an dynamic MIT community next fall.


** Unsolicited advice from Labs **

If you were hoping to transfer but were unsuccessful, my advice to you is to make your next 2-3 years at your current college the best they can be. Like most things in life, what you put into the experience is ultimately what you'll get out of it.

** End unsolicited advice from Labs **