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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

CPW Day 1 by Ben Jones

A recap, with pictures.

Hi everyone!

CPW is in full swing. I haven’t been this tired in a long, long time. :-) I got here a little after 8AM, worked the registration desk until a little after 8PM, went to the Prefrosh Welcome Event in Rockwell (where Marilee spoke and the Logs sang), picked up some liquid nitrogen ice cream via the Prefrosh Festival on the way back, and I’ve been back at the registration desk since a little before 10PM. I’ll get out of here at midnight and can proudly say that my registration butt has been sitting on the same registration chair for 14+ hours today. Woot! Mitra has been right here with me the whole day; she is a total trooper.

The good news is that this has been an ideal place to see people as they arrive on campus. It’s been great to meet people in person after corresponding with them online for so many months! I’ve taken a ton of pics which I’ll post all at once early next week.

Tomorrow should be a little more exciting for me activity-wise. Having paid my dues at the Registration Desk today, I get to “float” a bit more tomorrow. Looking forward to the EC bouncy ball drop (w/ strobe lights). :-)

Below you’ll find today’s pics – although they’re mostly from the Registration Room, as that’s where I was all day!

Me, at the beginning of CPW, still with tons of evergy! :-)

Mari, my guiardian angel.

Matt & Marilee.

Me & Mootmom.

MoneyMan in rare form.

Emily & Mitra.

Kelly, Lulu, Kledia, Mike & Anthony check in.

Me & Ellen, with whom you’ve likely spoken if you’ve ever called our office.

Finally free of the Reg Room, I was able to attend the welcome ceremony. Marilee is speaking in this pic…

…followed by a performance from the Logs.

Before heading back to the Reg Room for my second shift, I stopped by the Festival. Here some folks are making ice sculptures…

…and liquid nitrogen ice cream.

3 responses to “CPW Day 1”

  1. lulu says:

    Lovin’ the retro feel of your pictures smile

    saturation and diffuse glow++

  2. Mitra says:

    What a lovely photograph of me. I love the way Emily (woman next to me) is looking at me. =)

  3. lulu says:

    And Re:

    I love how all the girls are one height and the guys are another…