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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

CPW, making a decision, and saying yes/no by Matt McGann '00

The clock to May 1 is ticking.

Now that CPW has come to a close, the Class of 2013 is starting to come together quickly. The national reply date of May 1 is rapidly approaching, one week from Friday.

For those of you who were there, I hope you enjoyed CPW as much as I did. It was great to meet many of you at the “Meet the Bloggers” event Friday night (note: the story about choosing bloggers via hidden messages in the comments was a joke).

For those of you who were at CPW, what did you enjoy most? What was good? I’ve heard a lot about Underground Capture the Flag, and various parties.

If you’ve made up your mind for sure about whether or not to attend MIT, please let us know your decision through the online reply form at MyMIT. You have three choices: tell us you’re enrolling this fall (Yay! Welcome officially to the MIT Class of 2013!), that you’re declining our offer of admission (it’s okay, we know you’re making the best choice for yourself), or to request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT (for a gap year, military service, or other reason). Let us know when you’ve decided, and for sure let us know by May 1.

An important note: MIT has no enrollment deposit. If you say “yes,” you don’t need to send us money to hold your place.

With all that said, what questions do you have that will help you make your decision? How can we be of assistance?

49 responses to “CPW, making a decision, and saying yes/no”

  1. Juhee says:

    I have to say, CPW definitely made me change my mind about not going to MIT.

    I just need to clear a few things with my parents before I officially say yes, but I’m pretty thrilled I’ve got this decided and done.

    Yay MIT 2013!

  2. what’s the maximum gap year?

    what if i have to serve in the army for 3 years (dual citizenship- american and israeli)

  3. Anonymous says:

    whats the lowest grade you can get for the last bit of school without MIT like kicking you out.

  4. Well I’m not making a decision, but I was wondering if there’s anywhere that you guys have posted stats for this year’s admissions – race, gender, etc. I was looking but I couldn’t find them. Thanks!

    and CPW sounded absolutely amazing from what I heard from a friend who got in :D

  5. Matt '00 says:

    @Juhee: We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

    @nanofreak israeli: We routinely grant deferrals for 1-2 years, but in circumstances of mandatory three year service we would grant that as well in all likelihood. I would note the circumstance in your application.

    @Anonymous (Re: grades): I recommend finishing the year strong. Don’t worry too much about a small drop in GPA.

    @Liz: We’ll post all the statistics on the site later this summer.

    @JB: Glad CPW went well for you!

    @Nathan: Sadly, I don’t think we’ll make it to Reno this year, but we may try to organize something remotely… stay tuned.

    @Jo Jo: If you want a gap year, feel free to request it. You’d just enter MIT in the Fall of 2010 along with next year’s class. Let me know if I can tell you more…

    @Anonymous (Re: Sports): I would expect that announcement very soon, and certainly before May 1.

    @Arfa: Me too!

    @Claire: =)

    @Anonymous (9:53pm and 11:29pm) (Re: waitlist): No news on the waitlist at this time. As I wrote in the waitlist entry back on March 17th, “In the meantime… be patient. There won’t be any waitlist news until after May 1.”

    @Max: I’ll try to post some information on gap years soon. You don’t have to decide now — you can accept our offer of admission, and then request a gap year any time up until Registration Day in the Fall.

    @Transfer: I don’t have any specific information about transfer notification dates, but the review process has begun. I don’t have any more specifics beyond that, sorry…

  6. Nathan '13 says:

    CPW was great! Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the meet the bloggers, I was at some other random awesome event. This is kind of an off topic question, since I’ve already made my decision (yay MIT ’13!) but is there going to be some kind of MIT meet up at ISEF this year? I know that has been done in the past and I will be there this year.

  7. Jo Jo says:

    w00t CPW was a blast!

    And yes, the parties, the great people, the terrific atmosphere… and all the FREE FOOD! Can’t really choose a *best* thing about it… it was cumulative.

    Where is there information on a gap year? It might be necessary for me to take one…

    I’m so psyched about MIT! w00t again for 2013!

  8. Anonymous says:

    when will MIT announce which sports it will cut?? Will this be before May 1st?

  9. Arfa '13 says:

    i ‚ô• mit

  10. Claire '13 says:

    MIT Bhangra and Resonance blew my mind!

    I’m incredibly excited to return in August. I was afraid that coming back from CPW would make me hate high school more, but in fact it is causing me to enjoy it more because I have hope for the future :D

  11. carmel '11 says:

    @nanofreak israeli: i don’t know what the policy is on 3-year gaps for going to tzahal. i do know that if you have dual citizenship but moved to the US before age 16, you have son/daughter-of-emigrant status, and can put off the army until after you graduate from mit/forever if you’re a girl.

    if you moved to the us after age 16, i think you do have to serve. here’s a link for you.

    אם יש לך שאלות נוספות שלח/י לי מייל!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Still hoping that a waitlist spot opens up for me. I feel kind of forgotten :(

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ JB

  14. comboy says:

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  15. cristen says:

    @nanofreak israeli: well, I know someone at MIT who did do her three years of service, so I’m guessing it’s permissible to delay going to MIT during that time.

  16. Max '13 says:

    I am interested in taking a gap year, but I don’t know what I’d do. (Well, I know I want to travel, volunteer, and hopefully earn some money, but I don’t know any specifics.) Did anybody take a gap year here? How did you figure out what you would do? Are there any good resources online for deciding where to go and what to do? Also, do we need to figure out exactly what we would on these trips by May 1 (I still have to visit more schools and have a tough choice ahead of me)?

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  18. anonymous says:

    @Anonymous: You’re not alone. I’m also on the waitlist and am desperate for some light for the 454 of us. Perhaps someday in the future, we waitlisters should get together and start a university specifically for waitlisted candidates and have close colaborations with MIT smile Hope I don’t sound so desperate :(

  19. manis404 says:

    @ vikram ranu:

    PWND n00b!!

  20. anonymous says:

    @Anonymous: You’re not alone. I’m also on the waitlist and am desperate for some light for the 454 of us. Perhaps someday in the future, we waitlisters should get together and start a university specifically for waitlisted candidates and have close colaborations with MIT smile Hope I don’t sound so desperate :(

  21. karen says:

    Well I am certainly going to have to re-think thinks with my son wanting to go to MIT next year with economy. We keep an eye on this site and blogs as he really is looking forward to going to MIT

  22. Thai Pham'13 says:

    yeah MIT’13. just made decision to enroll at MIT this fall.
    Dear Matt, It appears on MyMIT that i have to send out MIT Student Information Review Form and I did finish it. I am wondering if i can scan this form (including my signature inside)and email it to MIT instead of mailing by air. It is so much more convenient for me.

  23. @Carmel ’11

    thank you so much.. that was what i needed..
    Todah Rabah- Ein Li Ivrit Al Ha Machshev Aval Toda!!!
    thanks a lot. this re-assured me a ton..

  24. ComboyLover says:

    I love you Comboy!! OMG u r teh hottest commenterrrrrrrr

  25. Transfer says:

    Thanks for reply anyway smile

  26. nakul says:


    are you indian and did u get in from India??

    please send me a mail

    [email protected]

  27. Matt, I am the Career Tech at Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona, CA. Currently have 3 students at MIT, the most recent being Tina Stutchman ’07.
    Can you please send me an email so I can ask you a couple of questions about my current Juniors and info for them for next year?

  28. Transfer says:

    Hey, Matt!!! Could please give some info about transfer applications? When are they going to be out? Thanks smile

  29. Narce says:

    I kinda already knew I’d love MIT and matriculated before CPW….

    I was obviously correct :3

    And Bernice, I’m 100% sure she’d prefer to be called Tina Stutchman ’11 now ;P

  30. JB '13 says:

    CPW put me on such a high for MIT I want to cool down before making my decision, but I don’t think my mind will change. To be completely honest, my favorite part was walking with some friends to Baker House on Friday night. I made so many friends it was fun to just talk about MIT with them and get a feel for campus. Oh, and I liked all the T-shirts I got! Oh, and the Lab for Chocolate Science events, and those from Skullhouse, and Epsilon Theta too.

  31. Piper '12 says:

    If you’re thinking about a gap year, take a gap year.



    @ Anon 7:10pm – I think the admissions staff has said before that they want you to maintain A’s and B’s. You might start having a problem if you get C’s.

  32. Laura says:


    I’m curious about the food situation at MIT because I know CPW and its overabundant amount of free food isn’t representational. I heard many complaints about dorm food and that many students cooked every meal which seems rather inconvenient to me.

  33. José P. says:


    Is it possible to accept the admission offer and then back out if, by any chance, I cannot afford going to MIT? I sent my fin. aid materials a little late, so the package might not be ready before May, and what worries me is the very small chance that I might not get enough financial aid (I’m pretty confident I’ll get enough; I just want to cover all my bases).


  34. Anonymous 7 says:

    Do we need to decide whether or not we’re taking a gap year by May 1 as well? Also, if we do indicate one or the other option (matriculating immediately vs. deferring for a year), are we unable to change that after May 1?

  35. Anonymous says:

    i’m 100% sure she’d rather be called by her real name and year, tina stutzman ’12.
    (oh and she says she loves ms merryman)

  36. Anonymous says:

    @ Laura
    I think it really depends on where you live. On the meal plan you can get food lots of places, but yeah, it’s not amazing. One thing you *can* do though is to join an independent living group or fraternity… they tend to have cheaper, much better tasting food and you don’t have to do the cooking (see Yan’s entry about pika, for instance).
    Alternatively, you can trade off making dinner with a couple of floormates.

  37. Bahar '13 says:

    So I didn’t get a chance to go to CPW, but I was wondering how people felt about the dorms. I already accepted my offer of admission, and I know housing info arrives in May. However, did people who attended CPW have favorite dorms/residences? Which one is the best?

  38. Narce says:

    Well sorry that you misspelled her name the first time and I didn’t know that she (apparently?) took a year off from high school ;P I was just amused that you used her high school graduating class, since it did, for just a sec, make me think that she graduated MIT two years ago~

  39. Narce says:

    after* high school

  40. Anonymous says:

    Is the reply date and time April 20 11:59 pm or May 1 11:59 pm? Just so I don’t screw up…

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m definitely going but I am gonna be well in debt after graduation… MIT’s financial aid policies are nice but i met a few people at CPW like me who were sorta “left behind”

  42. Narce says:

    I’m with ya there…. MIT is worth it but it’d be nicer to get a lot more -.-” The amount they think our parents’ can take out of retirement funds are ridiculous.

  43. Narce says:

    >.>.< ignore the apostrophe

  44. Narce says:

    O.o Never seen an error like THAT on the blogs before. What that post said before I clicked post was something like

    “Ignore that apostrophe!”

    But I had a left directional arrow to finish making a scrunched-up face…. and apparently those can NEVER appear in this comment section because of how html formatting works? I was under the impression that they could show up if there wasn’t a > following soon after it -.-“

  45. wacker says:

    my favorite thing about cpw was the geeky EECS shirt i got at the open house- it has inspired me to learn hexadecimal code, or whatever its called…

    yay MIT!!!!!

  46. Piper '12 says:

    @Bahar – Which dorm is best depends entirely on you. I live in East Campus. I wouldn’t mind living in Senior Haus or Random, but I don’t think I would like McCormick much (despite staying there for CPW and having a great host). Each dorm has a different personality, which is why you get the i3 videos in the summer to get a taste of them and dorm rush in the fall to see where you fit :D

    @Laura – I live far away from food. I buy food from the new produce market that comes by every week (right downstairs!), tend to eat cereal or a banana for breakfast, buy a small lunch on campus, then cook something for dinner. It’s not a big deal :D.

  47. Liz '13 says:

    CPW was awesome!! I loved the underground capture the flag, the Star Wars marathon, the marching band tour of campus, and basically every other event I attended! Can’t wait to see you all in August!

  48. Josepher '13 says:

    By far the best thing about CPW was the wealth of different activities going on at every part of campus, and the enthusiasm of current MIT students that went along with it. Having attended the admit weekend of another prestigious school just recently, I can say that this other school came nowhere close to impressing me the way MIT did, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to attend MIT this fall.

  49. mr awesome says:

    I haven’t gotten my letter back from MIT yet. Any suggestions?