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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Deadline Day by Matt McGann '00

Happy November 1, Early Action applicants.

Happy November 1, Early Action applicants! Today is the day that, if you haven’t yet done so, you must click the “Submit” button on your EA app (or take it to the post office for postmarking). I am pleased to see that as of last night, more than half of the applicants have already submitted both their Part 1 and their Part 2. Thank you for not procrastinating!

A few answers to common questions:

Please remember that if anything important happens after the deadline, you can always mail, email or call in any updates.

Don’t worry if your essay doesn’t format as you’d like it to. We’re reading for content, and we’re used to seeing the formatting errors from the computer uploading process. No worries.

Please give mailed materials (e.g. recommendations, etc.) time to show up on the tracking system. We are opening a lot of mail right now, and it takes substantial time to process all of these forms that come in right at the deadline.

We’ll post EA admissions decisions on an announced day in December. We have not yet announced that date; please keep it tuned to the blogs for more information.

…and, while you’re thinking of it, go thank your parents for their support over the years: they deserve it.

How did it feel to finally click the “Submit” button? For those of you who finished early, how are you spending your deadline night? And for those of you still finishing, how is it going?

100 responses to “Deadline Day”

  1. JGill says:

    I am just going over my app before I click submit…

  2. Snively says:




  3. SML says:

    Would a 700 word essay be considered too greatly exceeding the 500 word limit?

  4. anon says:

    what about 600 word essay?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I called my father and sister for a short prayer and a good luck before I pressed “submit”. Call me crazy, but it’s always helped in the past smile

  6. eb says:

    Tonight, after getting home from my college classes, I will spend time with my family, and then fall exhausted into bed, glad that I submitted the application this morning.

    The best of luck to all the applicants, and a huge round of applause for the consistent help and support of the admissions staff!

  7. Edgar says:

    I second eb, you guys deserve it! =)

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stressful! Between hoping that my teacher and supplemental recommendations get to the school and conceiving every possible worst case scenario to the SATs…its not fun =(

  9. donaldGuy says:

    I submitted part 2 @ 23:45 (which I just realized is a pretty cool time) on Tuesday. It felt good to be done, but now I’m worried about the next long 45 days and remembering that I have to get regular apps done too.

    Anyway, on the one hand it’s nerve-wracking, cause now it’s out of my hands, but I also might stress a little less since I can’t do anything else but hope.

    Anyway, the march of life goes on.

    I wish everyone hurrying to finish the best of luck in doing so.


  10. donaldGuy says:

    Hmmm .. quick question: my Eval B was processed today, but I was pretty sure Eval A was mailed first; Is this something I should be concerned about?


  11. Marissa says:

    I finished my app about 2 weeks ago, and am now not looking forward to starting all my regular ones.


  12. Taylor says:

    I sent mine in on the 29th. It was pretty nerve wreaking, but I’m confidant I did everything right. I only checked over it about 10 times!

    Good Luck to everyone!

  13. Anonymous says:

    :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

  14. Shawn '11 says:

    SNL and Anon. Don’t worry about the word limits too much; they’re just a guideline. Ben and Matt will probably hunt me down and eat me for saying this, but my long essay was about 1000 words and my short essays were 200-350 words, and I got in just fine smile. The word limits are there more to give you an idea of how much is expected (so you can gage your progress). That being said, I suppose I should also mention that all the admissions officers are busy reading a TON of essays, so it would be rather mean to submit an essay that is so long that their eyes melt out of their heads. But being too long will not hurt you.

  15. Becca says:

    I sent mine in finally on Tuesday night. Now today was senior ditch day at school, but I did not participate and instead decided to watch my AP Physics teacher skateboard around the room. Memorable day. Now I head off to rowing and then hopefully study for my history test unless I crash. At least I don’t have to worry about the deadline anymore….

  16. Ben P. says:

    I submitted my part 2 last night. It was quite a relief actually to know that it’s now out of my hands. Tomorrow’s a record day for me (end of the quarter – no school) so I might actually be able to sleep in!

    Good luck to everyone!

  17. Celena says:

    I submitted my part 2 yesterday night, I was really hesistant to, just because I felt like one I pressed submit, there was no going back.

    My mom was right next to me, and I counted down…3, 2, 1 submit.

    now it is time to wait
    good luck everyone, and good job =)

  18. Natasha says:

    Although I submitted my application at a terrible why-was-I-still-awake hour this morning, I continually and neurotically open and reread the .pdf versions. I keep on thinking that there was probably that one little mistake somewhere…

    So nervous! Good luck, everyone.

  19. Duane says:

    Done with the app…now there’s the wait…

    Good luck everybody!

  20. Calvin says:

    Hey, thanks for answering my question. The admissions process went very smoothly and best of luck to everyone else!

  21. Karen says:

    Tomorrow is also the last day of the quarter for us, so I’m going to be spending my November 1st doing homework and studying for tests. I’m *really* glad that I got my application in last Friday, because I came down with the flu on Sunday and wouldn’t’ve gotten everything done had I procrastinated as planned! smile

  22. Anon says:

    Just finishing my essay now..I’m a terrible procrastinator! But I can’t wait to hit that button.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I submitted at 2:55!!! (0-255 for a byte? yay?) which is 5:55 Cambridge time!

    The “Submit” button is definitely scary! It would be funny ( actually really scary) if someone hacked the page for the page shows up after people click “submit” to say some random error like iono… nullpointer or out of bound exception.
    then refreshes back to the normal page 5 seconds later.

  24. Tong says:

    I submitted mine on Oct. 10. It feels quite weird these days as I see people coming up with new ideas about application. Oh well. I’ll just need to wait till December to see if I need to add anything. I really can’t wait for the five to six weeks that are coming up.

  25. Travis says:

    It was difficult to hit that button – but you gotta do it! Good luck to all the EA applicants – 45 (ish) days and counting!

  26. Anonymous says:

    heyy, i must say that the mit admissions office is just sooo very helpful. and the interviewers are soooo coool. (about to click submit soon).. good luck everyone.

  27. Rodrigo says:

    HEY everyone!!!!

    I wish you the best!! It is not a matter of luck.

  28. Ruth Hilton says:

    What should I do if I thought I could get everything ready for early application, but it turns out I can’t? I’ve already submitted the first section of the application that says I’m applying early, but now I’m not and I don’t know how to change it? What do I do?!

  29. Eric says:

    Just finished and submitted my app. Now I have that funny feeling, thinking that I might’ve missed one little thing…. ;(

    At any rate, good luck to everyone else who’s procrastinating! *cringes at the word* And congrats to everyone else who’s already done it.

    Now I need to wait till December, while doing my regular apps in the meantime. *sighs* -_-

  30. Sam says:

    Early application season is over, so now I’m spending my nights right.

    On Facebook.

    Does anyone know of an unofficial chat room for MIT applicants?

  31. I submitted my Part 2 a couple of nights ago. It was immensely nerve-wracking, but filled with lots of prayer [and lots of Pocky], so everything went well. It may have been crazy when I submitted it, but I think I’m gonna progressively get more nervous as decision day approaches ^_^> I figured I’d spend tonight studying and then pick up a good book, put on some music, and just try to relax a bit. Good luck everyone who’s applied.

    P.S. Sam, you can always try

  32. David says:

    It’s been just over a week and I’ve been thinking about it every moment since. It’s nice to be done with applying, but these next few weeks are going to be worrisome. Well, I’ve done all I can do. Just have to wait (and hope) now. Good luck to everyone who applied already. smile

  33. steff says:

    I was really nervous last night when I hit the “Submit” button. But it’s so exciting! Now we just wait til December….and do other apps lol
    take care everyone

  34. Typical (?) says:

    I’m spending it finishing up an AP Physics pset ! How romantically MIT-esque.

  35. Raina says:

    Does anyone else wake up in the mornings and suddenly feel like you don’t what to do with yourself now that applications are over? I’m feeling a little lost, but it’s so exciiiiiting at the same time! And even better: we get to sleep an extra hour this weekend! Yes! smile

  36. Anon says:

    Just finished the essay…3.5 hours now for the rest! But that is such a huge weight off my shoulders can’t wait to be done.

  37. Jimmy says:

    To save myself some stress, I set every single college deadline two weeks ahead on my calendar, to give myself a good deal of buffer time in case I go over (which I did). I submitted Part I really early, and Part II over a week ago, so I’m spending tonight working on regular apps, homework, and just ‘chilling’.
    A story to share: Like Donald above, my Evaluation B arrived before the A even though it was mailed later. A week or so ago, since the A form still hadn’t showed up on the tracker, I went to talk to my English teacher and ask her if she had sent it, only to found out she had taken a several weeks-long leave of absence! :O
    Naturally, I approached a state of panic at a rate proportional to the square of the rate of approach of Nov 1 (today) smile. A few days ago, I emailed admissions explaining my situation, and they sent the standard consolatory reply that it may take a while for received mail to be processed, so don’t panic etc etc.
    What really impressed me was the fact that today, I got another email notifying me that the Evaluation A had been processed. After the first reply, they could have just left the matter there, and me to find out the arrival of my Evaluation A by myself. Instead, in the midst of the thousands of pieces of mail and email that must surely be flooding the office right about now, someone actually took the time to write an email to calm another paranoid over-reacting kid worrying about his application. This is just another reason why this place rocks.
    Thanks to the admissions, and good luck to those who have yet to hit that button grin

  38. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 hours left to write my essay, lol.

  39. Meng says:

    Good luck to you all! I was fortunate to have forced myself to submit my app early…I can actually get some sleep today. Thanks to admissions for being helpful in answering questions and all.

  40. Collin says:

    I finished my EA app a good 3 weeks ago, it was the last application I had to do!!!! except until I changed my minda few nights ago and churned out Cal Poly’s application. So I guess I just gotta wait till december to see if I’m going to MIT (or again in the spring) or one of my other 7 choices lol

    good luck everybody, I hope I’ll be able to join yall in the fall, woah I rhymed!!

  41. Rachel says:

    Wow, I also submitted at 2:55 pm pacific yesterday while thinking of 8 bits. Missed 2:55 pm eastern time, but then realized that 555 timers are cooler than….whatever 11:55 is. It feels really good to be done. Now for the suspense :p

  42. Kelly says:

    Just submitted…whew!

    There’s no check next to Part 2 on my dashboard, but the detailed tracking shows that it was processed…I’m guessing that a check will show up soon.

    Best of luck to everyone :D

  43. Anonymous says:

    or some island in the pacific ocean! um Hawaii time zone!

  44. Mike says:

    I sent mine in yesterday. While it is a slight relief, I’m still going to be a nervous wreck for the next month. May the waiting begin!

  45. Steve says:

    Sent it in already… good luck to everybody, hopefully we all find our right place


  46. Ben says:

    Wow. Just clicked submit, and it was extremely hard to do smile. I’m putting the application away now and not looking at it again, because if I do I know that I’ll find something I want to change. Good luck to everyone, we’ll all be waiting together!

  47. DanC says:

    I’m also sitting here, reviewing my app for what will have to be the final time (If it’s to be sent in on time), and cursing the fact I punted part two for a month longer than I should have (=D, using MIT vocab!)
    But good luck to everyone applying, and a good night’s rest to those who are looking forward to that tonight, too.
    -> Jimmy: I agree, the admissions staff does seem to be excellent at updating us all about the various papers we send to them, and extremely patient with all the frantic or worried messages we send to them.

  48. Anonymous says:

    haha Rachel!!! My “twin”! I submitted at 2:55 because you told me to.

    I lost. (for those of you that know The Game. nerds pride! =D)

    Now that I am done with apps, I still won’t get much sleep tonight since I have to catch up on a lot of homework!
    The weekend will be here soon! so will December!
    Just good to be done!!

    Good luck everyone!
    Just wondering if MIT will be posting decisions online this year? or still going to be all snail mail first again.

  49. Lauren says:

    Submitting was fun! But also scary. Haha. I’m finishing up/submitting my music supplement now though… still a procrastinator at heart, I guess.

  50. Scott says:

    I made a conscious effort to not put everything off until the last day, so last night, at 11:04 P.M. I submitted everything.. and then I look at the bottom of the page and it says “11/1/07″… I got pwnt by the eastern time zone :'(.. but in my heart I’ll know I really sent it in a day early, and that’s all that matters :D

    Good luck to everyone who’s applied!

  51. Angela says:

    I feel pretty relieved, but I must say it was a little anticlimatic. I was hoping for some more suspense, but it just sort of popped up and it was all done. It’s pretty intimidating. It’s out of our hands now. All there is left to do is wait.

  52. Anonymous says:

    “For many of you applying, this is the first step in what is to become a 9 month relationship with MIT before you become an official freshman.”

    HELLO. The MIT admission rate is 12% ! I think “many” is a perhaps an overly optimistic exaggeration…

    Nevertheless, I’m crossing my fingers. *_*

  53. Marie says:

    Yayy I submitted mine at around 3:30pm today smile
    and yes I did go trick-or-treating yesterday, before even writing my optional essay lol… I had to, it was my last Halloween raspberry

    I hope 6 weeks flies by fast

  54. Andrew says:

    I submitted my part 2 yesterday evening, and yes, it definitely felt good. Thanks for keeping us informed Matt.


  55. E Rosser says:

    Ah, the tranquility. I don’t think my essay was the most earth-shattering, but it covered the points, and hopefully it was personal enough… I got it submitted at about 10:30, which left me an hour and a half to crank out two more! People tell us that this, the senior year of H.S., is the best time of our lives. I can’t really see the ENJOYMENT part of that, but one thing I can say, Seniors are superhumans. Great job to everyone who managed to apply themselves to apply, and here’s to thick envelopes!
    Now onto the cramming for the SAT II’s…

  56. well, I just clicked that SUBMIT button. Wow. This feeling…it’s nice. So very peaceful.

    Thanks for helpin, folks! The blogs were really, really useful in calming me down when necessary and also with questions I had. Seriously. Awesome job, Matt & co.

    Question: I didn’t do an optional essay, but a great idea for one just jumped into my head. Unfortunately I’m no Zeus, and can’t just pull this dear Athena out of my cranium…can I send it in later-ish, like next week or so?

    The reason I ask is that I know that if I am deferred, then I’ll be adding a supplement anyway, so…might as well send this as soon as I feel like it’s ready? Hope so.

    I didn’t go trick-or-treating (my family has a history of DIABETES…drat!) but I did carve an awesome-looking pumpkin. I also carved a scary face into the back of its pumpkinny head (like Voldemort’s face on Quirrel, but different) and it cast a really cool reverse-shadow onto the wall behind it. I feel very proud.

  57. Anon says:

    It’s been sent, and with 5 minutes to spare!

  58. Snively says:

    Hurry up guys, 5 minutes! The moment is now!

  59. SV says:

    CJCP, it’s funny you should say that because thats exactly what I wrote about for my optional essay…except I carved an awesome looking Jack Sparrow! I wish we could send pictures with it though.

  60. Pochacco says:

    I just hit submit a few min ago! I was kinda like jumpy and like just forced myself to do it! I’m really like AHHH! now because I just want to know if I got in. People keep telling me that MIT would have to be crazy to not let me in. And I’m just like yeah and there are a whole bunch of other people out there who will get rejection letters that have friends telling them the same exact thing!

    We’ll see though! I would say hope that everyone gets in but I know that’s not possible. So instead I hope that everyone gets into the place where they will be the happiest!

    Good Luck to all of you!!!!

  61. Austin says:

    WOOO! Done, submitted with a whole 7 minutes to spare. Nice to finally get that essay perfect and the app in. Good luck to all the rest of you too.

  62. Sarah says:

    Oh no! My submission was about two seconds late, and now it says it was processed 11/2/07. Will this make a difference? Is it considered late?

  63. Patrick says:

    Just submitted at 11:59! Feels great to finally get the app in. Any other 11:59 people out there?

  64. Josh says:

    Woo Hoo! 11:52 for me!

    Oh boy, does it feel grrrrrrrrreat!

  65. Sarah says:

    I’m really freaking out here.

  66. Sam R. says:

    I finally submitted my application, everything set and ready. I’m dying of excitement now. I think it still hasn’t hit me that I just submitted the MIT Application.
    -sam r.

  67. Sam R. says:

    Don’t freak out Sarah, breath. I hope they don’t consider it late. I wish you luck!
    -sam r.

  68. Anonymous says:

    11:55 for me, almost thought I missed the deadline.

  69. Anonymous says:

    @ Sarah: Mine is 11/02 as well. I guess we sort of dropped the ball on that one. Hopefully they’ll notice that we weren’t that late.

    If I’d known that I would have been over I would have spent a few extra minutes snipping some sentences and adding a link to my website in the “extra stuff” section … is there any way to email extra things that you missed on the app? I think it would make up for some of my bad essay responses, and I really wanted to add it, but my mom was sort of freaking out over my shoulder.

  70. Stephanie L says:

    My deadline night is filled with AP English Homework.

    Cheers friends.
    See you all at MIT.

  71. Anonymous says:

    So… how strict are you guys on the deadline… I submitted my app at 12:01 eastern (11:01 central), and am really worried that it might be pushed till the regular cycle.

  72. Derek says:

    Ok. I’ve submitted and it’s time to wait. I can wait for a month and a half. I’m glad that its out of my hands now so I can return to what I was doing before the urge to make every last character of the application scream “ME” to every reader took over.

    Pumpkin carving was out because I was on a plane but seeing all of the ones around my school was really fun. Capt’n Jack and Voldemort sound dramatic. smile
    I think that the people in admissions won’t hark on a second or two here or there. They have a massive backlog no doubt.

    To anon: It’s not a random draw. Be confident that you and MIT are a match and it will show in your essays. Still no guarantees but everything helps.

  73. enewts says:

    hahaha ya SATIIs here too. good luck mate

  74. Water says:

    A good story to tell, the grandkids, eh? I went to MIT and I submitted my application literally 3 seconds before it was due! 500 points if you get it exactly on 23:59:59 EDT. 5000 points if you get in early having done that.

    Good luck to everyone with college admissions, hope you enjoy your senior years and you realize that you should go to Princeton instead because MIT is weak smile

  75. DanC says:

    I’m in sarah’s boat, too; didn’t realize it would take so long to proofread the finished app. I hope they’ll count them as early… most students probably consider this time today to still be the 1st, I expect.

  76. Snively says:

    Strict? One of my good friends here submitted his App 30 minutes past the deadline. No worries, MIT is chill.

  77. Submitted night of 31st at like, 2am (which would’ve been fine if I didn’t have to wake up at 4:30am O_O)But its not really official yet for me since I still have the SAT IIs this saturday. I’m not really a procrastinator though, I’ve been slowly working on my app since it came out. The only thing that took awhile was editing my essay like, 37 times smile

  78. Josh says:

    @ Snively

    Was your friend accepted early or after deferral?

  79. Adam M. says:

    Wow… many comments…

    Anyway elated good luck wishes, fellow EA-ers!

  80. Adam M. says:


    *Anyway, belated

    Little too anxious on the Post button…

  81. Snively says:


    He was accepted early, w00t!

  82. Anonymous says:

    NO WAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry for yelling)
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Sam R. says:

    Im happy for all of you worried guys. Now youll be able to sleep again! Im so excited!!
    -sam r.

  84. amanda says:

    ahhhh yes thank you soooo much snively. you just saved me from having a stroke!

  85. Anonymous says:

    w000000000000000t. Processed 11/02/07 and it will still be read!!!!!

  86. Sarah says:

    Snively=my hero.

  87. Star says:

    Good luck to all EA applicants! As for those of us taking SAT IIs tomorrow (like me), get some sleep, and GOOD LUCK! (Ok, off to cram a little…)

  88. Karen says:

    I’ll amend my earlier post: it feels great to have it in and know that I don’t have to take any SAT IIs tomorrow cuz those were all done in June smile Although I do have to work at 6 am on Sunday…

    Good luck to everyone on their standardized testing!

  89. Sam says:

    Hundredth post!!!!!1111eleven!!cos(0)

    Sorry, could I have resisted? Probably.

    Good luck, everyone. Let’s meet again sometime.

  90. I still haven’t written one of my short answers, and I’m rewriting 3/4 of my essay because it’s AWFUL. 3 hours and 45 minutes left!(and I still need to eat dinner)(ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

  91. Hunter '11 says:

    EA applicants, your job is done now. Admissions will take care of the rest. It’s hard, but try not to stress – you worrying won’t increase your chances of getting in. Instead, enjoy senior year. Work hard, learn, spend time with your family and friends, and remember to smile a lot ^.^

  92. MX says:

    After submitting it Tuesday night at about 9, I don’t know if I should feel hopeful or not–should I fantasize about being accepted and going to MIT or should I convince myself that I’ve been rejected? Or should I just worry? Maybe I’ll just try to not think about it…(I know, that last one sounds ridiculous even to myself). =)All I can say is, my admiration goes to the admin team for having to read through all our applications.

  93. Dustin says:

    The positive news is I submitted my application in September. I then discovered the negative; the interminable wait until December! Oh, well………good luck and less stress to all!

  94. Snively says:

    I love admissions season! Honestly, listening to all of these hopes/concerns/statements is bringing back really nice memories. For many of you applying, this is the first step in what is to become a 9 month relationship with MIT before you become an official freshman. Bask in this experience, it’s exciting!

    Good luck to everybody, I’m rooting for you, and you can bet that at midnight tonight I’ll be thinking about the relief you all should feel.

    The wait is tough (it get’s tougher towards December) but you’ll make it, I promise. Go play some Guitar Hero III or something to pass the time.

    Again, good luck, this is the beginning of something huge!

  95. Enewts says:

    hope you guys still got to go trick-or-treating!!! That’s why i did it on the 30th! Needed my 9 pounds of candy to make it through the next month and a half wait. :D anyway, load off the old shoulders.

    good luck you guys, hope to see you next year,


  96. Snively says:

    Oh, and, shameless plug:

    For more info about daily life at MIT (other than the amazing admissions blogs), check out my personal blog (which I update almost daily) that is almost always MIT related. I promise it’s a good read and will give you an idea of what you’re in store for!

    My blog!

  97. Ben says:

    Just to clarify what Snively said, you have nothing to worry about if you submitted a few minutes (or hours) late. I don’t think we actually specify a time zone, so you were on time in California. wink

  98. Amit says:

    I sent mine about two weeks ago. Good luck everyone! 45 days remain smile