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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Dewey Love Libraries? by Mitra L. '07

Yes we dew!

Yes we dew. I am not very shy about my love and affection for the MIT library system. (See here and here for evidence.) On Saturday afternoons, I oftentimes embark on library crawls, during which I visit up to 3 libraries in 2 hours. You really should try one.

(That is me.)

Dewey is the library for Course 14: Economics, Course 15: Sloan School of Management Science, and Course 17: Political Science.

Yesterday, I spent 10 minutes sitting, slouching, kneeling, and wiggling around in various chairs for the Dewey furniture survey. (Clearly, I don’t have enough work to do.)

Go chair B!!!

4 responses to “Dewey Love Libraries?”

  1. Sam says:

    Lewis Music Library chairs, one of which is under me right at this moment, totally own all of those.

  2. Omar '10 says:

    I really loved this entry because I also love libraries smile Even if now in the technological world we are living you can find about anything by just getting on the internet, I just find it amusing to go and crawl libraries smile

  3. Jess says:

    Libraries are my favorite place ever. As well as Borders. They have fun high stools that you can sit on and pretend like you’re miles above Earth. (I’m the only one?.. oh, okay.)

    But that will DEFINITELY be me next year (given they have a chair crisis and need to replace them for some reason).