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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Did the quadratic formula explode? by Matt McGann '00

In one of the 28 (and counting!) responses to my last post, Kelly wrote, “I just wish the bloggers themselves posted more.” Well, there have been several things holding me back from that.

  • The stacks and stacks of applications I still have to read.
  • The other work (yes, other work) I have to do for the office.
  • My silly notion that when I blog, it should be a momentous occasion, where I have something important to say (I’m trying to get over this feeling).
  • The feeling that I shouldn’t blog until I have responded to all of your comments and emails (this time, I’ve clearly ignored this one, sorry!).
  • My desire to continue with my series of “Not the same few colleges,” which also consumes a reasonable amount of time writing/researching.

So, from here on out, I’ll try to post more frequently, with shorter posts.

Also, I think I will hereby end my series of “Not the same few colleges,” but I hope my point is made. Yes, we do our best to get you psyched about MIT. But anxiety runs high, as you’ve demonstrated in the comments. And we’ll defer 5 out of 6 of you, and sadly, we ultimately will not be able to admit everyone, or even most of you. But regardless of where you end up for school, you’ll be able to get a great education, even if it’s not one of these brand-name, looks-good-on-a-bumper-sticker colleges.

More soon…

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