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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

EA Update by Matt McGann '00

We plan to release Early Action decisions on Monday, 12/15.

We plan to post Early Action admissions decisions online at 9pm EST on Monday, December 15th.

In the next few days, we will send EA applicants an email on how to access the decisions online; I will also post a copy of that email here.

We’ll have more details on the decisions in the days to come; thanks for your patience.

In related news, I can announce that we have received approximately 5,000 early action applications this year. This is an increase of roughly 1,000 applications over last year. Here is a chart of EA application landmarks over time:

  • In 1982-83, we received approximately 1,000 EA applications.
  • In 1997-98, we received approximately 2,000 EA applications.
  • In 2005-06, we received approximately 3,000 EA applications.
  • In 2007-08, we received approximately 4,000 EA applications.
  • In 2008-09, we received approximately 5,000 EA applications.

The Admissions staff has been working tirelessly to fairly evaluate every single one of the applications we’ve received. I am confident that everyone has been and will continue to be reviewed fairly with all due consideration.

Best wishes, everyone!

100 responses to “EA Update”

  1. Ahhhhh!

    Thanks for the update, Matt.

  2. Thank you Matt for the update, and the Admissions Staff for working tirelessly!

    We’ll see what happens on Monday, I may run down the halls at my school screaming at 9:02 if I am accepted. :D

  3. ticktock says:

    GAH! Thanks for the update!
    Now, for the stressful wait. How am I suppose to get through this week?

  4. ρ says:

    Thank you very much, Matt! And good luck to all applicants. :+)

  5. Errina says:

    I must take part in the onslaught of comments. Never will a week go by so slowly.

  6. Kyle H says:

    Well I guess we’ll find out about EA along with everyone else who applied EA or ED to some college. raspberry

  7. MITES '08 says:

    oh man only one week left…
    this is so nerveracking!!!

  8. wtp 08' says:

    @Meeker ’13 Hopeful
    is this Laura Meeker from WTP??
    if its not, then sorry.

  9. Thanks for letting us know. I was starting to get worried!

    Also, thanks for reading 1,000 extra EA applications in the same amount of time.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jesus! And MIT!

  11. Aha, perfect! I’m amazed that you guys will be able to have gotten through 5k apps so quickly. 15th sounds great; I’ll be out and won’t have access to the internet to check, but as soon as I get home I’ll be struck by DDay =)

    Thanks so much Matt for keeping us updated, and best of luck sifting through RD apps.

    If I get in EA I’ll be ecstatic–I look forward to shaving my head with Beaver pride!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the MIT team name is the Engineers, but the mascot is the Beaver, because he is nature’s engineer! :D

  13. Stacy says:

    Thank you for the update and to the admissions committee, for reading our applications. Now I gotta find something to do up until then.

  14. Lexy says:

    Matt – Thank you and the rest of the admissions team so much. You guys are /amazing/ to get through 5000 applications in 6 weeks. Thanks, guys. Whatever happens, I am so happy that you are the ones who read my application.
    I hope you get a few weeks of pleasant relaxation before RD starts smile

  15. Anonymous says:

    It sure is Meeker from WTP smile Who’s this?!

  16. Snively says:

    Wow! A Monday! Didn’t see that one coming. Nice job though guys, enjoy Christmas!

  17. Matt A. says:

    YAAY!! Thanks much for the update!! Now I can actually give people a date when they pester me as to whether or not I got in. And good luck with the reading.

  18. David says:

    1k increase? Right before the exams start.

    Thanks for reading the app though

    Aren’t the admission notices usually posted on Saturday at 11?

  19. Molly H. says:

    Snively- I didn’t see it coming either. Now I’m nervous!

    PS- If I send you guys a Christmas present, does that mean I get accepted? Just kidding smile

  20. Ruchi says:

    thanks so much for that update! i’ve been waiting to know when the decisions were going up

  21. oh holy god…pray for us 0=]

  22. Timur says:


    Monday night is going to be a sleepless night for all applicants (21:00)… =D

    Why does the “Remember Me?” function on the blogs not work? I haven’t tried other browsers, but it’s a no-go on Opera 9.

  23. Brandon says:

    Matt, you are amazing!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the update.
    I can’t wait until 5:47pm PST when I’ll begin refreshing the page. smile

  24. :O says:

    OMG LOL BBQ WUT?????????????

  25. Anon says:

    when do you think the actual letters will be mailed out? and when they’ll get to most applicants?

  26. Randy says:

    Thank you Matt and the admissions team!
    Mondays are always awkward, but hopefully the 15th wont be… goodluck to all

  27. Kathy says:

    Thanks so much for the update.
    Looking forward to Monday!

  28. Samuel Jones says:

    Woops, I misread it. haha. I’ll just have to wait an extra revolution of the hour hand.

  29. Andrew says:


    I’d like to publicly announce that I love you. Finally having a return date has just made my day. The weekend will be arduous, but thank you and the admissions staff for working so hard and being so prompt, especially with a 1000 app increase this year. My dean and I were definitely expecting the 20th, so this is a pleasant surprise. An acceptance will be a more pleasant surprise, but that’s a completely different story. [Fingers crossed, toes crossed, chopsticks downstairs in the drawers crossed.]

    Class of ’13 Applicant

  30. ^That’s me.


    I think you’re right, the Remember Me button doesn’t work for me either on Safari.

  31. Gah. I’m taking up so many comments, but the point I’m trying to make is that Samuel Jones = Sam (Also ’13 Hopeful).

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yay! one week before I get deferred, then in a few months and I’ll be rejected!

  33. Monday at 9pm, wow can’t wait. Is the number of admits this year going to be similar to the number of admits last year? If so, with 5k apps, admit rate falls even more…

  34. Colton says:

    Finally, I can actually use a famous line from The Ring!

    “Seven days…”

  35. Snively says:

    Due primarily to limited housing, I’d say that you can expect a similar number of admits this year as last year. I’m not on the admissions staff though, so don’t take that for the absolute truth.

  36. Isadora says:

    I can’t believe that in exactly 1 week, I will have an answer. This week is going to be the most agonizing week of my life.

  37. shawn says:

    thanks for the much anticipated and welcomed update! looking forward to hopefully good news on monday. and thank you to the admission office for their hard work

  38. 1.Thanks Matt for the update, it’s nice to finally be able to tell people “Next Monday” when they ask when we’ll know.

    2.Good Luck to ALL of the other EA applicants

    3.NO!!!!! I will be starting a final at the EXACT moment, that is 6 PM, decisions are out on Monday…..

  39. hamsi says:

    omg!!! i’ve been checking the MIT blogs three times a day for a while now. at last the mystery of the decision date has been solved =] Thanks for this post, and thanks to the entire admissions committee for working so hard…Best of luck to all! I think I’ll take a break from school, hw, etc Monday night and watch a movie or something, just to take my mind off things =P

  40. Tiffany says:

    OMIGOSHHHH!!! That’s amazing. Now I at least know what to count down to. Thank you Matt and the rest of the MIT admissions office. GL fellow applicants.

  41. Tong '12 says:

    Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to have pre-frosh come to CPW.

  42. Anonymous says:

    YES!!!!! This is going to be the longest week ever!

  43. Taylor says:

    finally a definitive EA decision date. I’ve been checking the site so frequently lately in anticipation that I’ve had MIT induced OCD. Finally I can tell everyone that they will know whether or not I got in by Tuesday morning.

    Good luck to all you other EA applicants!

  44. dori says:

    I feel so relieved to finally have an update on this even though its later than I hoped. I was hoping it would be Saturday!

    Well, either way, for a few of us monday could well be the best day ever!

  45. meh says:

    boring -==== i dont care if i get into MIT i’m into Duke already lol

  46. dude MIT is so overrated it’s not the pantheon of greatness as many of the people here are. And don’t stress out, because what if you don’t get accepted ? (88% chance). Keep your cool peeps! let the time go by slowly and revel the pleasure of existentialism and lack of clairvoyance.


  48. Anonymous says:

    I cannot wait for Monday, really looking forward to some closure. At least The Dark Knight comes out tomorrow so my mind won’t be completely focused on worrying :D
    Thanks Matt and the admissions team for all the hard work. I appreciate it no matter which way the decision goes.

  49. i believe chance should be removed from the 88 % since the admissions officers work hard in reading applications rather than flip coins. I believe in the pleasure of existentialism but I still think MIT is the pantheon of greatness. It is pandora’s box of thoughts.

  50. June says:

    I can’t help but to repeat..


    I’ll be frantically eroding the refresh button, like many others…I look forward to monday!

  51. Justin says:

    @ the previous comments
    im looking forward to the college experience not based on princeton review rankings or “overrated”-ness, but based on the people that are at the school. I wanna be surrounded by people who wanna learn, and I wanna learn outside of class in cafeterias and study rooms, not just i n class. MIT isnt the only place for it, but thats why I wanna go here. and yes, it is amazing (unlike my typing abilities).

  52. Alex '13? says:

    Thanks for the update! It’s so much of a relief to at least know when we are going to hear the decisions!

  53. Rebeca says:

    OMG guys, we’re almost there!! Thank you so much to Matt + the rest of the admission staff for getting through the apps so quickly. Good luck to everyone…

  54. David says:

    I’m scared. :(

  55. Paulpaul says:

    Ahhh. Monday night before finals week starts hah.

    Can’t wait!

  56. Nooo, I wanted people to become class of 13 on december 13, a Saturday. Oh well, I can make up words to describe how much I want to get in.

  57. yeah at least Dark Knight comes out tomorrow so i’ll be obsessing over that for the next few days watching it over and over. best movie ever made. heath deserves an oscar for sure.

  58. Matthew says:

    Wow, can’t wait until next Monday. Thanks admissions team for everything you’ve done. The 1000 consistent increase in apps might start becoming a real problem for you :/

  59. Brad says:

    My birthday is the 14th, so wouldn’t it be the best belated-birthday gift ever if I got excepted?

  60. Anonymous says:

    if you got *accepted

  61. Ahmed says:

    Don’t be scared! What’s done is done, all things will come to pass, whatever will be will be, que sera sera, etc etc. Enjoy the Sly Stone, it’s soothing and hopefully you can get your minds off the waiting.

  62. XYZ says:

    Thank You So Much!

  63. Stephanie says:

    Wow… I don’t know whether this makes me feel less nervous because I finally know the date, or more nervous because the date is sooo close… ouch.

  64. Anonymous says:

    That day will be the most nerve racking day yet for those 5,000 people.

    wow. that’s scary.

  65. Anonymous says:

    So good to have a date to actually obsess over now rather than worrying that it’ll end up being the 20th.
    even being told 9:00pm I’m still going to be checking every 15 minutes.

    @those questioning remember me:
    Do you have cookies turned on? I know it may seem like a duh question but without cookies you cannot be remembered raspberry and if you do have them one check and make sure the browser isn’t deleting them after each session.

  66. AAAH! This is really exciting. . .Thanks so much for all your hard work; going over 5,000 applications in 6 weeks is simply amazing.

    Also, good luck to all the ’13 hopefuls!

  67. blablabla says:

    Ahmed, what is the sly stone?

  68. Narce says:

    Thanks very much for the update. I’m sure we’re all eager to hear our decisions….

  69. Ha!, the day is fast approaching, buckle yourself, for a defining moment in your life. The rest of your life is at hand.
    I already know what to expect.

  70. Amy Kates says:


  71. AK says:

    I have emailed my EC 3 times till now but he hasn’t replied yet.What should I do?Deadline’s on 10th Dec.
    Also,I completed my 12th grade in 2008(June) and have joined a college but I really wish to restart at MIT as a freshman in 2009(fall).Is it alright if I apply as a freshman?

  72. Alim says:

    Dude! No Way! My internet goes down at my school at 9 pm EST for 2 hours!

    I have to wait two more hours than everyone else! LOL x infinity!

    Thanks again MIT Admissions Staff for everything. Whatever the outcome, you guys kick some serious face.

  73. Jacob says:

    Finally! I remember reading somewhere that people are much more patient when they know how long they have to wait. That’s why Disney’s theme parks have approximate ride times and such, but I digress. The countdown has begun! Good luck all, and a special thanks to the MIT admissions staff for finally giving us a little bit of sanity back.

  74. Anonymous says:

    yay. this was the second best day ever-the first being the day my application to MIT was complete. after I saw the blog, i decided not to do any homework, and just stress about the decisions while watching gossip girl and 24 reruns. Seriously, thanks for the info. I was starting to go crazy.

    hopefully this best day ever will be “out-bested” by next monday!!!!

    good luck to the 70+ posts above me!!!

  75. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much! I have been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever!

  76. Seamus '12 says:

    Wow, I remember when I got in EA last December. Gosh, has it been that long?

    Anyway, best of luck to everyone! MIT is an amazing place!

  77. Nikita says:

    Thanks for the update. At least I’ll stop checking my email feverishly for the next few days.
    Good Luck to everyone!

  78. faizaafatima says:

    Hey Matt,

    Does taking a higher number of EA applicants mean you’re taking a lower number of regular decision applicants?

  79. Anon says:

    Good luck, everyone! smile

  80. Suril says:

    We RAs have 3+ months to go! Phew..

  81. Serca '12 says:

    Good luck guys. I still clearly remember how nervous I was around this time last year.

  82. Kristina says:

    So the mystery has been solved. One more week of anxiety to go raspberry.

    Good luck to everyone and thanks to the admissions staff for working so hard!

    Seven days. Oh. Dear. God.

  83. eddie says:

    … the time has come!!!!!!!!!

  84. Anonymous says:

    I drift like a wave on the ocean. I blow as aimless as the wind.

  85. Coleen says:

    @ Brandon:

    One word:


    Thanks Admisssions! YaY!

  86. Carlos says:

    Will tubes be sent out on that Monday or earlier?

  87. sepideh says:

    @Brandon: this was sooooo cool, it made me burst in laughter. it is the exact thing we made at home wink

  88. Oasis '11 says:

    Preparing for the onslaught of hundreds of comments…=p

  89. wendi says:

    Holy… wow o__O.
    If that’s the rate it’s going at, I can’t even imagine the competition for 2011 (my YOG) @[email protected]

  90. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the update matt. and now i have a week of nerve-wracking tension to look foward to. fun.

  91. Oasis '11 says:

    By the way, good work Matt and the Admission Team!

    辛苦你了。(thanks for the hard work!)

  92. AllisonAWE says:

    Good luck to everyone who applied early! I’ve been so worried this whole week, expecting an email or something! At least I have a date and time all mapped out.

    And I won’t even be within internet range on the 15th, so I’m going to be an even bigger mess. Great.

  93. Yan says:

    Hey Matt, what do I need to get on the SATs in order to get in?

    Just kidding!

  94. newYorkKid says:

    Dear Matt and admissions,
    thank you so much for announcing this. Now I can be mildly sane for the next week. Nice job reading all those applications-it must been very difficult reading 10,000+ essays. assuming people did the optional essay smile