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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

End of May updates by Matt McGann '00

More waitlist admits, no ARML, Bollywood in Boston, technical theater at MIT.

It was a nice, relaxing 3-day weekend here. Summer has arrived in Boston. Now, after a lull in posting over the holiday and during yesterday’s Admissions staff retreat, here’s another quick update:

  • We admitted another 10 students from the waitlist on Friday. I don’t know if we’ll take more people from the waitlist; I’ll let you know when I know more. Some people do remain on the waitlist.
  • Unfortunately, I have to take back what I said in a previous entry: I am no longer able to make it to the Penn State site of the American Regions Math League (ARML) this weekend. I’m pretty bummed about it, but I know that there will be many more times when I can see awesome math people. I’ll be seeing you.
  • To answer some recent comments: Boston’s Bollywood movies are mostly shown by Bombay Cinema at the Somerville Theatre in Davis Square, 4 short subway stops north of MIT’s campus. They get only the biggest releases, like Fanaa (which I saw this weekend), or the upcoming Krrish and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.
  • There was a nice article I meant to link to a while back about technical theater at MIT (you did know we have a Theater Depatment, right?).

More to come…

9 responses to “End of May updates”

  1. anshuman says:

    matt, i know this is too early to bombard you with questions, but i guess i can’t curb my over-enthusiasm for MIT…

    Do AP exams give an edge in the application process? I am from India where AP is not recognized by Indian universities.

    Secondly, isn’t early action applicable for students from India?

    Thirdly, i have heard that MIT asks prospective students to write thesis’ for journals…is it true?

  2. Dhrubo says:

    Dear Matt,

    Sorry to bore you with my boring reminders… but… umm I asked a question last month…, so if you could answer it, it would be a great help indeed, thanks. Email or omnibus; either would be fine

    dhrubo_jyoti at hotmail dot com


  3. Dear anshuman,

    I would like to help to answer your question. I am not an expert and I do not pretend to be one, so if anybody has anything to add you are mostly welcomed.

    1. AP tests do help you application. Remember that admission to MIT, specially international admissions are basically a competition. Consequently there may be loads of people around the world and from your own country who have the same grades or better grades than you. AP tests show that you take a challenging education. But they may not be such a deciding factor. You need to stand out of the crowd, show the Admissions Comitee who you are, why you do what you do, what are your passions. They want to see the person in you more than the numbers.

    In my personal experience, I did not took any AP test but I did IB Diploma. My results were excellent in the context of my school, but only a little bit over average world wide, prettly lower than other MIT admitted students with an IB Diploma. MIT still saw my context in my App, They still admitted me.

    2. No. Early action is only avaliable for domestic students (American citizens or green card holders)

    3. This is the first time I have heard that. It is true that many applicants have research experience which I supppose helps to show your passion for science/engineering/any other thing. But I have never heard that publishing is actually a requirement. Besides, you are still in high school. You are not expected to discover the cure for some major disease… Yet smile

    I had some research from my IB Extended Essay which I refer to in one of the app essays. I also used it during my interview with an Educational Councelor, but I know that it is not good enough to be published. It was only my first serious reseach paper.

    The best advice I can give you is to Follow your passions. Show MIT who you are and that you are a good fit for them as well as they are a good fit for you. Check out this blogs. They are very helpful

  4. Anshuman says:

    Dhrubo, thanks for the info…cleared some doubts especially about that research thing smile

    It appears that the IB Diploma that you refer to, is one that is obtained from students of international schools. However, I am from Don Bosco Calcutta which follows ICSE and ISC… the results of which can be known only in june. so, there’s a disadvantage…

    Yet, if AP can convince MIT about my passion that you are talking about, then I am willing to give it anytime… syllabi is not a problem for me…

    From what you have written, it appears that the essay and POE plays a MAJOR role…. any tips for me? Should I start working on it now?

    And lastly, is there any possibilty of an interview for me? I am ready to go and give it anywhere in India…

  5. madmatt says:

    Doing an Omnibus takes a long time, and I do feel bad that I haven’t answered any questions recently. I assure you that I’ll get to the questions, and that it’s on my mind.

    I hope all is well!

  6. waitlister says:


    Do you know whether the ten new applicants accepted off the waitlist will be notified by snail mail or email? Also, should many of the waitlisters already have received the letter telling them they are not coming off the list? Please continue with the updates on the waitlist.


  7. Daniel says:


    I know the deadline to schedule an interview for ’07 admissions is in the area of mid-October. How early can I schedule an interview, and can I do it here in the Atlanta area?

    Also, do you know any median scores for SAT subject tests for people admitted to MIT that I could compare my latest scores to? If it helps, I took the Chemistry, Mathematics Level 2, and the U.S. History exams.



  8. Zain Pasha says:


    do you know what the average SAT comprehensive score was for the incoming freshman class ?

  9. Anshuman, there is an EC who lives in Kolkata. Just register for a MyMIT account and his name will appear at the right moment in your um.. account-box.