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MIT blogger Elizabeth C. '13

Every now and then, my mind = blown. by Elizabeth Choe '13

Thanks, Science!

Hello beautiful people. I know that one of my previous entries hinted at the idea of doodling a science-question post. I still plan on getting around to that. But in the midst of my magnet research, I stumbled upon (actually, not really. My professors for 20.363, Biomaterials Science and Engineering, assigned it as one our journal club readings.) an article that actually made me go like this:

 <– (I actually look like that in real life)

Guys. Science is really, really cool. It’s amazing. Holy moly, I’m still reeling from the geniusness of this group. Now I know you all are all:

so I will take you there. I will take you to this magical science place. But before I do, a big disclaimer is that I have UBER simplified some genetics concepts in this explanation. I want my [granted, pretty sharp] 10-year-old brother to understand this, even if he doesn’t know what an enzyme is. My apologies if I end up offending hardcore geneticists out there, or if I breezed over some of the background science too quickly. Trying to please everyone here.

(Here. In case you want some light bedtime reading. :P)