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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Evil Institute of Technology by Matt McGann '00

Mystery Hunt, Day 1.

Mystery Hunt has begun!

Prof. Moriarty from the Evil Institute of Technology has plans for world domination through weather control. It is our job to stop him!

At 12:17pm today, hundreds of hunters gathered in Lobby 7 for the Hunt Kickoff:

Our team Captain, Keith ’02, holds up the sign to gather our team, the Rubber Duck Hunters:

I saw lots of people at the kickoff, including Bryan, who’s playing for team Too Much Clue:

The kickoff was a swanky event (formal attire suggested), with “Champagne” being served (left). Hunt co-organizer Matt ’02 (right) is dressed for the occasion.

More swanky formalwear… at left, Dan ’03, a team captain, dressed up for the occasion. At right, Chris Morse, a three-time Hunt-winning capatin, with teammate Prof. Kiran Kedlaya (right).

The Hunt is underway, and for our team, it’s so far, so good… more updates throughout the weekend.

Finally, here’s the answer to yesterday’s puzzle… congrats to those who got it!

by Marcy Levey, Brian Tivol, and Roger Barkan

First: Recognize the various cookies used to make the cookie monster.

Second: Count how many of each cookie is used in the picture.

Third: Turn the cookies at the bottom of the picture into letters. If a cookie appears N times in the monster, then replace it with its Nth letter to spell the message: CAN BE EATEN.

Fourth: Determine that CAN BE EATEN is a clue for EDIBLE.

These are the cookies:
(C)hessmen, Mil(a)no, Lorna Doo(n)e; Lis(b)on, Fudg(e) Stripe; Fig N(e)wton, Circus Anim(a)l, Nutter But(t)er, Or(e)o, Ge(n)eva.

12 responses to “Evil Institute of Technology”

  1. Hm, clever. I had counted them all up, looked up their index in the English alphabet, and got… ADI EDE FJCC. So I gave up. I only identified about half of the cookies anyway — maybe I can convince my parents to help me “study” for MIT!

  2. Ash says:

    Oh dear lord, I know Chris. he’s our chem prof.

    if you see him, tell him Olin says hi and he needs to watch Firefly .

    He’ll understand and know excatly who its from.

  3. abstract says:

    Yeah; mine came out to: CAN OE EMTEN (hence I figured I got a few cookies wrong, but…)

    April, did you put the pink elephant cookie as “Frosted Animal Cookies” as well to get M? Maybe Keebler changed the name?

  4. i couldn’t find a couple of the cookies…but i got ca_ _e emten ^^

  5. D says:

    Hey did you get the name of Prof. Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes?

  6. Steven Lu says:

    When is the latest supplementary emails can be processed? (I applied early action and was deferred)

  7. MJ Kamalov says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t be a part of cos’ I’m sick… It’s not cool to be sick at IAP.

  8. any says:

    Hello Matt,

    I’m a regular applicant from Hong Kong. I’ve joined my school’s Chemistry Olympiad (a scientific investigation competition)team, but didn’t include it in my application because I was still looking around for a suitable topic. Now my team has finally found a nice topic, and is doing the laboratory investigations (I’m enjoying every bit of it). Do you think I should write to the admission office about this competition, even though the investigation results & report wouldn’t be ready until March?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt

    How much does being a Siemens Westinghouse Semifinalist and Intel Semifinalist help in terms of admission to MIT? Thanks.

  10. anonymous says:

    I hope being Siemens or Intel doesn’t help much because I didn’t get it. I hope that just participating is enough.

  11. It’s Evil Institvte of Technology.

  12. Santosh says:

    I just am waiting to be a part of all this. I’m applying as a transfer you see!