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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Finals Week by Matt McGann '00

It's the final countdown.

This is going to be an interesting week.

For early action applicants, decisions will be posted.

For regular action applicants, the deadline is approaching.

For admissions officers, there are many, many decisions to be made.

But it may be the MIT students who have it toughest of all: it is finals week for the fall semester. Here’s how the bloggers (most of whom have, understandably, disappeared for a little while) are doing (updates all are from Monday evening):

  • Jenny: “Just finished first final @ MIT this morning (8.01; Physics I)! 3 excruciating hours in an indoor track field – can’t say I did well, but I was so elated just to finish. Right now: cramming chemistry for tomorrow – same place, same time. Best moment of the day: 8:00 AM this morning, when my alarm rang, and several moments later, my suite-mates’ alarms rang…It all felt like a movie-moment: everyone preparing for war;dorm row was like a streaming army…just missing an intense soundtrack.”
  • Chris S: “My finals and I can write a bad romance.”
  • Hamsika: “Finals week so far is a bittersweet concoction of wonderfully free food and painfully large stacks of notes to review. I’m feeling slightly panicked at the moment, since my chem final is tomorrow, and we’ve learned so much in that class! I’ll be glad when it’s 12:01 PM on Thursday, at which time my 18.02 final will be over, and I’ll be freeeee. And for the first time in four months, I’ll get to see my family. I’m holding on to that thought as tightly as I can.”
  • Kim D: “I’m on the 6th draft of my MEng thesis proposal; ugh.¬† :)¬† Luckily it’s somewhat okay for me to stay up all night on this sort of thing because I won’t have any finals this term.¬† I don’t have any brain power left now, so as soon as I send this draft to my advisers it’s laundry time.”
  • Kim H: “I got up very early to make breakfast for the girls in the house before they went off to finals :-) “
  • Cristen: “I actually have no finals this semester, so I’m feeling pretty swell. I just wrapped up my UROP work and have already finished two of my classes. For the last class, I have to write a thesis proposal.. which is already late.. :( “
  • Snively: “My one and only final was better than most!¬† Instead of feeling like I was kicked in the face I instead feel like I was punched in the stomach.¬† Not bad, eh?”
  • Jess: “Just before taking my final this morning, I compared myself to a photo of Kermit the Frog drinking milk from a straw, in which my cup is my head and the milk is my brain, being sucked out of my head by the big green muppet that is my final exam.”Ehh, maybe that’s too graphic. Let me just say this: Today I finished my two finals, and I feel what I imagine beached whale must feel like: helpless, unable to move my massive, bloated body, and thirsty. Very thirsty.”
  • Keri: “I am home already because I have no finals. Please don’t hate me.”

As for EA decisions: yes, they’re still scheduled for Wednesday 12/16 at 9pm EST.

And as for my holiday shopping: no, it’s still not done (too much time making admissions decisions). Any suggestions for good holiday gifts for mom/dad/brother?

Best wishes as EA decisions and the RA deadline draw near!

30 responses to “Finals Week”

  1. Well, you could get your mom a scarf smile They’re very much “in” this season…then again, I have no idea what I’m getting my mom, so I’m not the best person to give advice smileP

    *crosses fingers for EA admission tomorrow* Good luck everyone!

  2. Jess says:

    @Keri: I do hate you. But I’m done now too, so I hate you less.


  3. Anna says:

    For the mom, hot home cooked breakfast or other times of the day meal? I know my mom loves when she doesn’t cook.

    For the dad, I’d say just time with him with whatever he likes to do? Maybe play games together?

    And for the brother, it’d depend on how old really. Pokemon if still pretty young. ;p If older, .. then I have no clue. xD

    Good luck to everyone with finals. I have one tomorrow (Stat) then the rest the second week of january, week after we get back. And have fun picking out presents! smile Enjoy Christmas as it is.

  4. Snad says:

    you should go to American Eagle. I work there, and we have good gifts for everyone!

    sweaters, scarves, thermals, and even nifty texting-gloves! the fingers are loose so you can text.

  5. Val'14? says:

    I would love to read it, Chris.
    Thanks for the update!

  6. Achiavelli says:

    I don’t know what your brother likes, but a TI is always nice.

  7. Val'14? says:

    Oh right to Matt,
    Thanks for giving up your shopping time for us EA applicants.=)
    I’m sure your family will be happy to see you out of the dungeon. I guess spending time with them is a gift already. =D
    Happy holidays!

  8. makesense says:

    Ahhhh finals week! (Even at the highschool level it is stressful, since all the last chapter tests are smashed into the few days before finals).

  9. dosoon('14?) says:

    Snuggie for all three of them.
    I can guarantee it being hands-down one of the most useful presents they will ever have received.

  10. VAL ('14?) says:

    You could knit them scarves. smile

    (Or admit me so I can knit them scarves XD)

    Just kidding. raspberry

  11. Katie 14? says:

    I think a good present would be an acceptance letter. Or maybe the dedication of someone’s acceptance so the person knows they caused an immense amount of joy.

    If you hadn’t already noticed, all of my present suggestions will involve someone getting accepted. wink

  12. JF('14?) says:

    Applicant programmed chess set ran off of a CNC lathe, I believe there’s one in the machine shop used for 2.670 and other Mech Eng. majors….just saying :p

  13. Watchful says:

    When is the mail drop date for the tubes? There’s no chance they can arrive before Thursday, is there?????

  14. Tim ('14?) says:

    As far as gift ideas, if they don’t already have it, Netflix for all three of them. Honestly one of the most useful/cost-effective things ever. My queue is currently too long to watch in one lifetime.

    I would love a tube :D

  15. Shannon says:

    Hate, Keri. Hate hate hate.

  16. Anjian says:

    Can’t Wait!

  17. Tommy '13 says:

    Good luck EA applicants! I know how you feel raspberry But hey, at least you didn’t have an ice storm; last year my town in MA was hit by an ice storm a couple days before EA decisions came out and many were without power for weeks. Fortunately my power happen to finally return an hour before the decisions came online, just as I was getting ready to go to the mall for free WiFi to check. Let’s just say it was a good sign of things to come

  18. VAL ('14?) says:

    @Piper: Why so sad? :(

    Ps. “watching Only”… Eep.

  19. Alan says:

    These are pretty cool (and cheap :D)gifts for the puzzle enthusiasts. I got a bunch for my cousins and friends.

  20. Alan says:

    Darn, forgot the link. Haha, sorry about that its 2am over here…

  21. Nestor (14?) says:

    In my school district, we get Finals AFTER the winter break.

    To the Point of Yuletide Idiocy

    Harmful Dissonance
    Weep my hands, solemnly
    At the advent of
    Lack of planning, my
    mind is complaining, yet my
    Heart is still yearning

    I am reading “Yakitate!! Japan” at blazing speed. Went from chapter 1 to 143 in three days. Puns galore. Encyclopedic and probably unnecessary information about bread and Japan galore. Fun~

    ReCaptcha says “April Flashily”

  22. Alon says:

    Hello everybody,
    I need some help…

    Does anyone know if there is an Email address for applicants (international, if it matters…)
    to send application related documents, and even more important – for their teachers to send evaluations to?


  23. Rosenthaal says:

    Ha ha…Jess is always so dramatic!

  24. Upnorth says:

    okay had to do this… my school just finished doing We the People (a constitutional competition for those who don’t know) and I was on the unit that talked about citizenship rights. A lo and behold… recaptcha says “prod Ferguson”
    Haha, get it? Plessy vs Ferguson? overturned in Brown vs. Board…
    I know, lousy humor… but someone had to do it =P

  25. anon says:

    the first thing I thought immediately after reading all the blurbs from the bloggers: yo where’s yan?!

    anyway…shawls are nice for winter smile

    and MIT students don’t have finals in every class?

  26. Rahul Rege says:

    Let’s get it MITers! Finals week is almost over.

  27. Ty'12 says:

    HIIII I’m done 4 finals Mon + Tues (2 each)
    my brain… I lost it sometime during Mon + Tues but I can’t remember when or where……

    I’ll find it when I get back from break I’m sure… er, I hope… er… someone wanna help me?

    Good luck EA’14!! 2 HRS LEFT


    Final Countdown–it was played by the marching band during my CPW oh so long ago… (2.5 years)

  28. Himadri says:

    i had to have an interview..but i couldn’t get it scheduled since my account got locked ,what do i do now?please help.