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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Financial Aid Tracking + Evie Pix by Ben Jones

Some quick updates.

Hi folks,

First I just wanted to give mad props to the kind folks who have submitted photoshopped Evie/Sawyer photos in the last entry. They are amazing and are giving the admissions crew some much-needed cheer during a particularly stressful spoke of the admissions cycle. You guys rock – BIG thanks.

Second, there have been a bunch of questions about financial aid tracking. Daniel just posted an update in College Confidential:

A new enhanced portlet will be launching in the next week to 10 days with financial aid tracking built into MyMIT. In the meantime, please feel free to contact my office by email at finaid(at)mit(dot)edu or by phone at 617-253-4971 to confirm any documents about which you are concerned.

Hope this helps!


33 responses to “Financial Aid Tracking + Evie Pix”

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  4. M says:

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    To the admissions crew. You and your blogs have been so helpful and fun to read throughout the entire admission process! Thanks so much

  18. Steven Lu says:

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  19. gm says:

    I Hope This Fun Persists

  20. gm says:

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    EMAIL: [email protected]
    DATE: 03/02/2006 10:30:38 PM
    I’m just a prospective student(Fall 2006),From Nigeria.

    To me, admission/Application process to MIT is DIFFFICULT, But not IMPOSIBLE

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