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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

FIRST POST! by Jess K. '10

You guys are totally right.. that WAS really tempting.

I would love to take credit for the brilliant entry title, but unfortunately it was all Spam‘s idea. Thanks, Spam. Unfortunately, in the mean time, I’ve forgotten how to blog. So in true “first post” style.. there will be no extra content to this post.

Kidding, of course. I’ve been reading your comments on Stu’s post and was going to write back but then realized this might be better, and I’d just like to say – it’s been incredibly inspiring to read everything you have to say about Marilee Jones, the application process in general, and moving forward. All of your comments are so genuine and thoughtful, and it really makes a difference to hear what you have to say. I’m so proud (sniff).. the ’11s are all grown up!

All jokes aside – you guys really are rad. We of all people understand the power of your words, and your encouraging comments have been very helpful during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, back at MIT, life has been blowing by at full pace. I have 16 more days until I’m no longer a freshman, which entails five exams, three papers, and a presentation, as well as two concerts (ARCADE FIRE and ANDREW BIRD.. if you’re not coming to Boston for the world-reknowned universities or beautiful city skylines, come for the incredible music scene) and Randall Munroe of xkcd! It also probably entails me falling over at one point until I realize I only have x days left, and crawl back to my desk to attack aromatic molecules once again.

Which reminds me – I officially declared Course 5 (chemistry), because of my unnatural (dare I say.. inorganic?) love of organic chemistry!

Everything’s been rushing by so quickly that I completely forgot to write about my CPW – which was awesome fun. Being silly during Next Act’s production of Beauty and the Beast, catching random rock-paper-scissor tournaments, assaulting people to get them interested in working for MIT’s ambulance – “HEY! RYAN! YOU WANT TO RIDE AN AMBULANCE?! YEAH, I KNOW YOU DO!” “Um… I don’t know you.”) – good times were had by all. Meet the Bloggers, of course, was a huge success, even if I was late – sorry guys! MIT time runs five minutes behind..

I got to meet some of my favorite commenters, and non-commenters (that means you, Jenny A.), and it was really cool to finally get to meet you guys. Minus that slight awkwardness factor. Sam and I got around that by evolving the Thanks-For-Reading-My-Blog Head Tilt. Observe:

Works every time.

Also, I don’t know if you knew this, but I never got to go to my CPW. And this year, I actually had class during some of the crazy events – and so I never got to eat liquid nitrogen ice cream. This was remedied last Tuesday at ESG, when the Kitchen Chemistry seminar made all different flavors – not just vanilla and strawberry, but also brownie cookie dough and raspberry white chocolate, mango and chocolate chip cookie dough. My life changed forever that day.

I have a whole file of your questions that I’ll be answering next entry, but please keep them coming if you want your answer in next entry, or just email me (iamjkim at mit dot edu). Now, for the real test – who’ll get first post?

36 responses to “FIRST POST!”

  1. Thunderbird says:


  2. Yeah, I had those moments too… Walking down the infinite and people’s heads turn to look at you… Hmm… Do I smell bad? Did I forget to wash? Nope, just a blog reader…

  3. Sam says:

    What what what? What am I doing in that photo? Oh I don’t remember this at all.

  4. Laura says:

    Ugh, why do I look so stupid in your picture of me? Bleh…

    But I have to say, that “Thanks for reading my blog” head tilt is possibly the greatest thing ever.

  5. Found your site in google, and it has a lot of usefull information. Thanx

  6. Cheese Whiz says:

    South Korea’s got Seoul..lawl

  7. hurray for a return to normal blogging!!
    As upset I was by all the real concerns of Marilee’s resignation, I was also more than a little upset by the disruption of the blogs. Reading what you guys have to say is part of what keeps me motivated.. must not give up on high school, must stay worthy and hopeful of MIT..

    I finally got around to getting up to Cambridge over my Spring break.. the week before CPW… and my love of the school, based until then on theory and readings, was verified empirically.. and after all the posts about this years, I can hardly wait for my own CPW (theres just that whole .. getting in thing to deal with first .. .oh yea.. and AP exams this week)

    Anyway, I’ve wasted this much of your time without a point .. so I feel obligated to ask a question… as soon as I think of one .. okay, I will ask one that is actually on my mind, but is really probably better directed to someone else: I have an AP Spanish class this year that has become quite “bane of my existance”-y, in short, massive workloads, on my third teacher, no addressing of the new exam format; if I absolutely bomb the AP exam tomorrow, or worse, if the crazy new teacher’s unfair schedule successfully drops my current 102% to a B or C level .. how badly will that lone and erratic class hurt my application? (anyone qualified feel free to answer that)

    I thought of a more random question: does anyone ever play the DDR machine in Stratton? cause I never saw a student touch it while I was there .. also does Stratton get called Stratton or has it successfully stolen the “Building 20” designation from the now-defunct CS building.. or something else?

    Thus ends my long ramblings, glad to have you guys back,
    ~Donald Guy

  8. Jess says:

    Interestingly enough, it’s one of the few buildings that actually is called by a name rather than by number. It’s “the student center”. Or “W20”, occasionally. Never “Stratton”. And yeah, sometimes people play it, but I know of some halls in my dorm that actually have it, so we don’t realy need to walk that far smile

    AP exams are not too desperately important, as long as you don’t get straight 3s. 5s are important if you want to get credit for them, but MIT doesn’t accept much AP credit anyway – the humanities just count for general elective credit. Hope that helps!

  9. Paul '11 says:

    Haha, I look rabid in the group hug photo…so much for my two minutes of fame. I blame you, Jess, for not removing the red eye. :D

  10. I play it! (the DDR machine in the Student Center), but usually at 6:00 in the morning when no one is around who can see me do it since I am notoriously bad!

  11. ((√(1 x 10^3) / 3.18π) + 1)th post…I think!

    Sorry, I had to, I’ll to post more civilly in the future, just had to get that out of my system. =P

  12. Sh1fty says:

    liquid nitrogen is too expensive and very hard to get here in croatia :( i’ve always wanted to make a computer with liquid nitrogen cooling system and an instant ice cream maker :D i can’t wait to get to MIT and “borrow” some nitrogen from the labs :p just wondering, how often do you check your email?

  13. Maia '11 says:

    Hi Jess & anyone else who might know,

    I know this might be a little off-topic, but I’m trying to buy a computer, and I don’t really know what kind of a machine I’m going to need for MIT. I’m thinking about Course III, which is kind of close to chemistry. Jess (or anyone else who has an opinion), do you have to do any kind of graphics-intensive rendering on your computer (like architects have to do), or can you use school computing power/not have to do it at all?

    Thanks a bunch,
    [email protected]

  14. Paul '11 says:

    Mr. Barkowitz, after that comment, my respect for you has shot right up. smile

  15. Oh really Mr. Barkowitz? *considers this information carefully* .. how bout we play a game next time in the Cambridge area.. *assumes sinister tone* and to make it more interesting perhaps a little wager: if I win I get into MIT (with a nice financial aid package ^_^) and if you win .. then I’ll give you .. *consults sources* a nice Tarot of Dreams (warning: some card faces contain artistic nudity)? */sinister tone*

    Okay .. so that might be technically unethical. Alas, one can not get to MIT on DDR skill alone.. :-(

    Did this post have a point?… I didn’t think so either.. *back to studying for AP Spanish exam*

  16. Joubert says:


    I’m new to the whole commenting world that is the MIT blogs. I’ve been reading but never commented, however this statement bears a special note.

    “I officially declared Course 5 (chemistry), because of my unnatural (dare I say.. inorganic?) love of organic chemistry!”

    That made me laugh out loud in all seriousness. I’m a probable Chemistry major, so I fully understand (to the extent of AP Chemistry) the meaning of this sentence. But I digress, I loved it and I thought I would mention it. Good luck with finals, papers presentation, and concert.

    Joubert ’11

  17. Snively says:

    OK, the head tilt was good, and most of the bloggers were really good at it. . . except for Laura. Meeting Laura was something more like this:

    Kid (spots some girl (Laura) in the hall): “Hey, do you know where I can meet some bloggers?”
    Laura: “I’m a blogger!”
    Kid: “Really? Which one?”

    Laura proceeds to run away ranting about how the only time somebody ever recognized her as a blogger was when she had just stepped out of the shower and was wearing a towel.

    The kid just stands there, pauses a moment, and then sees Sam, freaks out, and tells Sam that he reads his blogs all the time. Sam tilts head. At this point Laura is sitting on the floor of her dorm room crying.


  18. Hank R. says:

    Oh man. Sam gave me the head tilt! And here I thought I was special. :(

  19. w2i0v9p8 says:

    Hhgghhg kdfgdg sdgfgt sd gdsgdgsdg gd sdgdgsdg

  20. w2i0v9p8 says:

    장된 페이지’는 웹을 검색한 당시의 문서 상태를 보여 드립니다. 있습니다. 하이라이트 색깔표시 없이

  21. w2i0v9p8 says:

    장된 페이지’는 웹을 검색한 당시의 문서 상태를 보여 드립니다. 있습니다. 하이라이트 색깔표시 없이

  22. w2i0v9p8 says:

    장된 페이지’는 웹을 검색한 당시의 문서 상태를 보여 드립니다. 있습니다. 하이라이트 색깔표시 없이

  23. w2i0v9p8 says:

    장된 페이지’는 웹을 검색한 당시의 문서 상태를 보여 드립니다. 있습니다. 하이라이트 색깔표시 없이

  24. KantoKid says:

    alrite, dont hate me if i ask if this (above) is korean or not?! :{

  25. Amirah says:

    The liquid nitrogen ice cream looks awesome! I’m a probably chem major too =3 but I’m not closing my doors this early. (I’m also a math geek – hurr.) There are going to be three people in my chem class next year. =S

  26. Nina says:

    1. pika’s CPW events were probably cooler than any of the ones you attended. WHOOPS! Probably should have gotten on that, jkam. raspberry

    2. I never got to go to my CPW either!

    3. I think people are afraid I just died in here. Because after I watched the “Thanks-For-Reading-My-Blog Head Tilt,” I let out this really scary hyena-and-parrot-like laugh. I’m not sure I could reproduce it, to be honest.

    4. I love Boston, and music, and XKCD, and you. <3.

    5. Why doesn’t the “Remember Me?” feature work at all on the MIT Admissions page? Why doesn’t it work in general, actually? *glares at WordPress*

  27. Nina says:

    OH! I almost forgot!

    I am really proud and glad and everything that you declared Course 5, but I am also really upset that in the near future I will no longer get to giggle softly at the “major? what major?” text at the top of your blog.

    This is my sad face.

  28. Chrissy '11 says:

    Yeah, the above is Korean. And even though I’m half Korean, I (sadly)couldn’t tell you what it says.

    BTW, Jess, I love your shirt. I’ve been meaning to get that one for a while. Do they still have them in red?

  29. Laura says:

    OK, I did rant about no one ever recognizing me (no one!) and the only time I *was* ever recognized was while wearing a towel. On the other hand, I deny crying on the floor. That, my friends, is slander.

    Oh Snively, it’s a slippery slope you tread…remember this moment.

  30. Colin says:

    I wish that posting a “FIRST POST!” comment were an automatic disqualification for anyone applying to MIT. Or a rescinded acceptance for pre-frosh. Or an expulsion for students.

    Kamber, I have missed your blog entries. And you! Sadly. :( Why is MIT so time-consuming? I want to see you soon.

  31. Roseanne says:

    Yay I’m in the group hug picure! This is exactly why your blog is so cool. ALSO because of Andrew Bird. I LOVE Andrew Bird :D

  32. KantoKid'12 says:

    omg sam looks amazing…

  33. Jenny A says:


    I totally flipped out when I saw this post…

    CPW was awesome

    woot =]

  34. Eileen says:

    Wow, thanks for linking xkcd

  35. kitchyshka says:

    <a>kitchen table and chair</a>