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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Flowers in your hair by Mitra L. '07

I’m flying to San Francisco for the long weekend — hope you kids in Boston have fun! There’s a lot going on this weekend, including:

Pulse: Waves from the Motherland Cultural Show
THIS SATURDAY, February 18th @ 7:30pm
Kresge Auditorium – MIT – FREE

In celebration of Black History Month, come see a FREE show featuring the
Logs, Harvard’s Ku’umba, Capoeira dancing, MIT Gospel, MIT Dance Troupe,
Steel Pan, and so much more!!

“Pulse: Waves From the Motherland” is a demonstration of the extent to which
Africa has influenced art of all kinds and, with this influence, molded
culture all over the world. The show, a collaborative effort by Advocates
For Awareness, the MIT African Students’ Association, the MIT Black
Students’ Union, the MIT Caribbean Club, and the MIT chapter of the National
Society of Black Engineers, celebrates Black history as American history and
moreover global history, by showcasing Black history as an integral part of
our culture’s foundation today.

Also, don’t miss the FREE afterparty in Ashdown right after the show!!!

Pulse Website:
Afterparty Info:


Tucker Max is having a book signing to promote his latest book “I Hope They Serve Beer In

Date: Saturday Feb 18th (THIS SATURDAY)
Location: Boston University’s Sherman Union Terrace Lounge 2nd floor
Time: Q&A starts 5pm, book signing from 6pm to 8pm. Afterparty to follow
Directions: Take the B train on the Green line to BU Central. The street address 775 Comm

Be sure to check out the website for classic stories such as “Tucker Tries Buttsex,
Hilarity does not ensue” and “The Night We Almost Died.”


You heard about it, so now come see it!
Come join us at the 2006 production of The Vagina Monologues!!

When: February 16th to February 18th
Where: 10-250
Time: 8pm
Cost: $8 MIT Students, $10 General

Tickets are being sold this week in Lobby 10. Also online at

…and to help you get in the V-Day spirit, also available at the booth


Both my dorm and the Class of 2007 are sponsoring trips to see Les Miserables this weekend, complete with discounted tickets. I can’t find an email about it, sorry.

Vagina T-Shirts!
Chocolate Vagina Pops
Vagina Buttons

4 responses to “Flowers in your hair”

  1. Sam says:

    Enjoy the wedding! Between you and McBain, I mean.

    I know it is not really called McBain.

  2. Joan says:

    Hi, Mitra,

    I am Joan Tran from Immaculata High in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am currently a Junior in high school, and, for me, college is truly around the corner. I definitely wanted to learn more about MIT, and I find that was a great idea because it gives me so much more information and different perspectives on what MIT is all about. I thought maybe I could send you this comment to get your opinion and advice.

    Recently, I’ve looked at all the college options that I wanted to learn more about and all the majors that I would like to pursue. I think, just like anyone else thinks, people do end up changing their majors because of different interests, and I think that’s a good thing because it defines what you like and don’t like about the majors that are out there. As for me, I really love math and sciences so I wanted to go into Electrical and Computer Engineering.

    Long story short, I’ve met people that have gone to MIT and I love hearing about it because I really want MIT to be the top of my list for college admissions. I’ve also applied to attend the WTP for this summer (summer ’06) and I think notices will come out sometime in April (and I am praying to get in!).

    I just wanted to get some help and any advice that you can give to a Junior like me. I read your blog about admission essays. I totally believe and agree with you in expressing ideas; sometimes writing may not be my number 1 factor, but the idea still stands. Right now, I think I have the Juniorits (if that’s possible) and I am studying and practicing really hard for the ACT/SAT/AP tests.

    Well, I hope that you can respond anytime and I really would like to keep in contact. Thank you so much for your time. grin

    – Joan Tran,

    High School Junior

  3. wish you good luck for your future.

  4. hi

    god’s love follows you.