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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Fondue: fun and done by Matt McGann '00

A break from admissions at the Fondue party.

[see also: Melis and the AXO Chocolate Factory]

Last night, after a long Saturday of working to select the class, I hopped on the SafeRide shuttle to attend the Alpha Chi Omega (usually abbreviated as AXO, and usually said “A-Kai-Oh”) sorority’s annual Fondue party.

AXO Fondue is one of the most anticipated parties of the year, a great MIT tradition. This year, for the first time, the party was preceded by a special faculty hour, with many luminaries in attendance, including President Susan Hockfield:

Other attendees (according to my handy RSVP list; it was too crowded to get to see everyone!) included professors Les Norford, Esther Duflo, Douglas Hart, Joel Dawson, Susan Slyomovics, Rosalind Williams, Eric Klopfer, and Margery Resnick.

One of the big appeals of the party is, of course, chocolate. Lots of it. Including a yummy chocolate fountain. And, to add a little more class, they also had an awesome jazz band.

This year’s party also was in celebration of the competition of the renovation of AXO’s beautiful brownstone house in the Kenmore Square neighborhood of Boston (take a virtual tour of their gorgeous house).

A nice thing about Fondue was seeing lots of friends (including some AXO alumnae, Becca ’01 and Jojo ’03) and colleagues from around MIT (including Cynthia Skier and Barbara Baker).

And any party with 5 of the bloggers there must be something special. Melis (an AXO sister), myself, and Bryan are pictured below; later, I caught up with Sam and Mitra enjoying the festivities.

All that chocolate has given me great energy to continue admitting the Class of 2010!

33 responses to “Fondue: fun and done”

  1. Dan Jang says:

    that looks like a fun party!

    Glad you enjoyed it

  2. Okay I didn’t know where to post this so here it goes:


    Now that was a relief…the thought of having to wait another MONTH at least would be RIDICULOUS! Thank God MIT is an extremely sensible and practical school…I mean if you read the post about online decisions at all you would see how much effort was put into this decision-making process and how to satisfy all students’ wants! Even by taking a vacation from “MYMIT” for a specific period of time where decisions will be posted on the MyMIT account itself!

    I’d like to thank all the admissions officers and the superb MIT Tech Team for their kind efforts. Now whatever the decision may be, acceptance or not, at least I have a set date I can find out and a sound means to find out too. Thank you everyone! I’m sorry I made this post long but I really am thankful!

    Good luck to admissions officers and applicants alike!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  3. Raghav says:

    Yesss!! MIT releases decisions online. Kind of scary though thinking its only 12 days away.

  4. C Minh says:

    Relieved after all

  5. Siddharth says:

    hahahahaha, u guys just JUMPED on it as soon as the news came out :D

    but i can understand, esp for all the int’l applicants. im domestic, so i’ll prolly stick around and wait for the mail.

    altho a while back, i did have a dream a/b seeing my mit admission decision online……….

    i also had a dream about how i was driving 100+ mph, and there was this white honda civic going the wrong way down the road and it nailed me and my car flipped and such (and my little bro was in the car w/ me!! :( ). and the next day driving to school i saw a car turned over and a white honda civic next to it…. so maybe i’d better dream that admission decision dream again :D

  6. Christina says:

    This post makes me excited for college!

    I work at a country club and there was a HUGE chocolate fountain at one of the weddings once. We were all bummed out, though, because WE obviously couldn’t cover our own strawberries and potato chips in chocolate!

    BUT THEN they brought us back a silver platter decorated with a plethora of foods dipped in chocolate. It. was. amazing. :-D

  7. Bryan says:

    I like cheese fondue. I like chocolate fondue. Is anyone excited about tomorrow?

  8. Hey, there’s me in the orange shirt in the top right corner.



  9. Fadl says:


    My dream came true and decisions are online! Matt I just have to thank you and all the admission staff for truly being as helpful as you guys possibly can. This really the nicest chat I’ve had in a month of Mondays (echoing Barliman the Bartender in LOTR)!

    Good luck to all!! smile

    Thx again Matt!!!!

  10. Wish says:

    What ?!!!!! But where did you see they’re online and when are they released ? help !!!!!

  11. gm, all food looks delicious! specially that chocolate fountain. It seems to be a very very nice party at MIT and as christina said this post make me excited for college too!

    Bryan, I am very excited about tomorrow because we will find out if there will be on-line decisions this year!

    Good luck everybody!

  12. dava says:

    I knew you guys would come around eventually! Waiting for the mail would have been a total nonsense. (I’m an international applicant). I just hope Princeton would do the same and scrap the “won’t-realease-decisions-online” policy.

  13. Adam B. says:

    I am SO HAPPY that decisions are being released online, instead of waiting every day after mail day for nearly a week before hearing my deferral early, I get to know when exactly it is.


  14. Dhruv says:

    Oh my god MIT is going to give admission decision online !!!!

    it is a good news as well as a scary one !!!!

    My Exams(C.B.S.E) are ending on 17th march and the decision would be online on 18th march.

    No time to breathe !!!

  15. MITCandidate says:


    Maybe you guys haven’t gone to bed but I just got up… and I am just so happy right now even if I just saw the pictures, I think I have much serotonin to help me feel relaxed and happy…

    A nice start of the day!

  16. Anonymous says:


    I just checked my email, and it’s good news!

    Now, only if I can wait until the 18th…

  17. Great…Now I just remembered my dad’s birthday is also on the 18th ;s so if i get accepted his birthday will be great luck for me :D If i don’t…I’ll probably have ruined his birthday =P Hehehe…Hey at least it’s a good thing we’re in different time zones so 12 PM would be 7 or 8 PM over here…and his birthday would be almost over =D ..

    Good Luck to all!!! And admissions…THANK YOU SO MUCH once more!

    Abdulaziz (Aziz) Albahar

  18. Bon Appetit!

    I’m glad to see you’re getting at least SOME rest Matt and all the other admissions officers! Good luck with selection and good luck to all applicants once again!

    Has international selection started yet? (It better raspberry)

  19. foooood

    and online decisions!!!!!!


    *does a happy dance*

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt!

    Please post a picture of you in one of your selection ties.

  21. Hmm…I just hope the first application you people saw after this party was mine!!!This party will surely set any one in a jolly good mode.

    P.S: It is inhuman to show pictures of such delicious chocolates to a chocolate meniac like me so please next time you intend to do so send some to me first :p

  22. And offcourse Bryan I am damn excited about tommorow {or today as its already 6:00 A.M in America.

  23. C Minh says:

    What will happen if there is no online decision? We have to wait 2 more week? It will surely kill me.

  24. Siddharth says:

    Oh, chocolate fountains… :D

    we had one at our famed senior socials, it was quite popular. marshmallows and pineapples dipped in chocolate are the best :D

    gm, i dont like strawberries, but yeah, food+friends=fun, esp when the food is free :D

  25. gm says:

    The chocolate covered strawberries look delicious. Food and friends at the same place is always a fun time.

  26. Justine says:

    I know this is referencing one of your posts from a couple months ago, but I actually went and visited the large duck at the end of january when I visited my bf. I have the absolute funniest pictures. Unfortunately, they are soon relocating it so I didn’t get to go in and shop… but it was humorous nonetheless.

    Happy snacking!

  27. Fadl says:

    Good luck to all! Yeah Aziz it would be around 7 pm here when we get our results!! I have a Physics exam the day after and I just can’t see how I’ll get any work done that day (guess I’ll just have to finish studying beforehand)! Aziz hopefully the 18th will be a good day for you (and me) and good luck to everyone!!!!!!:)

  28. flubby says:

    Great news indeed!

    Thank you to everyone that made it possible.

    If only 18 came faster…

  29. Mushal says:

    Online decisions…woohoo!

  30. Jake Parrott says:

    No pictures of Roz?

  31. l0ngL says:

    fondue. fun done. i got it!!

    and this this david radford on AI reminds me of you.

    he got kicked off though.