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MIT student blogger Natnael G. '15

From One Cambridge To The Other by Natnael G. '15

A year away from the Institute

From EC to Trinity Hall

Last year First East was graced with a wonderful exchange student from the University of Cambridge, Rob. An enthusiastic 6-1 major with a propensity to semi-conductor electronics, Rob was always there to clear up our many, many, misconceptions of all things British. In between correcting our pronunciations of Sixth and Herb he regaled us with tales of a different education style, lavish balls and Harry Potter style formal dinners. All of this was a simple application away with the help of the Cambridge-MIT Exchange (CME).

I was intrigued, not only did this mean getting to spend some time in Europe but it also meant a whole year of change and new experiences. As someone who averages 15-20 different room layouts a year I’d say I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of change. I’m by no means bored with MIT but you can see how a year across the world can be enticing. So, in the true fashion of MIT students, I opened up the application the night before it was due and hacked out a few essays. An info session, a couple of meetings, and an interview later everything was planned.

This brings us to the present and why I’ve waited this long to post this blog. After weeks of excruciating waiting we finally got a list of what colleges we’ll be living in and I’m going to be spending my year at Trinity Hall (not to be mistaken with Trinity College which is sometimes shortened to Trinity which is extremely confusing but uhh I digress).
What this all means is that this summer has six weeks left for me and the other 20+ Cantabrigians and I couldn’t be more excited to leave the country once more!