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You should get this bundle right now by CJ Q. '23

definitely clickbait

I’m taking a break from playing all the video games in this video game bundle to tell you that you should buy it. Here’s a list of some of the games I’ve enjoyed from it that’ll hopefully convince you to get it. (Note that I’m only playing games that work on Linux, but if it works on Linux it’ll probably work everywhere else?)

Luck be a Landlord

screenshot of luck be a landlord gameplay

taken from itch page

Luck be a Landlord is a deckbuilding roguelike, much like Slay the Spire, which I also wrote about. You upgrade a slot machine to make rent payments. I’ve sunk around nine hours into the game already. It’s disarmingly simple, but the synergies work together and feel really fun. Despite the slot machine theme, there is no real-world money or microtransactions involved.

A Forgetful Loop

screenshot of a forgetful loop

taken from itch page

A Forgetful Loop is a time-based worker-placement puzzle game, where you put engineers and scientists in certain nodes to try to fix a time machine before it explodes and resets everything. There’s a neat story and really pretty graphics. It can get surprisingly tense at times.

Mini Metro

screenshot of mini metro

taken from itch page

Mini Metro is a puzzle arcade game about designing a train system in a rapidly growing city. If it wasn’t already clear that I love trains, well, I love trains. The minimalist graphics and spartan music work so well together.

Silicon Zeroes

silicon zeroes gameplay

taken from itch page

Silicon Zeroes is a Zachtronics-esque circuit design puzzle game. You’re an engineer in the 1960s working for a Silicon Valley startup, gradually building a CPU out of simple components. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re into games like Shenzhen I/O or TIS-100, you’ll love this.

Talk to Me

talk to me gameplay

taken from itch page

Talk to Me is a visual novel about grief, mental health, and romance. You play as Ordell, a twenty-something bookworm who moved to a new city and struggles with making new friends. Beautiful art, neat story, and has strong bi vibes.

The Majesty of Colors

the majesty of colors gameplay

taken from itch page

The Majesty of Colors is a short, classic experimental story-driven adventure game. I fondly remember playing this game around a decade ago, and picked it up again because of this bundle, and it’s every bit as poignant as I remember. Charming, touching, and poetic.


vvvvvv gameplay

taken from itch page, yes the screenshot is this small

VVVVVV is another classic. This one’s a freeform, tough platformer where, instead of jumping, you reverse gravity. A story with a sense of humor driven by mindbending puzzles and a powerful chiptune soundtrack.


micron gameplay

taken from itch page

Micron is a rhythm puzzle game, where you place pieces on a board to deflect bullets that move with the beat. The music and sound effects blend perfectly in each level, at once giving the satisfying experience of solving a puzzle and creating music.