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MIT student blogger Connie H. '15

GTL by Connie H. '15

the secret to a successful summer

A couple of weeks ago, Chris Peterson tried to describe my life as something affectionately known as GTL ( — and no, not gaming, table tennis, and library.

But if you asked me for a recipe for my amazing summer, I could only tell you what I’ve concocted so far.

1 box of questionable purpose

(If you’re wondering, the Daiso Japan in Berkeley sells these for 1.50. I imagine they work marginally better than party balloons.)

1 night of fireworks, thunderstorms and embarrassingly patriotic clothing

4 pounds of assorted cheeses and breads with the notion that making every sandwich on this list ( would be a good life choice

10 more excursions to cheap and delicious Korean places than I’d like to admit

BonChon soy & garlic wings (left) and Goon Mandoo from Buk Kyung II (right)

3 photoshoots with beautiful MIT aspiring fashionistas

and 60 unforgettable nights with my closest friends in the awful humidity doing a little bit of… everything.


While I wouldn’t call my summer a complete success…

because I’ve come uncomfortably close to getting scurvy, probably because I overestimate the nutritional content of Doritos…

and I went to one session of jiu jitsu only to realize that I’m the furthest thing from a fighter…

and I started giving tours of MIT and quickly appreciated the art of walking backwards and talking and pointing all at the same time…

I can’t say it’s been bad living right in the heart of Kenmore across from a frozen yogurt shop.

So actually, scrap the entire recipe. The key to a successful summer is really living within 100 feet of a frozen yogurt shop.

And reserving some time in your day to paint.