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MIT staff blogger Kellen M.

[Guest Post] Things to do while waiting for decisions by kellen manning

by emily '22, alison '23, felix '23

Make a 100 layer crepe cake
Buy some semi-temporary tattoo ink and make some bad decisions
Bike down the steepest hill in your town without dying
Peel a strawberry
Bake a grape
Surgery on a grape
Cleanse your email inbox
Look through AirBnB and save all the beautiful apartments in Hawaii and Japan you will visit for sure one day
Clean that clothes chair u probs have in your room
Finally wash that water bottle that’s been in your backpack for a week
Try to get over your fear of how ugly the titans are and finally watch Attack on Titan01 and yet this entire document feels like an Attack on Alison - alison
Do some data analysis on your screen time reports and then if it’s as tragically high as mine is make a plan to lessen that 😌
Try out every pen in your house and throw out the dead ones
Throw away all the expired food in your fridge
Try to finish an entire Pamela Reif workout video02 impossible - emily
Sleep before midnight03 i feel so ATTACKED - alison
Fold a piece of paper 21 times
Watch 30 minutes of cute animal vids
Delete all the phone screenshots you don’t use
Eat your beans and make something with aquafaba
Call or text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
Wake up early and watch the sunrise
Stay up late and watch the sunrise04 this is a JOKE y'all, pls sleep - felix
Moisturize your skin
Hop on a zoom call w/ friends and do a karaoke night
Impulse buy yourself a new plushie friend
Expunge the dust from every surface in your room
Learn to pick locks
Read random WikiHow (with pictures) articles for 3 hours
Crochet yourself a smol pig
Take some personality quizzes bc what cheese you are >>>>>>>> what college you go to
Bake a second grape, so that the first one can have a friend
Get really good at shooting rubber bands
Organize your closet by color
Alphabetize your closet
Plot world domination
Become ambidextrous
Drink water
Rank the letters of the alphabet
Make a list of all of things you’re proud of yourself for POSITIVITY ONLY
Check every inch of the walls in your house, just in case there’s a secret passage somewhere05 this advice is solid - kellen

  1. and yet this entire document feels like an Attack on Alison - alison back to text
  2. impossible - emily back to text
  3. i feel so ATTACKED - alison back to text
  4. this is a JOKE y'all, pls sleep - felix back to text
  5. this advice is solid - kellen back to text