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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Happy Sunday Everyone by Ben Jones

Go read Marilee's post... NOW.

After spending the weekend away from email & the blogs trying desperately to get my kids to remember who I am, I logged in to publish an “I’m excited for everyone to get their mail this week!” post.

In my in-box was an email from Marilee, asking me to post her first-ever blog entry. I have done so, and have decided not to do a post of my own, because you really should all go read hers instead.

Good luck to everyone who gets mail from MIT on Monday!

34 responses to “Happy Sunday Everyone”

  1. Sharat says:

    It kind of sucks how much luck will play into this admissions process for many applicants…since so many qualified applicants are deferred/denied each year. Ben, you really need to work on increasing the size of MIT by about 10 times….

  2. Colin says:

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the little note you wrote on my acceptance letter. It’s so funny that you like my blog; I think I’m generally rather whiny. I’m pretty sure my mother thinks that means I was the first pick, but I’m content just to know you actually liked my application. See you in Cambridge next year!


  3. Victoria says:

    Now, if we could only find some way to get all those qualified applicants into MIT without straining the resources or professors…

    Thanks for all the hard work you put in. It’s incredible.

  4. Tommy says:

    So, I scurry down to my mailbox this afternoon as soon as I hear the mailman. I peer into the box, and I notice that something odd-shaped is underneath mail. At this point I am shaking from the cold coupled with the thrills of anticipation. Bills, bills, I remove them quickly, my heart pounding in my throat. At long last, as I smile to myself, I pull out a cylindrical package.

    But wait… this isn’t addressed to me. It’s addressed to my dad. DOH! >_<

    My dad’s perscription meds came today.

    Hope you all are having better luck than me. However, I’ll stick with the saying that no news is good news.

  5. Christina says:

    I held TWO tubes in my hands today. :-D

    Both Maria and Colin left school early to check their mail, and soon after, my friend and I left school for “appointments” (Read: we couldn’t take it anymore, so we sped to both their houses to jump on them/scream until we were dizzy. We waited to do this, of course, until after we knew they were accepted! smile)

    I’ve actually forgotten about my own decision to college; this will tide me over for the next 48+ hours. :-D

    You have great taste, Ben!

  6. DJ says:

    ^ ahha.. very funny… I think this kind of scenario will happen to many of the EA/ED applicants this year… whether they’re looking for tubes or just big envelopes

  7. Anonymous says:

    where do you two live?

  8. April says:

    anywhere near NJ?

  9. Anonymous says:

    no. Colin and Maria… where do you two live?

  10. Stephanie says:

    I saw you in the hallway today, and I think you looked at me funny for a second as if you recognized me, and then went on with things. I think at some point I should actually come in and meet you!


  11. Ben says:

    Thanks Christina. grin We were all really proud of the admit packs – they were a major group effort and fun to assemble. By the way, to Maria & everyone else in this situation – if I wrote a note on your classmate’s letter but not yours, don’t think we like your classmate better! I only wrote notes on the admits for whom I was the primary reader.

    Stephanie, I *thought* that was you! grin Yes we must meet for real.

  12. April says:

    i know u didn’t mean me..i was askin if they live anywhere near NJ

  13. Anonymous says:

    check there. Ben, even though the acceptances and def/rej were mailed on the same day — were the tubes mailed w/ a higher priority than the white envelopes? aka.. will the tubes travel faster?

    there’s like random people from accross the country in random spots that’s popping up w/ tubes… but no one recieved the white envelope yet.

  14. Charles says:

    I will assume that if I am denied my account will be terminated; but, will it be terminated at the start of next year or the start of next year’s admissions process?

  15. Teck Lee says:

    Wow, so that’s what the tube looks like. That thing is huge!

    They were right, we would never mistake it for anything else. Heh.

  16. Teck Lee says:

    Oh, and no, I didn’t get a tube (applying RA). I saw it from a blog of a very lucky guy (Luck? Had to play some part, right?). Hopefully, I’ll be getting that come March ’06. wink

  17. renuka says:

    Marilee’s blog entry was truly a compelling reading. Wish her the best for a speedy recovery.

  18. Sam says:

    Congrats Colin. The tunbe still didn’t arrive in Brooklyn but it should by tommorow. Hopefully I got in!!

  19. Nekke says:

    My dad tried to convince me that the admissions office was doing mass calendar mailings. Jerk.

  20. smiles says:

    okay, so I come home after school today, trying to drive carefully and still get home in record time. course I get there and no mail yet. so i sit down and do some stuff, waiting for the mail. and wait…and wait…and wait… yeah, the mail didn’t get here until about twenty minutes ago (6:00 PM). AND….there was nothing from MIT. excuse me whilst I go hit something.

    course, then I read Marilee’s post, and got a warm, fuzzy feeling on the inside.

  21. April says:

    Teck Lee,

    Where did u see a pic of The Tube?

  22. April says:

    oh, never mind..i found one…AWESOMENESS! hopefully i’ll find one of those in my mail 2morrow

  23. ybai says:

    g’night mah peeps.

    Good luck to all!

  24. Jenn T says:

    Okay I have to post something. I’ve been dying to do so for the last few weeks and resisted the temptation. So I drove home today. Shaking. Walked into my kitchen where my dad and sister were standing. Told them I felt sick and lightheaded. Opened front door. Didn’t see it immediately…but then something large fell forward. A huge tube. I cried and screamed and danced for about 40 minutes. Calmed down enough to read the letter.

    Ben..This whole process has been lifechanging. I don’t mean that in a corny cheesy way. I almost threw away this chance for an easier in. After visiting the school and seeing the time and care and passion everyone in the environment puts into it, I knew I’d be making a mistake if I didn’t give it a shot. I loved your note. I’ve never been more optimistic, excited, happy, scared, elated..I could go on forever. Thank you for taking the time, energy, and seeing something in me, I really feel so special tonight and I’m too happy for words. Marilee’s letter and blog were both beautiful.

    See you in a few months.


    p.s. do you happen to be a fan of rowing? From the Schuylkill I move to the Charles…Couldn’t ask for more…

  25. Michael says:

    sweeet. I got a tube. hahah the glitter was a nice touch I must say. hahah <3 MIT

    I thought I’d be more nervous, especially because it represents a culmination of all the work I did in high school so far. It just happened so fast though. Between trying to finish applications on time, to that last minute deadline extension (without that I would’ve been so game over) I feel like it didn’t sink in yet. I’m almost scared for when it sinks in.

  26. Michael says:

    Oh sorry, I also meant to thank all the people at admissions who worked so hard to make the process as fair as possible. so…

    Thank YOU!

    I really feel that MIT admissions is one of the most understanding and compassionate admissions offices in the world…and I don’t think I can express eloquently enough how much your thoughts mean to me, and all of us applicants out there.

  27. Maria says:

    Hm, seems my name is mentioned on these comments so I figured I’d say hi. Hi.

    Don’t worry Ben, I’d never be jealous of Colin or anyone for such a little thing as a comment on the application, and I’m sure that any other students in the situation would disregard things like that too, since MIT applicants probably aren’t the petty type. Wow. Run-on sentence.

    The tube was so exciting! I loved the confetti, it was a perfect MIT-ish creative touch. Thanks Ben, and the other admissions officers, for making this whole process a wonderful experience.

    Good luck to all you applicants on the west coast who may be getting a tube today or tomorrow! For those of you accepted, hope to see you in Cambridge in the fall.

  28. I dont think I have had a happier day in my life in quite a while, and I dont think I can ever begin to say how wonderful MIT truly is.

    Thanks Ben for the wonderful TUBE and the awesome confetti. My whole family was saying, “neeharika got her tube today.” My mom began to cry when she got the tube from the postman…and my dad took the stars and glued them onto the sky in the poster.

    Today, as hard as I tried, I couldnt get the smile off of my face. When I came home and read the letter (my parents told me over the phone that I got accepted), the first thing I read was your note.

    I did share this with my dad, he was more excited for me than I was for me.

    I feel like Harry Potter when he got the first letter first letter at Hogwarts, the only difference is that I know exactly what I’m looking at, 4 possible years at the best (not one of the best) college there is.

  29. Dave says:

    Came home yesterday, pacedpacedpaced, saw mailman climb from truck… and walk in the opposite direction. The mail finally arrive and no tube, I got so sad. Then I searched through it, wait! no letter from MIT at all! Another day of waiting?!?!?! noooooooo. came home today, still nothing. COME ON!

  30. Sam says:

    All you All pray that I make it Into MIT for the Class off 2010. thanks

  31. Zack Yang says:

    Having seen the tube on someone else’s blog, I would say that the best part is what’s inside, on a certificate that says:


    for the class of 2010

    And the certificate was gold and and nice-looking. Just looking at that picture gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling (I am not kidding).

    Actually, I had a dream last night that I was accepted into MIT. I distinctly remember just sitting, staring at the letter (no tube in my dream, sorry), overcome with the feeling of euphoria.

    It’s strange, the college application process for me has been a good thing. I enjoyed writing most of my essays, and I got a great dream out of it too.

    Even if I am ultimately rejected from MIT, I will never regret that I applied.

  32. April says:

    i will never regret it either…i’ll probably regret my essay or something in 5 years…but never applying

  33. Merudh says:

    hey guys

    congrats on your admission.

    still waiting…*sighs*

    alright ben must got eat dinner…ttyl

  34. April says:

    i’ll pray for you if you pray for me