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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Happy Year of the Pig by Matt McGann '00

Photoshop fun for the lunar new year.

Happy Lunar New Year from Peggy and the Office of Admissions!

Here are the results of this year’s new year mini-contest! (Remember, this will have no impact on admissions)

“The source of inspiration was the Pig Stamp from the currently circulating USPS New Year Zodiac Stamps.” — Jane, California

“I discovered a super-secret poster of the next sequel of the Star Wars Series!!! :P” — Aditya, India

“That is a picture of Peggy helping Professor Walter Lewin demonstrate that the period of a pendulum is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY independent of the mass hanging from it to the 8.01 students. I got the original picture from the page with the 8.01 video lectures. If you haven’t already watched some of the video lectures, you should! It’s awesome being able to actually watch the lectures.” — Adam, Wisconsin

Thanks to Jane, Aditya, Adam, and everyone who entered! Below, you can see thumbnails of the other entries:

41 responses to “Happy Year of the Pig”

  1. 猪的幸福的年!!! Hope all the pigs bring you, the applicants for MIT c/o 2011 and the world a blessed pig year!

  2. I saw an advertisement in the Deccan Chronicle about a university called SRM university which states that this university has close links with MIT and select students are sponsored for a term to study at MIT. Since a lot of universities are turning out to be fake in India, I just wanted to check whether this fact is true or not..

  3. Atul says:

    Happy year of the pig to you too Matt!!

  4. Adam S. says:

    Wow, I particularly liked the Star Wars picture!

    However.. Is it technically the year of the pig or the year of the boar? Wikipedia uses boar, and boars and pigs are not the same. The media seems to be saying that it is the year of the pig though..

    For all of you anime lovers, here’s a very funny clip from Naruto (yes, I know it is Japanese, but they use the same zodiac signs) about the year of the boar/pig and the year of the dog.

    Happy year of the boar, everyone!

  5. andie says:

    adam you rock

  6. Melissa '11 says:

    Adam S,

    “In China, the Boar ( 豬 ) is associated with fertility and virility. To bear children in the year of the pig is considered very fortunate, for they will be happy and honest.”

    That’s off Wikipedia, if you click “Boar” from the Chinese New Year page (it brings you to Pig, Zodiac).

    So I guess it’s all the same. =)

  7. tokenadult says:

    Yeah, the Chinese doesn’t distinguish “boar” as the name of the year–it’s just the general word for “pig.” It’s western translators who think they are dressing things up by coming up with Year of the Boar instead of just Year of the Pig.

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    Wan shi ru yi. Gongxi facai.

  8. countingdown says:

    HCSSiM folks know that *every* year is the Year of the Yellow Pig!

  9. kanika says:…the guy who switched peggy’s n the A&F boy’s face…kudos to you … still wonderstruck at ur genius…lolzz

  10. Dear Matt,
    Happy New Year!
    Please tell me, when are you going declare the results of the application (I need just an estimate- like which week of march)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Everybody
    I have started my preparations for college. My first invention:

    A clock which in lieu of playing a beep-beep alarm sound starts spraying water on the person near.

    LOGIC: Water is better capable of make me run away from the bed, then a beep-beep or any other sound, and anyways who would like to sleep on a wet bed.

  12. turnef says:

    Jane, I love your entry!

  13. Anonymous says:

    what about the yellow sheeps year?
    (I just got a card from St.Petersburg and my friends told me they went to see a yellow sheep…)

  14. Anonymous says:

    happy chinese new year to all!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    adam watched naruto??


    hahahaha awesome. ^.^

    Wish I knew about this contest earlier. *sigh*

    @desperate: i think it’s 3/15….

  16. bbllp says:

    Currently celebrating the Year of the Boar/Pig here!!!! Lots of food, lots of lucky money, no homework. Good luck, everyone!

  17. Adam S. says:

    Hey desperate & anonymous –

    I can confirm that decisions are usually released mid-March. The goal is 3/14 (Pi day, 3.14) but it usually ends up being a bit later, I think.

    Yeah, I do watch some anime on occasion. I like Naruto and Bleach, in particular. Considering the episodes are around 20 minutes each, its not too difficult to free up time for a couple of episodes per week. grin

  18. Aditya says:

    ya its really cool watching the lectures…
    you can learn lisp from

  19. Alyssa says:

    I LOVE the Professor Lewin thing, I have seen those video lectures countless times!!! (Ah, 2pi*rad(l/g)……)

  20. bhushan says:

    i wud lik to sleep anywhere just give me a place

  21. Sumit says:

    Well amidst the great work done with the help of editing software’s it’s always nice to see someone trying to shown some artistic traits and doing something wk..kanika

  22. Yossarian says:

    heh. Naruto and Bleach eh? Small world…=P

    Especially since the fillers ended, they’re back up and running with action-packed goodness. ^.^

    Great photoshopping guys!! Not quite understanding the pig on a pendulum thing though…XD

  23. Manisha says:

    Hey Matt, do reply soon about that RSM thing…

  24. Manisha says:

    Hey Matt, do reply soon about that SRM thing…

  25. Anonymous says:

    matt, my mid-year grade report was mailed out in the last week of january, but it still doesn’t show up on my application tracking. should i call the office or fax it or something, or have you guys still not gone through all of them?

  26. hey Matt, you are so cute..!! xD

  27. A Nano Moose says:

    When is Campus Preview Weekend?

  28. Kelly says:

    Sorry for the completely off-topic question, but I thought I sent MIT my December SAT scores…apparently I was wrong. Is it possible to send them now?

  29. Joseph Ryu says:

    I love that pig pendulum! It reminds me of 8.01 in OpenCourseWare!

  30. Anonymous says:

    someone please tell me the exact date of MIT admission decisions is.

  31. Z says:

    Matt, I read about you in this package MIT sent me today! It was about you getting financial aid to be able to attend MIT; truth be told, it was all very heroic. =D

  32. See, z, we mean it when we say we make MIT affordable! For anyone… Even Matt… smile

    (LOVE YOU MATT)!!! How’s selection?

  33.…you are at a wrong place…bark bark…

  34. MI6Agent says:

    Probably not the best place to ask but couldnt resist smile

    So here are the statistics:

    I havent taken SAT but from the practice tests I have taken I have an avg of around 2200.

    Class IX Scores(Grade 9):

    1. English : 92%(A)
    2. Hindi(Native Lang) : 88.5%(A)
    3. Mathematics : 88.1%(A)
    4. Science (Phy, Chem, Bio combined) : 95%(A)
    5. Social Studies(includes Geography, History, Civics) : 83.3%(A)
    6. Physical Education : A
    7. Computer Science : A

    Rank : 1st

    Class X(Grade 10):

    1.English : 90% (A)

    2. Hindi : 63%(Oops) (B)

    3. Mathematics : 87 (A)

    4. Science
    – Practicals – 25/25
    – Theory – 72/75
    Total% -> 97%(A)

    5. Social Science
    – Project Work – 20/20
    – Theory – 73/80
    Total% -> 93% (A)

    6. Work Experience : A
    7. Physical Education : A

    Well in Class XI I have an avg of 75% but my final exams are not over yet, they are in march. And I guess just final exam scores matter as they have max marks as 100 and they cover the whole curriculum.

    And yes my full list of ECs:

    – Won a Gold Medal in Informatics Olypiad conducted by SIlverzone
    1. Secured 2nd Rank in 7th International Level Science Talent Examination conducted by The Bangalore Science Forum.
    2. Represented Delhi Public School Rajkot at ‘LISTEN- The Worlds First Conference on Childs Concerns’.
    3.Secured 3rd Rank in National Cyber Olympiad.
    4. Secured 7th position in Assesment of Scholastic Skills thorugh Education Testing
    5. Was promoted to School Captain from School Prefect recently.
    6. Awarded ‘A’ Certificate by National Cadet Corps
    7. Special appreciation by ‘Leprosy Mission’ for social work.
    8. Represented region at the State Science Fair at IIT Kharagpur.
    9. Represented region at State for Volleyball and Ball Badminton.
    10. Won state level debate organised by Hindi Samaj
    11. Appointed school basketball and volleyball team Captain.
    12. Appointed School Captain at DPS, Rajkot.
    13. Choosen as a member of the Indian Ubuntu Linux Team.
    14. I have my own customized linux distribution geared towards education (similar to edubuntu to be specific)
    15. Founder of Linux User Group in my city.
    16. Partcipated in AIDS awareness drive.
    17. Special Appreciation by LIFE(Lower Income Family Emancipation) for social work.
    18. Successfully participated in Environment Week in our city.
    19. Finalist of Environment Quiz Contest conducted by Environment Education Council for Children Delhi Public School Society.
    20 4th Rank in State Level Quiz Competition conducted by Rajkumar College Rajkot.

    Can I possibly be accepted at MIT?

  35. MI6Agent says:

    yeah I understand that….but couldnt help it…lol

    i guess MIT shoudl blacklist people who post here with such crap …. :D

    kudos to you Matt! Cheers!

  36. Divya Ashok says:

    Here’s to matt and all interested in SRM..

    I am currently in the final year of SRM So, its not fake. smile and as for them sending students, I am the first student they sent to MIT for Fall 2004. All UGs can ask Anne Hunter abt me.. wink hope tis laid all your doubts to rest.. smile

  37. Divya Ashok says:


    I’ve applied to grad school at MIT.. By when can i get to know if I made it or not? Pls I’m just going mad waiting for mail.. winknothing much…smile

  38. Abha Agarwal says:

    Manisha, SRM is genuine about them being global alliances with MIT and other universities. They do have a program like that and as Divya mentioned it started of in 2004. I dont think you should worry about this being fake. All the best!

  39. Basant says:

    Hi Matt,

    What’s the status of international selection… app reading or selection committe?