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MIT student blogger Allan K. '17

Hello, Seattle by Allan K. '17

i am a mountaineer...

I’m spending the summer in Seattle, interning at Amazon, and I’ve decided I’m in love with this place.

A few thoughts about Seattle after my first week here. People are in general really nice and the food, so far, has been delicious. The weather is basically perfect, hovering in the mid-sixties and seventies most of the time with gentle sea breezes. It’s like San Francisco, but not as cold–not to mention more hipster and generally friendly. The city as a whole (as well as the Amazon campus) is very dog-friendly; you can hardly walk a block without seeing a dog. The entire city also looks like it’s being continuously remodeled, since there’s tons of construction going on and the buildings all look fairly new.
Since I could probably talk for far too long about how great Seattle is, here are some pictures from my first day here instead:
Seattle’s so friendly, even the buses smile at you.
Seattle graffitti is just as friendly, and the drugstores are the cleanest I’ve ever seen (this is Bartell Drugs, a locally-owned drugstore).
Seattle has many tall things, from buildings under construction to a Ferris wheel on the pier.

This is the view on the top-floor reading room in the amazing Seattle Central Library.
As mentioned before: Seattle is very hilly.
Stay tuned for more news–this is going to be an exciting summer :)

Seattle smiles,