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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Help Wanted by Mitra L. '07

Calling all artists! Design Mitra's new banner and get profiled in the blog

As part of my desire to make this blog more interactive, and since you readers are so ingenious, I’m asking for your help in designing my new banner. (That, and I’ve hit a creative roadblock.)

I am soliciting design submissions until Saturday, July 9. What is the benefit of doing this? (It’s scary how much I feel like Jonathan as I write, “The exposure. The experience.”) Well, I’ll write a whole blog entry dedicated to the artist whose design I choose, *and* send you some MIT memorabilia in the mail.

I’d prefer it if you post your design online and email me ([email protected]) a link to it, though if you aren’t able to host it somewhere, you can send it as an attachment. If no one sends me designs, I will be forced to make a really lame one, and then make up another person’s existence as not to embarrass myself more than the crappy design will already, which is probably illegal, so please, don’t do that to me.

7 responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. melissa says:

    well, at least it’s a cute creative roadblock anyway.

  2. Sam says:

    Did I take that picture? Or did you somehow go to the Sarah Winchester house more than once? I think that’d make a great blog entry… but maybe that would be for

  3. Mitra, I can assure you that the entire Mitra Fan Club is hard at work on this. Keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  4. Mitra, Believe me, I would do my best if I had some design programs decent for doing a banner. But don’t worry, I am sure that someone will be posting a banner soon, the reward is really good wink

    Wish you the best summer everrrrr


  5. Urget


    I have applied thru ur website and filled the admission application, i want to study Compt Science, The high education Dept , Saudi Arabia will cover up financially

    Time is very important, I need to sbmit ur acceptance if u do so as soon as possible

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    I shall pay the cost of mailing if required

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    Pls ur full asst is required

    Many Thanks

    Abdullah M M AL Debas


    note such message is writtem by my father ,

    My english still not as good as it required, do i need to have english courses befor or MIT provides courses for thier new forign applicant

  6. Oh , My dear , cant u see the door

  7. AWA says:

    Umar, i guess you got your message posted on the wrong page, maybe the gr8 Matt can help, his blog is at

    Mitra, I am sure your mailbox would have been flooded with messages right now ;p Let’s what it turns out to be!!