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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Returns by Bryan

Butterless popcorn and a little magic.

Pending recovery from my illness, in a few hours, I will board a bus to head here to watch this movie in IMAX.

I’m a “little” excited.

Diana boarding the “Knight Bus” (ie the Big Yellow Bus) with her ticket.

Aboard the bus.

Rocking the 3D Glasses.

After the movie was over, we waited for the bus, but it was kind of cold so we did the group huddle.

My review of the movie: TWO THUMBS UP.

9 responses to “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Returns”

  1. Zaira G. says:

    Yes! Finally, Goblet of Fire is here. I did not know you liked the Harry Potter series. I love it.

    Have fun!

  2. Omoloro says:

    I agree. After reading the book, and I heard the film was out I was like- I really wan’t to see this, but after watching it I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Bye.

  3. Chevie says:

    The films make me realize how much I absolutely love the books. I think after seeing #4 that that is my favorite one out of the entire series. I dunno, though, #6 was really really good. What’s your favorite Potter book?

  4. Thomas says:

    Harry Potter! The Goblet of Fire movie could have shown a little more of the tasks but it was still good.

  5. Chris D. says:

    The books are good…..but the movies are just ok IMO(though it did give me a good way to visualize the characters)

    Im assuming youve read the 6th book….great ending

  6. MJ says:


    Voldemort… It’s Takeshi Shimitzu who had to portray Voldemort, not this guy

    it means that Darth Wader is the best evil character ever

  7. Keegan says:

    I thought Ralph Fiennes did a great job as Voldemort. I was a bit disappointed with Dumbledore. Didn’t he seem to be a bit too emotional than he was in the book?

  8. Kateri says:

    Totally in agreement with Zaira and Chris: the movie isn’t comparable with the books. Still though, was the maze impressive or what? That scene definately got me — I was sitting in my seat like “im scared watching a movie for ten-year-olds”. Hahaha, good times.

  9. Zaira says:

    Hmmm… I really don’t think GoF was a movie for 10 year-olds. We need to see the movie as an adaptation (an excellent adaptation, actually) because that’s what it really is. I think they did a great job, but the book is better.